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By Sapphire Stone    on Saturday, January 15, 2011 

You Will Gain An Instinctive Sense of Timing of Casting The Net of Your Consciousness Into The Sea of Opportunity As It Arises, The Results That You Manifest Will Leave Little Room For Doubt! It Is Not The Same World As It Was, When You Were First Taught How To Survive Here! The Page Has Turned Now! Your Old Life Script Is No Longer Being Played Out! Some May Still Be In Denial, Clinging To The Old Script, Not Knowing How Else To Live Their Life With A Sense of Purpose, But Those Who Are Awakened, Are Now Using Their Creative Skills, To Come Up With A New Plan, A New Way of Living!


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Hello dear friends,

It is that time when I tune in and speak with the 9D Nibiruans through Devin, their spokesperson, to get their perspective on the year ahead.  Normally this conversation is written as a channeled message from Devin,  but this time Devin has requested that we change to a Q/A format.  Why , I’m not sure, but as I have learned over the 15+ years of working with him, there is a reason.  The Q/A began with a general question about the year and then moved into specific areas. 

Jelaila: Greetings, Devin.  I am ready. What would you like to say about the coming year, Devin?

Devin:  Thank you, my dear.


Devin:  First, we wish to discuss the physical changes taking place on your world.  Let us say that though they appear to be extraordinary in some cases, in light of where Earth is in its processional journey they are normal.  In fact, when compared to some of the more difficult past cycles, they are mild.  By this time, Earth would have already experienced a poleshift. 


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Brain Rewiring & Attacks By The Dark



[Note: This is another post that not everyone reading it will relate to or relate to now. Please keep that in mind as you read it and don't automatically assume that you'll experience identical types of psychic attacks and/or energy siphoning. We've reached the year however (the numerous 11 portals throughout 2011) where we all need to learn to permanently stop the Dark Beings from draining us energetically; to protect ourselves when the Dark Ones use other humans to emotionally trigger etheric openings in us to make us sick and/or weaken us, sidetrack or slow us down or stop us altogether; to protect our beloved pets from negative psychic attacks/wounding/murder  strictly to trigger and open us for the same reasons. Anything the Dark Ones can do now to stop, slow down, sidetrack, make sick, wound and weaken us physically, emotionally, mentally and etherically, they are very intently doing. No fear, just time for more of us to take greater responsibility and awareness of our multidimensional natures, power, consciousness, energy bodies and energies.]


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A New Year and a New Beginning


a message from Celia Fenn
7 January, 2011


So, here we are at the beginning of the year of 2011. This is certainly a New Beginning in every way. The powerful shifts and transitions in 2010, starting with the Grand Cross Alignment and ending with the Lunar and Solar Eclipses around the Solstice, have shifted the Earth into a trajectory alignment for her date with the 2012 Timegate and her entry into "No Time" and the New Reality of the Multi-Dimensional Earth.


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