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The Timeline for First Contact Has Changed ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

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The Timeline for First Contact Has Changed ∞The 9D Arcturian Council Channeled by Daniel Scranton

You are making such tremendous progress there that we feel you are getting closer and closer to full e.t. contact for all of humanity.
Remember, you are the ones who are making this possible, and what you are doing, what you have been doing, needs to continue so that you continue to move the needle for humankind. You are working as individuals and as a collective towards this goal of joining the galactic community once and for all, and you are doing it under very challenging times there on Earth. But those challenging times have led to more people rising up to feel their own power within them, and when that power is utilized with compassion and with a knowing that you are part of a collective, you show up on the radar of so many e.t. beings who want to help and who have been waiting for the right timing to do so.

Hunga Tonga Volcano Update; Volcano is Erupting, A VEI 6 Caldera Forming Eruption

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To the surprise of many, the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha'apai volcano is still likely erupting right now. Additionally, a survey of the ocean floor was just published, revealing that the January 15th eruption was far larger than originally thought. In fact, the eruption truly was a VEI 6, as indicated in part by the 4 kilometer wide caldera which is now 750 meters deeper. This video will discuss how the size of the eruption was reached, and why many scientists including myself got the initial size of the eruption so wrong.

The Zimbabwe Schoolyard ET event - film release -

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On September 16, 1994, sixty-two students at Ariel School in Zimbabwe witnessed something incredible that has impacted their lives to this day. A silver disc-shaped craft landed at the school and two beings emerged, telepathically transmitting messages to the students. Famed contactee researcher John Mack went to the school and interviewed the children in dramatic filmed testimony. Randall Nickerson, director of a new documentary film that explores this case, joins George Knapp to discuss the story in detail and how the children, now adults, still admit the story is 100% true.

The Full Moon & Equinox Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

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The Full Moon & Equinox Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council Channeled by Daniel Scranton


We are very excited to see what you will all do with the wonderful energies that are coming to you for the upcoming full moon and equinox. You have upon you fertile soil from which to grow into the beings that you were always meant to become in this lifetime. Those of you who are awake know that there is so much more to you, and it really is your job to go forth and discover who and what you really are through experience. The energies that come in are there to support you in your exploration, and so, the more willing you are to explore, the more energy you expend, the more you tend to receive.

It also helps when you are doing something that you love, because when you are lost in your activities of the moment, you tend to be joyous and more open. As you receive from the full moon and equinox energies, remember that they are there to support you, to give you more vitality, and also they are there for you to co-create with. Right now is a pivotal point in human history, as you have this opportunity to look around at the world as it is today and see what it is you would like to make different. The changes you want to see out there will always begin with you; they always have and they always will.


Rewriting Initiation by the Arcturians

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At this time in the ascension process for all beings there is an initiation coming forth where the energies expressed by the Creator support your rewriting of your current reality. Higher vibrations, powerful frequencies and codes are flowing forth into your being to support you in achieving this initiation. It is an initiation where you rewrite aspects of your reality that you have already experienced in this lifetime. It is almost as if you are passing over onto the inner planes and yet you are remaining in your physical body. You have that time, that option to rewrite your reality. Therefore, you can bring that which you understand and acknowledge into your present and future experiences. 


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