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The Next Wave of Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

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The next wave of energies that is on its way to Earth is about establishing more of your sovereignty and your Divinity. We send these energies to activate you, to remind you of your true nature as Beings of Source, as beings who are not under the control of anyone else.

The Solar/Sirian Conjunction

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Sun sextile Uranus

The Solar/Sirian Conjunction


The annual Solar/Sirian Conjunction is now occurring, and is the gateway of the New Earth Ascended Universal Life and Living.


As this conjunction continues through its exact alignment on July 4th, and

the heliacal rising of Sirius on July 25th, it is allowing the Universal

Ascended Life to enter and become the New Earth Ascended

The Galactic Solstice – June 2019

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This is it!

 The long foretold “turning point” we have waited for is here.

 At 8:54am PDT on Friday June 21, 2019 – please check it for your time zone.

 What we’ve been anticipating as a “turning point” is actually a profound moment of brilliant illumination – a moment of revelation beyond anything we’ve ever experienced.


So - this is a global moment! This pathway allows energy to flow freely with no obstructions – it’s a full spectrum energetic amplification of our connection with Presence, coming in from above, from below, from all around - coming right through our “normal” reality.  

 This influx of cosmic flowing energetic coherence is ruthlessly revealing, yet, it brings a deeply encouraging reassurance - bringing with it the illumination of a way to live that is loving, caring, resourceful, creative, connected and worth celebrating.


 And what will this look like?

The Creator Avatar Race Solstice Full Moon of Gemini

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The Creator Avatar Race Solstice Full

Moon of Gemini



The Creator Avatar Race Solstice Full Moon of Gemini is introducing the Ascended Human Race Life and Living, and is preparing for the Solstice removal of the old and unascending planetary/universal life systems.


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Published on Jun 4, 2019

begins at 1:33

UFOs have always fascinated the public and sightings and reports are frequent. The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) is the Pentagon's mysterious UFO program that was previously run by Luis Elizondo. Three videos of encounters were released to the public in 2017. Elizondo left his position after expressing concerns of national security and potential vulnerability. He now exposes a series of encounters and journeys on new investigations that urge the public to ask questions.

Post Full Moon of Taurus

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Post Full Moon of Taurus



The Full Moon of Taurus with Venus conjunct Uranus has brought in new ascended chakras in the lightbody, and upgraded the grid to allow them to function.


This is a unified system of ascended life and living for everyone who is choosing it. And it will make the planet much more unified and positive.

The Imminent and Partial Restructuring of all Life on Earth

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New Moon of Aries with Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces



The Imminent and Partial Restructuring of all Life on Earth



This New Moon of Aries is the fundamental restructuring of all life on Earth in accordance with the Avatar Planetary/Universal Destiny.


This first phase of the fundamental restructuring is to open the planetary/universal ascended life system to greater and more advanced qualities of the infinite Creator Avatar Life.

The Antarctica and other Very Ancient ET Civilization Centers

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The Antarctica and other Very Ancient Non-Human ET Civilization Centers



The recent discoveries of the presences of very ancient centers of non-human ET civilizations on Earth* has revealed the vastness of non-human ET civilizations and the fact of their presence and significant appreciation of the nature of this planet and its potentials for hosting a variety of non-human ET civilizations and outposts.


This grants our human civilization the awareness of the unique and valuable nature of this planet as appreciated by non-human ET civilizations more advanced than ours.


There are many ET races observing the current developments here with the interest of the advancement of the evolution of life here, and the values of this evolution for other life in the universe.



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