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These Kids Finally Say What They Really Think About Mom. And Her Reaction? Priceless. By Ray Flores

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There isn’t a single day that I don’t question my abilities as a parent. And when these mothers start reflecting on their issues and doubts — yeah, that struck a nerve. But when their kids start saying what they really think about momma bear? I. Was. A. Total. Wreck. Ray Flores


This Herb Has 42x More Antioxidant Power Than Apples by The Alternative Daily

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oreganoOregano, a fragrant and delicious herb that is frequently found in Mediterranean dishes, has been shown to have extremely high levels of antioxidants, as well as potent fungus-fighting potential.

One study, funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), tested a variety of herbs for their antioxidant activity. Mexican, Italian and Greek oregano were found to have the highest antioxidant levels of all of the herbs tested.

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Natural Head Lice Treatment with Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar by Nena Patrick

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natural head lice treatment with coconut oil Natural Head Lice Treatment with Coconut Oil and Apple Cider VinegarGetting lice in the family is truly horrifying & if you don’t get rid of them ASAP, they will get into everything & literally take over. Not fun. The really important thing is to find an effective treatment that doesn't require putting harsh chemicals onto your head, which then get absorbed into your body. Yuck. So, here is a tried & tested effective remedy to wipe out those critters in one foul swoop!


Be Kind to Your Heart by The Alternative Daily

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heartGood heart health is essential for the prevention of all types of heart disease, including cardiovascular and coronary heart disease, as well as stroke.

Many other health disorders are related to heart, arterial and circulatory health, including dysfunction in organs that are fed by our arteries and veins. These include conditions like impotence, brain diseases and dementia, macular degeneration and more.

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Home Remedies for Seasonal Allergies by Herbalism, Home Remedies

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Want relief from seasonal allergies without relying on pharmaceuticals?  This post provides home remedies for seasonal allergies, including herbs and supplements that help with seasonal allergies, simple tips to help with hay fever symptoms, food that reduce allergy symptoms and foods that may make allergies worse.

14 Home Remedies for Arthritis & Joint Pain By Claire Goodall

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arthritis and joint pain


We take the freedom of movement for granted, until it becomes limited. The cause of this for many people comes in the form of arthritis, or the inflammation of one or more of your joints. There are two main kinds, osteo and rheumatoid, both of which affect the joint in different ways. Osteo arthritis is when the cartilage between bones wears down, until bone grates on bone. Rheumatoid is little less straightforward, being caused by an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation of the synovial membrane (a soft tissue that protects joints in the body) and that can lead to bone loss. Whichever you experience, there are natural remedies for arthritis to manage the pain and ease the symptoms.

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36 Natural Alternatives for Infection by Pat Robinson

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36 Natural Alternatives for InfectionMost people have issues with bacterial or viral infections from time to time. Unnecessary antibiotics ARE dangerous! Antibiotics damage the integrity of the microbial balance in the gut. The healthy gut microflora is 70-80% of the immune system. Impaired immune systems are less effective at healing the body.

Plant products have historically been consumed and utilized for their anti-microbial and health boosting benefits. Many plant materials are being researched for their therapeutic value for our immune health.

Here are 36 natural substances which have been studied to help to support our body's immune system to heal itself!

Gaia Portal Update~Higher Dimensional Cosmics Permeate All Gaia Upgrade Grids

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gaia_energy1Sentience of all Gaia Hue-manity increases dramatically during the 9-20 to 9-22 window, as Higher Dimensional Cosmics permeate all Gaia upgrade grids.

Fore-movement of these Cosmics portends major consciousness upgrades in all Gaia participants, Hue-manity as well as humanity.

Separation protocols, in place for centuries, have been dissolved and transcended as a result of these Higher Dimensional Cosmics.

“Fear aligneds” are unable to maintain such, and fade from all dimensional viewpoints.

Resistance to the incoming Higher Dimensional Cosmics is no longer an option of Hue-manity, and, at some point, humanity.

Those embracing the Higher Dimensional Cosmics thrive in the upgraded and refined energies.

All necessary Ascension Paradigms and Grids are in place.


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