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God said:

When all is said and done, it all comes down to you and, of course, down to you and Me. All that you fight outside yourself is a ramification of you. There is something within you that roils you. The itch you scratch is always yours.
How are you? How are you? This is the question you are dealing with. There is no they, beloveds. Whatever gets in your way, it is something within you that gets in your way.
If you are looking for a certain house on Main Street, and someone gives you incorrect directions, it is nevertheless you who looks for the house. It is you who gets lost, or it is you who finds the house.
No matter whose party you go to, it is your party. It is your good time or not. The party can be thrown for you, everything well-prepared for you and the other guests invited, and, yet, the party is up to you.
Whatever music is played, you are the one who dances to it.
This makes life a beautiful opportunity for you, for the life you live is the life you see through your own eyes.

New Green Pastures - Heavenletters

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God said:

Every day you bathe in life. Life is a magic potion that cleanses you of the past. All that occurs in life is to wash over you, or, rather you are to wash over it. Wave goodbye to the past. Do not hold onto it. First of all, it won’t be held onto. You kid yourself that it can be.
How dear is the past to you, and, yet, you have to flow past it. Today has to supersede the past. Love the past, and let go of it. Otherwise, you mourn for it. You mourn for your youth. You mourn for all that which, in terms of the world, cannot be recaptured. Recalling all your memories and all your longing for them amounts to daydreams, beloved. Of course, all of life in the world as you know it is a dream. Reliving the past is a dream within a dream. You do not abandon love by letting go of the past. Letting go doesn’t mean you forget the past. You let it loosen its hold on you. Living in the past is not living. It is recollecting. It is a kind of clutter when you keep the past to you.
The past never was yours, beloveds. You don’t own it, and you didn’t own it then. You were a passerby to the past. The past is no more than your dribbling your fingers in a stream as you ride in a canoe.
The past was wonderful, and it was not wonderful. It is dear, very dear to you, positively or negatively. Regardless, you are to let go of your attachment to it. You paddle the canoe of your life now. The sun rises every day, yet it is not the same old sun, and, so, do you also rise each day anew.  
Never mind who you once were or seemed to have once been. There are many different versions of life, and you are living another version right now. Read by the light of today. The sun is over your shoulder. The sun and you are the light of today.

The Reign of Peace - Heavenletters

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God said:

We are having a revolution. It is a peaceful revolution. It is not a strike. It is not even a sit-down strike. It is Being. Being is making its way through strife. In Beingness, what strife can there be?
You may have always strived for peace, yearned for it, fought against upheaval. Your fighting for peace didn’t do the trick. Your yearning for peace is coming true because peace within you is welling up, is overflowing the ego, surpassing the nonsense in the world. Your arrival at peace brings peace. Look not for peace from the world. The world will be what you want when you are what you want, and what you want is not a truce, not an abdication from war, but an arrival at peace, a concordance of peace, the reign of peace.
The reign of peace does not mean all agreement. The reign of peace is acceptance, a kindly eye, a brightening eye to the fact that in even disagreement lies Oneness. It comes down to this:
When you look for the Unity of Peace, you will find it. It will arise. Looking for union is the putting down of arms. No more fisticuffs because an insurgence of fighting isn’t exciting to you any longer. You long for peace more than excitement. You gain and give peace before excitation.
You become less a reactor and more of a receiver of understanding. You are no longer trying to prove anything, such as that you are right or that you have been wronged.
This is not a peace treaty or a summit meeting. This is truly seeing from a bigger vantage.

Swing on a Star - Heavenletters

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God said:

You are risen. You do not have to rise up to Me. You are risen, yet you don’t see this yet. I won’t say you are the last to know, yet you could be the last to know. Tell Me, if you could accept that you are risen, how would this acceptance change your life? I say accept, not believe, not see, not know, not experience, not live this state of consciousness, but put aside what you think even for ten seconds and accept it as true, and, feel the ton of restraint, tension, fear, nervousness, and frailty that would leave you instantly and the release, freedom, knowingness, peace and strength that would replace them.


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What I say to you now is unheard of. I would very much like you to gain the threshold of this idea:
You have done no wrong.
Does this seem absurd to you? What is absurd is your carrying around the idea that you have, indeed, been wrong and done wrong things.  If you were not convinced you were wrong, you would be all right. All right does not mean the same as right. I am disputing the concept of wrong and, therefore, the concept of right. They are not absolute. I repeat: You, beloveds, are all right as you are no matter what seemed to occur yesterday.



