#NEWS "Amnesty International USA to Observe North Dakota Pipeline Protests" #noDAPL #PEACE ❤

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AUGUST 25, 2016


Amnesty International USA to Observe North Dakota Pipeline Protests

As a federal court issues a decision regarding whether construction of a disputed pipeline can go forward, Amnesty International USA has sent a delegation of human rights observers to monitor the response of law enforcement to protests by Indigenous communities in North Dakota.

Thousands of people have gathered in recent weeks at the construction site of the Dakota Access Pipeline at the border of North and South Dakota, close to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. State law enforcement has removed state-owned water tanks that have served as the main supply of drinking water for the encampment, citing public safety concerns. 29 people have been arrested in the past two weeks.

AIUSA sent a letter today to the North Dakota Highway Patrol and the Morton County Sheriff Department notifying them of the delegation and outlining how authorities are required to act in accordance with international human rights standards and the U.S. Constitution during the policing of protests.

“It is the legitimate right of people to peacefully express their opinion,” the letter reads. “Public assemblies should not be considered as the ‘enemy.’ The command hierarchy must convey a clear message to law enforcement officials that their task is to facilitate and not to restrict a peaceful public assembly.“

Using the color purple to heal bodies and war zones

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Sunday May 11, 2014 3:03pm CDT

During worship, ComeOn said to me... "I am sad, is there a reason?"
Nephilim are sad = ComeOn is sad

Q: Does ComeOn' knee hurt? N
ComeOn feels some pain? Y
in her body? Y
physically? Y
Was ComeOn injured? N
She is feeling someone else' pain? Y
Is it her pain? N
She is trying to heal someone else' pain who is here in worship? Y
is she taking on the pain of someone in this sanctuary behind us? YES 7 rows behind us? YES
Is ComeOn' personal body shield high enough? NO
Is the person who ComeOn is feeling their pain, Judy N? YES
Can I [ComeOn] use the purple? YES
[When ComeOn started the purple sequence, she "fell" into it promptly/immediately and was experiencing a profoundly powerful drop into the "sleep" associated with channeling. That surprised her.]

Are the Nephilim sad because someone broke their promise? NO
It has something to do with earth-lings making some kind of "decision" ? YES
Humans? N
earthlings? YES
the folk in the Inner Earth also? YES
The Agarthans and the human beings? YES
did they/ we decide to oppose God? N
to stand with God? N
to do harm? N
to do good? N
run against God? N
to not go into the 5th Dimension? N
to oppose ascension? NO
to stay neutral? N
to not welcome Galactic Family? N
to go to war? YES
go to war against Galactic Family? N
Russia? YES
USA vs Russia? YES
Is the USA going to war against Russia? YES
Is it possible to stop this war before it happens? YES
What can we do NOW? send purple to the Nephilim

It was received, but more is required in order to cool this situation down.

Georgia Power Outages Down to Fewer Than 100,000 Following Winter Storm Pax

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By: Associated Press, 02/15/2014

This week's ice storm paralyzed parts of the South before dumping snow and ice up the East Coast, which snapped trees and utility poles and snarled traffic. At least 26 deaths in the South have been blamed on the storm. Fewer than 100,000 customers are still without power in Georgia, as power crews work to restore electricity in hard-hit east Georgia after Winter Storm Pax. Georgia Power reported that more than 40,000 of its customers were without power in east Georgia early Saturday, with many of them around the Augusta area.


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Winter Storm Pax Forecast: Swath of Southern Snow, Ice Monday through Wednesday; Possible Northeast Storm

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By: Chris Dolce , 02/10/2014

Winter Weather Alerts

If you live in the South, now is the time to prepare for another potentially disruptive winter storm. Winter Storm Pax will bring a long swath of ice and snow across the South through midweek, and the ice may accumulate enough in some areas to knock out power for thousands of people and litter roads with fallen tree limbs and downed wires. Travel will become difficult, if not impossible, in the hardest-hit areas. Pax may also impact the Middle Atlantic and Northeast with snow and ice later in the week.


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More than a million cut off of power in Northeast US snowstorm

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By:, 02/06/2014

A woman is pictured though a steamy bus window as she walks along 5th Avenue at Central Park in New York February 5, 2014. (Reuters / Carlo Allegri)

Photo: (Reuters / Carlo Allegri)

After a powerful winter storm knocked out power for more than one million people in the Northeastern United States, hundreds of thousands remain in the dark as utility crews rush to restore electricity. Dubbed “Winter Storm Nika” by the Weather Channel, this was the second blizzard to strike the Northeast this week. Nika dropped more than a foot of snow in some areas, but it did the most damage by creating such thick layers of ice on trees and power lines that some residents are expected to go days without electricity.


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Winter Storm Orion Forecast

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By: Chrissy Warrilow, 02/07/2014

Snowfall Forecast

Winter Storm Orion will deliver some much needed snowpack to the western mountains. Snow will continue to fall at low elevations, creating travel problems along the I-5 corridor. Orion will also bring some light snow to parts of the Midwest and Northeast this weekend. The first in a series of disturbances moved into the Northwest on Thursday.

With cold air in place, snow fell in the lower elevations of northwest Oregon and far southwestern Washington, from Portland, Ore. and Vancouver, Wash. to Eugene, Ore.


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Winter Storm Nika Snow and Ice Totals

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By:, 02/06/2014

Northeast Snow Reports

Winter Storm Nika has spread a wintry mess of snow, sleet and freezing rain from the Plains to the Northeast. The storm also brought snow to the mountains of the West. Below are selected snow and ice totals from the storm by state in the northeastern, central and western regions as of early Wednesday afternoon. Note that due to varying report times and ongoing snowfall, additional snow may have fallen in some of the listed locations.


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Fracking's Terrifying Water Usage Trends Spell Disaster

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By: Jon Queally, 02/05/2014

New study shows that fracking boom is happening in places that can least afford to lose precious water supplies. The irony of fracking: It destroys the natural resource it needs most. The tragedy for those living nearby fracking operations: That natural resource is the fresh—and increasingly scarce—water supply on which they, too, depend.


And not only does fracking—or hydraulic fracturing—demand enormous amounts of fresh water no matter where it takes places, a troubling new study released Wednesday found that a majority of places where the controversial drilling technique is most prevalent are the same regions where less and less water is available.


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Winter Storm Maximus to Bring Snow, Ice to Over 30 States Through Monday

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By: Jon Erdman, 01/31/2014

Saturday's Forecast

Winter Storm Maximus, the 13th named storm of the winter season in the U.S., will lay down a wintry mess from coast to coast by the time it is finally over Monday morning. This storm will have multiple waves of snow, sleet and freezing rain sweeping west to east across the country.

Let's break the details day by day.


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