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A Profound Evolutionary Transition is Coming

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There is a rapid evolutionary transition about to take place on your planet. This time heralds in a profound new phase on your Earth plane. You are going to enter into a more tumultuous time within the human experience of 3rd dimensional drama, and simultaneously, you will be moving through a life-changing transition within your sacred multidimensional nature.

The full energetic of planet Earth and your personal unique energetic framework are about to move through an intense repositioning. There will be a metamorphic shift within your personal energetic systems coinciding with the opening of a high-frequency, multidimensional grid within the planet.

A profound new energetic cycle is going to be set in motion and it will propel itself within the environment of Earth throughout the month of August. Through a series of magnetic core shifts, a direct pathway of alignment will be forged to the sun. These formed connections will set in motion deep transformative shifts by mid-month. They will strongly impact the planet’s energetic configurations, and there will be a releasing of a series of veils. These openings will maneuver the energetic grids to a sacred configuration throughout the Earth plane, naturally aligning and birthing a communion, activating a series of pulses of light communication between Earth and your resident Universe.

Sanat Kumara ~ Gaia is Freed

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The energies above the earth are light and bright. Only in certain places are there densities, but even in the near future they will be dissolved and destroyed. My dearly beloved Friends, you are doing a great job. The waves of light are spreading further from you as rings on the water and light more and more Light earth over. You do your work to the fullest, you do what you have been expecting in eons and you do it brilliantly in the double sense. With peace and love in your mind you hold the Light. In this way, the Light can penetrate into all corners and spread in the name of Truth and Justice. As you know, Light and Truth always prevail and now is the time. Mankind be- comes free from the past.



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A Major Shift is Here!

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A Major Shift is Here!

You will No longer tolerate things you allowed in the past. It is NOW time for a brand NEW BEginning.

Since Ancient times entities that Light up the skies have held spiritual meaning, as they were Believed to BE Divine Messengers sent from the Cosmos.

Every particle of Light we see is made up from Photons, which are BElieved to hold Multi-Dimensional Energy travelling through space containing data and information possibly from millions of years ago.

When we sense and decode the messages hidden within Light particles, we then open up to the Highest level of Consciousness, Awakening, and Enlightenment. This process is known as Ascension, as we transcend the physical state and communicate with the non-physical by Absorbing and Channeling Highly Charged Energy through our Chakras.

ETs on Earth

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ETs on Earth



The expectation of public interactions with ETs should include some basic realization of the nature of various types of ETs.


Two basic realizations:


   All ETs are telepathic and automatically are aware of the thoughts and intentions of all those who are around them. And most can be aware of the previous lives of anyone.


   Secondly, they have mind-over-matter abilities, and can move physical objects with their abilities, and can teleport themselves. Some can change dimensions at will.


These are considerations to be aware of concerning any ETs ~

Galactic activation opportunities....

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Since the solstice, an enormous opening to and inflow of galactic and supergalactic life has been occurring ~

The Galactic Solstice – June 2019

This GEC input is the most advanced, ascended,complete and accessible that I have experienced. Attuning with it in your own way will allow the Galactic Activations to begin and to continue to increase your frequency shifts and increase your awareness.

Creator Avatar Race Planetary/Universal Ascended Life Galactic Full Moon Eclipse of Cancer in Capricorn

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This Creator Avatar Race Ascended Life Galactic Full Moon Eclipse of Cancer in Capricorn is introducing the Creator Avatar Race Planetary/Universal Ascended Life Organism throughout the planetary life system, and is introducing much more ascended galactic life.

Downloading Your Galactic History ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are extending out an invitation to all of you there on Earth who want to have a deeper experience of yourselves as galactic beings. We are ready to transmit more information that you can receive as a download, and that download will include more of the history of this galaxy of ours. In your unique download, you will receive images and knowings of your place in galactic history. If you want to know what part you’ve played in bringing peace during the Orion Wars, then this is the download for you. If you want to know what healing modalities you created as a Pleiadian, then this is the download for you.

The Next Wave of Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

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The next wave of energies that is on its way to Earth is about establishing more of your sovereignty and your Divinity. We send these energies to activate you, to remind you of your true nature as Beings of Source, as beings who are not under the control of anyone else.

The Solar/Sirian Conjunction

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Sun sextile Uranus

The Solar/Sirian Conjunction


The annual Solar/Sirian Conjunction is now occurring, and is the gateway of the New Earth Ascended Universal Life and Living.


As this conjunction continues through its exact alignment on July 4th, and

the heliacal rising of Sirius on July 25th, it is allowing the Universal

Ascended Life to enter and become the New Earth Ascended

The Galactic Solstice – June 2019

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This is it!

 The long foretold “turning point” we have waited for is here.

 At 8:54am PDT on Friday June 21, 2019 – please check it for your time zone.

 What we’ve been anticipating as a “turning point” is actually a profound moment of brilliant illumination – a moment of revelation beyond anything we’ve ever experienced.


So - this is a global moment! This pathway allows energy to flow freely with no obstructions – it’s a full spectrum energetic amplification of our connection with Presence, coming in from above, from below, from all around - coming right through our “normal” reality.  

 This influx of cosmic flowing energetic coherence is ruthlessly revealing, yet, it brings a deeply encouraging reassurance - bringing with it the illumination of a way to live that is loving, caring, resourceful, creative, connected and worth celebrating.


 And what will this look like?


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