Heartbreak Is a Conclusion You Come to - Heavenletters

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God said:

For those whose lives seem like a string of heartbreaks, one after the other, so unkind, so heartbreaking, you know by now, darlings, that heartbreak is something you conclude. You’ve heard about heartache. You’ve read poems about it, and you’ve experienced this reputed heartbreak time after time. It is your experience. I don’t doubt that for one minute. I’ve wiped your tears. I’ve held My hand over your heart.
Your heart was hurt. It seemed to break in two. You expressed your disappointment as heartbreak. Does not all heartbreak come down to disappointment, and you call your own disappointment as a foul play made against you? Whatever the heartbreak, it seems to you that someone did it, or nature did it, or God did it, and it was wrong. You conclude it was wrong, even when it may well have been inevitable. You lost a bet, beloveds. The bet you made you were certain was a sure thing. You convinced yourself that life would stay frozen in place because you wanted it to. You, disappointed as you have been, time after time, called the shots.
You are the one who names an occurrence or lack of occurrence as uncalled for, unfair, outrageous, cruel, demeaning, impossible to have occurred and you decided that you have been left in the lurch, in some kind of lurch.  

Awareness Awakens - Heavenletters

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God said:

In every day of your life, you are learning and growing. You may not see this. In fact, sometimes you may feel you go backwards. Even so, every day is an advance in your life. There is another story you have not yet heard or told yourself.
Sometimes you are on top of the world, and then there are days when you do not see the sunshine, and you wonder where it has gone. You may feel you had Paradise in your hand, and now you have lost it, or it was taken from you. It feels like Paradise Lost to you. You were a Great Hero to yourself, and now life in the world seems to have let you down. You feel a Fall from Grace, as it were.
For a while, everything in your hand turned to gold, and now it may seem that everything in your hand has slipped through your fingers. You don’t understand this, and you find it unconscionable. Stated or unstated, your heart cries out: “God, why have You forsaken me?”
You don’t want to feel this way. You never thought you would feel this way, or you never thought you would ever feel this way again. You may feel that the ground has been pulled out from under you. You may feel all this at the same time as you know this can’t really be true.
Life may seem on and off again, and yet you have awareness that this cannot be so. Life may knock your emotions around. No matter what has wounded your heart, at the same time, you have the sense that God is not an on-and-off God, or He would not be God.
You may feel betrayal, yet you know that I am not against you, nor can I ever be. Life may disappoint. Life throws you a curve, and, yet, even if you fall from a cliff, I, God, am still with you.

Truth Is More Than a Story - Heavenletters

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God said:

Hear Me. Look up at Me. Raise your eyes to Heaven. Have your awareness on Me, and you will feel the beat of My Heart. You have a God Sense to avail yourself of.
It is not necessary to hear Me on a physical level, or see Me, or feel the beat of My Heart. Yet, on a far more subtle level, you do hear, see, and feel the love I offer. A thought of Me is a thought of Me.  A thought of Me is enough to rekindle your oh so fine memory of Me.
Of course, memory can be consciously-remembered. Memory can also be more subtle. Subtle does not mean less powerful. In fact, it means more powerful. And there is the memory called DNA. How dry DNA may sound next to the Word God, yet I am in your DNA. What is called your DNA connects Us. This is irrefutable. I am in every cell of your body and mind. It doesn’t matter whether you call Me objective or subjective. What can any word be next to God Himself -- Me Myself?
You can feel Our Connection. Call it Oneness. We are so deep in one another’s heart that We are not two but One. Oneness IS. One Heart in the Universe exists. The connection We speak of is Truth which, then, entwines the so-called Us so tightly that We become I, and I am One, and the so-called you is also One and the Same. This Truth seems so far away from your daily life that you may consider it something like an Old Wives’ Tale, yet Truth is hardly a story. Truth Is. The Truth is love, and nothing but the Truth.

The power of the present moment - Taryn Crimi

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Today we would like to focus your attention upon the power that exists within the present moment. Surely many of you have been told that the present moment is all that ever really exists. However it is our intention to share with you why the now moment is so transformational yet it is so often allowed to slip away while you focus on future events and past regrets.

We have shared with you that time is an illusion. We often refer to all time as being concurrent or simultaneous as each moment is simply another perspective of the now moment. Much of your energy is wasted upon your focus of “future” or “past” events. We often say that if you feel worried you are focused on the future, if you are sad or remorseful you are focused on the past and if you are at peace you are fully present in the now moment. Certainly you do have the ability to feel negatively in the present moment however it is only in the now moment that you have the ability to shift your perspective.

Synchronicities - Mayan Messages

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We encourage you to take time to clear your mind, meditate, pray and seek inside for answers. Often the responses are subtle: a fleeting thought, an intuition, a gut reaction or goose pimples. How do you know when it is us or your Higher Self making contact? First is the ability to trust your instincts. It is much easier to trust your instincts after you have relinquished your fears. At times you may get an intuition, but your fears create a gut reaction response that keeps you from following through with the intuition. This is an important reason why facing and walking through your fears is imperative. Once you have learned to walk with courage, your next task is to follow your intuition.

If what you are prompted to do is for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, then know you are on the right Path. We understand that this is not always a good indicator, for you do not know all the ramifications that may occur as a result of any action or if the results ultimately are for the highest good of all. Many times what seems painful for another turns out to be a great gift or teacher.

Another indicator to know if what you are experiencing is for your highest good is to pay attention to your feelings as you make choices. In most cases, if you have released associated fears and blocks caused by belief codes, you will know for certainty that you should follow through with what you feel prompted to do.


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