Enormous Hole In Sun's Corona, Probe Finds | Video

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VideofromSpace- 7/22/13

Published on Jul 19, 2013

The Solar And Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has had its eye on the developing 'rupture' for the past few days (July 13-18, 2013). The magnetic field lines expand into the solar wind as compared to other parts of the Sun. -- Amazing Sun photos from Space here:

Sunrays before sunrise or after sunset

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Before sunrise or after sunset, you might be gazing skyward and notice that there are beams of light that appear to be shooting out from horizon, or down from the clouds. These are crepuscular rays, sometimes called sunrays. They are beautiful, mysterious and very noticeable.

Crepuscular rays are columns of sunlit air, streaming through gaps in clouds or other objects (for example, mountain peaks). Darker cloud-shadowed regions lie between the sunlit columns. These rays are really parallel to each other. But they appear to diverge, much as a road that looks narrow in the distance appears wide beneath your feet.

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Pallas Athena: I Take You Close To My Chest and Heart and Comfort You In Your Uncertainty ~ Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ May

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PallasAthena.www.mlahanas.dePallas Athena:


Greetings, I am Pallas Athena, warrior of truth, loving presence and protector of all mankind. I come to bring you good tidings and words of joy and assistance. For yours is not an easy task but a monumental one, and it is time to light up all corners of the earth in preparation of true ascension for all.

I am a seeker of truth, a purveyor of truth and a guiding light for your journey here on Mother Earth. Many of you do not know me, but I stand in waiting for your call for assistance. And you shall have it, dear ones, upon the asking.

Come into my energy, bring forth my energy, when you are uncertain of your path, when you are uncertain of your truth, for you shall have it with just a request and an intention to be fully aligned with the truth and with all-pervading love.

I see you struggling with the onslaught of energy of late, kind of like reeds bending in the wind. However, just like the reeds which eventually stand up tall and unyielding following and in spite of the barrage, you shall recover too as you accept the flood of energy and light designed only for your benefit. Just like a flower who accepts the sunlight with gratitude, you are accepting the energy from SOL (the sun) with equal gratitude and even relief, for with that avalanche of Truth and Light comes Freedom and you are all in line for it.

Sun Erupts With 4th X-class Solar Flare This Week

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Natureworldnews, By: James A. Foley, 05/15/2013


Solar Flare


After not producing any X-class eruptions all year, the Sun has roared to life this week, producing its fourth X-class solar flare of the week on Tuesday. Tuesday's flare came from the same region as the previous X-class flares this week, an active sunspot region known as AR1748. Prior to this week the sunspot region did not even have a name and was difficult to see, but as the region continues to rotate towards Earth, scientists will be able to observe it more clearly. 


Registering at X1.2, Tuesday's flare was the weakest of this week's X-class flares, which are the most powerful type of flares that the Sun can unleash. Monday night's X3.2 flare was the strongest of the year. The numbers the flares are assigned correlate to their strength. An X2 is twice as intense as an X1; an X3 is three times as intense, and so on.


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Star Travel The Experts Way

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This excerpt from Lesson 7 talks about The Singularity as the place of total improbability, a region of overlapping timelines so crowded and dense with possibilities that the "rules" of reality break down. 


To view the entire Lessons, and participate in the Q&A and videoconferencing, it is necessary to enroll in the course. Please visit to register.


It is through The Singularity that highly evolved star travelers journey through the cosmos. These advanced consciousness beings travel in enormous vessels comprised of their fused consciousnesses, huge light vessels made of many many lightbodies. Being made of pure light, these travelers utilize the pathways of light emanating from stars (such as The Sun) and submerge themselves fully in Source consciousness, emerging from The Singularity as re-birthed beings. 

UFO ACTIVITY AROUND THE SUN - LASER? - LASCO C3 03-04-2013--03-06-2013

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UFO ACTIVITY AROUND THE SUN - LASER? - LASCO C3 03-04-2013--03-06-2013


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