Choosing the lesser of evils

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There is something that horrifies me how people nonchalantly say we have to vote and choose the lesser of evil. What a way to continue to disempower ourselves. What a way to continue the political slavery rigmarole. What a way to protect a few political careerists. What a way to citizens into submission.

When a society becomes reduced to voting for the lesser of evils, you know it has been brought down to its knees. Since when do we, miracles of the Universe, should choose the lesser of evils? On this planet? What a joke. We have so much potential. We are constant miracles in the making. We do not even aware of how many muscles in our feet move to allow us to walk. Yet we do it with ease, at least, for those who can walk. Men were sent to the moon, or not, with as little as a pocket calculator. There are more solutions than obstacles yet the silent majority continues to sheepishly reduce itself to choosing the lesser of evils.

As the US voting circus is unfolding its machiavellian death-spiral, it is fascinating to see that after decades of left and right parties that have held complete control of this country, we still talk of democracy. Democracy was never reduced to only voting for the lesser of evils every four years and supporting a high-flying class of political careerists representing an occult ruling class. Democracy was about you and I stepping up to the plate as citizens of a greater part and then go back home to our families.

We are being asked once again to choose what we want and voice our wants and needs, not to debase our societies by voting for the lesser of evils. Perhaps if people read the constitution, things would be a little clearer?

It is Life and the Silent Majority

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This post is going to be rough. It highlights the complacency of the so-called "silent majority".

It is a rough translation from an email I received. It speaks volumes to me because I react, I call in, I write about it, I say something about it when most people around me shrug their shoulders and say it is life. No, it is not life. It is life becoming and we are not disempowered. We can choose to say: "I don't like it. Three is something wrong here. It should not happen." And when more than one person says no, citizens reclaim their disenfranchisement.

Before I translate this, I wanted to explain where I come from. We should always do this. We come to the table fully loaded with previous experiences that shape the way we see life and reason. These are some of mine.

I was molested as a six or seven year-young kid. While the act was traumatizing, what followed was worse. The authorities did nothing. They told the perpetrator that they knew who he was and that he could never come back to the city. That was it. I stepped up to the plate like a good little soldier wand was left behind... It was in the 1970s and things have changed since, but not as much as they should. Ever since,

I grew up to be leery of authorities, adulthood, justice, and what we are taught, how we are raised, and everything that we are told is good and wrong in our society. I have lived in many parts of the world and all societies have their weaknesses. That is why I raise my voice. I say when I see or hear something. I call out bullyism.

This email is from a German who has since passed away. It highlights how the silent majority is responsible for letting things get horribly wrong. Without calling for a rise to arm, an intelligent citizen is one who calls out when there is something wrong and does not just shrug shoulders saying it's life.


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                                                                      What is the invisible intelligence?
Embracing our oneness with nature be key to our survival. The unity is the invisible Intelligence and is embedded in the rhythms and relationships that observed in nature, We are the work of this cosmic intelligence. What is good for the whole system? On Earth, to the web of life on the planet, what is good for the whole system is good for us all. However, what may be good for a few of us in the short term is not necessarily good for the whole system. Because a few can distort the dynamic, the structure of the whole, by biasing it to work for their immediate benefit, for greed, selfishness and vanity. So, let’s look at the whole system, let us act as if we are part of it—because we are. We are part of nature, and nature is part of the universe. This recognition is probably the deepest guidance we can have.

The open Oneness doesn’t mean that we lose our individuality. The open Oneness means that we are joined together, each of us bringing something to the whole system, we are the whole system, we are all the others. This is what we need to understand; that we can, we must be, one with nature, without losing our individuality. We are not separate mechanical elements outside of nature. Every individual is a complex system running on the same information that orients all of nature. By following the intelligence implicit in the laws of nature we are not losing anything. We are gaining everything, because the secret of our health and wellbeing is to be one within ourselves, and to be one with others. Every event, every action impacts the whole system. If we know that, then we can freely choose to act as part of the whole.

What To Do When You're Stuck...

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Just chill out, would you? That's the thought that pops in my head feeling I am stuck not quite knowing where I need to go.

It is strange. I have the perfect opportunities showing up in my career life but not rushing in. In fact, I have no juice for it. Although it feels as if something is coming out of the dark tunnel, it is not quite clear enough to say "I'm home!" I look at my natural talents and my passions to see where they can be best used. But I cannot see very clearly at this moment. I could beat myself up or simply take a step back and wait.

It is scary to take a step back when surrounded with incertitude. And that is basically it. Things are changing and not too many understand where anything is going.

One thing is for sure. I want peace. I want a change. I want something new. I hate to leave behind something I loved and earned my place with, but I feel it is time. I am just not sure what, where, and when. So I will sit on the dock of this bay, watching time go by until the doors open again. And that is one weird feeling of being inactive!


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This is a very active Full Moon in Aquarius…as the planet Uranus (which rules Aquarius) squares (friction and stress energy) this Full Moon.  Adding to the already chaotic, urgent, transformative and at times volatile energies.  These last couple of weeks/months we have had several very powerful events happening…in the United States and also throughout the World.  With the Corona Virus spreading quickly and the pandemic continuing….it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under our feet.   We are in more of a survival mode…then a comfortable mode. No matter how chaotic, intense and transformative the last several weeks/months have been, and still are..…..we now know that the Universe is getting very serious! 

The World as we know it….does not look the same as it has and we are not sure how this coming year will play out.  That is ok…remember that we have to stay out of the fear. We are supposed to be creating a NEW World…a new way of being and we can’t do it on an old foundation. The Universe is really serious about changes…that we as a human race….need to be making.  The Universe will also help us along…if we Ask!  Time to Meditate and to Manifest a better and peaceful World and life.  The Universe is very very Serious…but will help us through.  You just have to ask!!!

Steady As She Goes

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In the midst of the turmoil and world chaos, I see that deep down I am as calm and centered as can be. How could I be anything else?

Maybe it simply boils down to what is made available to us as a whole. I feel it is more about what we chose to concentrate on. Turn on a TV, if you still have one of those things and you can see a constant stream of negative news and entertainment designed to make you want more. The same thing happens on social media. My Facebook wall is so polluted with negative finger-pointing, uni-level points of view, and well-meaning intentions. It is so ugly, I do not read a thing on it. It is hard to not walk away feeling it is the end of the world. And perhaps it is but an end of life, it is not.

I was born in a world where people used rotary phones, did not lock doors and electric magnetic fields (EMF) were few. Today, we are bombarded with the next greatest and "bestest". G5 promises faster connection speeds while many sound the health and environmental alarm.

The tough part is that the vast majority everywhere listen to mainstream news. Considering five companies hold all news outlets in the US, it is hard to imagine we have access to fair, impartial, and unbiased news. Considering how big businesses conduct themselves and looking into their business model, it is not too difficult to see there is a fundamental underlying problem. Between what they say and what they do, there is a world of differences.

Still, within the safety of my "inside", there is calm. It is almost as if there is a wise person sitting, looking. observing, and not getting excited about anything. Neither happy nor sad, this inner entity watches with an anchored confidence. There is a hint of a "make the transition now or wait for a few more decades", but overall, things are going according to divine Universal intention.


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