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Planetary Merkaba

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After Drunvalo stopped doing the Flower of Life Merkaba workshops, he said that the real secret purpose of doing them was to create the Planetary Merkaba.

This Merkaba planetary configuration of July 29, which is already beginning, is a major development in the activation of the Planetary Merkaba which is fundamental to the ascension of the planet and Her inhabitants.

Adi Avatar - Planetary Merkaba Driver


Dalai Lama Talks about Shaking the Hand of Sentient Beings from Other Galaxies

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Dalai Lama Talks about Shaking the Hand of Sentient Beings from Other Galaxies

Dalai Lama Discloses: Visitors from Other Galaxies are the Same as Us

His Holiness the Dalai Lama spoke on Universal Responsibility and the Inner Environment at the University of Portland in Portland, Oregon, USA on May 9, 2013.

Reader Jenni writes:

I attended the talk given by HH Dalai Lama in Portland, Oregon and was delighted that he mentioned the Galactics.  Yes, he really did.

It was in the context of remembering at our core that we are all One, that we each share a spark of the divine within us, and how feeling “different from” each other creates fear/distance.

He used visitors from beyond Earth as an example of how we might fear beings perceived as “different” from us.  He mentioned he would greet them as “same”, that he would shake their hand (if they had hands).

If we Receive some Visitors from other Galaxies... Same Human Bein...

The Dalai Lama Shares His Thoughts On Extraterrestrial Contact

There is coming a time when all of you will be in the know about what is taking place on your planet and within.

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Welcome to the Wake up Call Email List
June 23, 2013                
There is coming a time when all of you will be in the know about what is taking place on your planet and within. For now it is a matter of settling in and enjoying yourself as the days grow into weeks and months of the workup time to the full ascension of earth and all of life within and on its surface.

Nation-wide Italian exam includes essay questions on ETs and UFOs

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Posted by: Maurizio Baiata June 28, 2010

 Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Prime Minister

Left: Mariastella Gelmini, Italian Minister of Education Right: Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Prime Minister (Credit: Forza Italia)

On June 22nd, 2010, for the first time in the history of the Italian educational system, UFOs and extraterrestrials became the topic of an essay requirement for hundreds of thousands students of Italy, asked to express their thoughts on this controversial subject.

The “Maturity Exam” (also known as “Esame di Stato”, State Exam) is the final goal of every student, who wants to continue to study and enter the university world. The Maturity diploma is equivalent to the ACTs or SATs in the U.S., where the students have to pass written and oral tests. The first written exam (“Italian test”) pertains to humanistic culture and the second pertains to scientific culture. The Italian written test is identical nation-wide, regardless of the type of school the student had attended.

Subject: Are We Alone?

Galactic light Art #30 Hearts Desire.

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Hearts Desire #31

Galactic light Art #30 Hearts Desire. A new flowering and blooming on planet Earth is happening now. Releasing old thoughts and emotions that no longer serve. Bringing in the interweaving wisdom and new galactic light language coming in as we are moving through this compression tunnel with this past eclipses. Grounding in this information magnetically with the symbol of the square. The small symbols embedded is transmission of light codes are from the ET's saying "that everything is ok, we are going through a shift in our consciousness of what reality is. Welcome to this new terrian. It is expanding. Your Hearts desires can come true. Blessings Salo

© Copyright 2004-2013 all rights Salo Stanley, D.C.

This transmission when viewed connects us with the grids of divine harmony and fortune in the Universe.

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Wheel of Fortune #30

This transmission when viewed connects us with the grids of divine harmony and fortune in the Universe. The reds and orange represent the lower chakras for support, creativity, following our dreams, abundance and money. Make a wish in your mind and let the wheel spin to help you line up to the vortex of energy for good fortune! Blessings Salo

© Copyright 2004-2013 all rights Salo Stanley, D.C.

ExoNews TV Launches on Father’s Day 2013

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ExoNews TV Launches on Father’s Day 2013

Happy Fathers Day – ExoNews TV has arrived!


ExoNews-logo-alien-faces - Copy [June 16, 2013 – ExoNews TV] Nearly every day we hear news that we are not alone in this vast universe. Scientists are confirming the existence of exoplanets in the habitable regions of their suns. Scientific opinion has shifted from outright skepticism to curious optimism that extraterrestrial life will soon be confirmed to exist. More political leaders are disclosing what they know, or are willing to listen to evidence regarding extraterrestrials visiting our world. Captains of industry are meeting to discuss the implications of advanced extraterrestrial technologies in aerospace, biotechnology, energy production and more!

ExoNews TV brings you ground breaking stories about extraterrestrial life, and how this impacts our lives at the individual, national and global levels. ExoNews TV covers the increasingly popular fields of exoplanetology, exobiology, exopolitics, exotheology; and many new exciting fields of knowledge focusing on the implications of extraterrestrial life and technology.

 ExoNews TV has been officially launched on Father’s Day, 2013, and will release regular video stories featuring the latest news about alien life and technology. All videos are designed to be succinct presentations of the most pertinent information on an extraterrestrial related topic to four minutes or less – ideal for all those in a hurry to get their ExoNews!

New Moon/Grand Trine Water

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This New Moon occurs in the midst of a Grand Trine in WaterSigns, and is the beginning of the planet's Ascension into Her Ascended Universal Life as the Avatar EarthStar Planetary Nucleus of the all-new Original Avatar Universe and Creation Civilization.


Many developments are already occurring and will continue to become manifest.



The Galactic community is creating a bridge for humanity.

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The message is about the galactic community is generating vibrations of algorithms onto the planet Earth to the Humans on how to raise their vibrations, integrate, alter dna. Each grid is an information packet on how to act and welcome in a galactic community. A bridge and vortex is forming. There are binary codes also embedded in this drawing. The Galactic community is creating a bridge for humanity.  Contact is here, now and can be made first in dreamtime and then orbs of light with messages will come to those who are ready in broad daylight. Many Orbs will be dropping on different parts of the planet right now from the galactic community.  Only with divine open heart and integrity can the contact truly occur. Blessings Salo


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