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God said:

The word everyone is an apt expression to remind everyone of Oneness. We can say that I always address One. I am talking to the Oneness of the Universe.
When someone says, To Life, he is saying To One. There is no addition to Oneness. There is no math. One is One. One and One is not two. It is One. Within all the diversity in the world, there is Unity. One God, One Being, One Sharedness. You are the One of One. All is Oneness. All the rest is fantasy. Oneness is more powerful than millions. Of course, My children see many, yet that does not make many-ness true. Manifold is the world, yet Manifold is Oneness folded as it were.
By whatever name Oneness goes by, it is Love. Love doesn’t separate. It entwines. It embraces. Love takes away complications. It simplifies.
You may think that Oneness takes your identity away, your individuality, that Oneness perhaps makes you less, like lost in a crowd. Oneness does not make you lost at all. In Oneness you are found. The individuality of your personality is lost-ness, beloveds. Oh, yes, you can get lost in what is incidental to the Truth of you. Your identity as an individual is more like being marooned on a desert island. Oneness is strength. You can consider Oneness as Fullness like a full moon that reflects full light.
Yes, that is it. In Oneness, in awareness of Oneness, you shine the light of love. The light of love is more focused. Yes, Oneness can be compared to a laser beam.

No decision is ever made without your express consent. -Ron Head

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councilMichael and The Councils

 Our topic for discussion today is The Councils.  All of you have experience of these.  Many of you have memories and dreams of this.  Even the very best efforts to describe these to you will fall very far short, but you have reached a level of awareness now that makes it possible to begin acquainting your conscious minds with this image, this interpretation of ‘how things work’.

More and more of you, in your remembrance of dreams or meditations are seeing what you variously call auditoriums, amphitheaters, or council chambers.  Most are seeing these as of immense size and participation.  This is, in actuality, a representation you have constructed to allow understanding of an energetic event which you have witnessed.  Such things must be ‘seen’ by you in this way in order to understand the events you participate in.

When you are ‘there’ in that ‘place’ you ‘see’ a meeting being conducted in which you participate in decisions which affect you.  The reason for the quotation marks in the prior sentence is that everything we are describing is an internal experience within your being.  That really is unimportant at this point.  There will come a time when you experience the truth of that.  In the meantime, we will describe such things in the linear fashion which you currently experience.

A World within a World - Heavenletters

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God said:

Everyone’s life is story. Everyone born on Earth has physical characteristics. Everyone is a character, and everyone has a personality, and everyone is an actor in a play, a very convincing play. As you play your part, you take it seriously. You really get into the part you play. Your acting ability is great. You fool everyone. You believe the edges of your story, and so does everyone else. This is called True Life when it is nothing of the kind. It is a picture of life, a photo taken through a special lens. Within this photo, lies quite a different image, often unacknowledged.
The point I would like to make today, as much as you believe in daily life, it is unbelievable. Somewhere within you, you know very well this perceived life is not real. It is not real to you, and yet you give great service to it. You play the part you play very well, and you take it seriously. You take as fact that which is, indeed, a mirage.
A mirage of water in a desert does not give you water to drink. It is not your sustenance, nor does your bounded life on Earth give you sustenance. Oh, yes, it feeds the body. It fills the bill for activity, yet Truth it is not. There is a world within a world.
Just as a great novel or poem can be read on different levels, so can the novel of your life be read on different levels. You, the portrayer of events, get caught up in the actions. You become entrenched in them as it were. You are sure your actions and all the events are indisputable. This is one level of life. It is external and limited while you, you are unlimited. You are certified unlimited.

Where Were You When the Floors Needed to Be Swept? - Heavenletters

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God said:

I do not apologize for Life on Earth. I created a beautiful Creation, and you live in it. It is as if I am a Landlord, and I provide you with a beautiful place to live. As you live here, you kind of trash it. You let it go. You leave things around. You don’t even notice what you are doing or not doing. You take the beautiful place for granted, and, then, when your housing is no longer to your liking, you gripe about it and the Landlord.
Where were you, beloved, when the floors needed to be swept? Where were you when you stepped on flowers? Now, do you complain about the lack of flowers? Is pointing out errors your purpose?
Because you may have indigestion, would you complain to the Chef of a fine restaurant that his cooking gave you indigestion? Probably not, yet you might complain to a friend about the indigestible food at the fine restaurant. And your friend would nod his head, and say, “Yeah, isn’t that awful.” And then two of you feel above it all.
Whose responsibility is your digestion?
And yet, you complain to Me about the world you live in, seemingly separated from Me. You may even like the idea that I am, according to your perception, quite far away, rather anonymous somewhere up in the sky. You are bold about what you have to say so long as I am far away. I doubt that you would come up to Me or sit before Me and list your complaints or ask Me personally for explanations as you may rant and rave.  
Some may like to leave trash around and complain to Me about it.

Let the Flim-Flam Go - Heavenletters

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God said:

Are you with Me? Yes, you are. Do you always know you are with Me? No, you don’t always. And therein is the rub, for when you are aware, truly and deeply aware that We are One, then what can there be for you to worry about? Worry seems to be like a plague. I do not give plagues. I have other things to do.
Actually, I have other things to be than a plague-giver. I am the Doer, and, yet, I am very much the Be-er. Yes, I am a Singer and a Dancer, and I AM. Most importantly, I AM. I AM mainly Intransitive. My Very Being is Is-ness. There is far more to Me than striding across the Universe. This is also the same Truth of You, beloveds.
Of course, Earth, on the surface, is a Land of Doing. Yet, deep down, Earth is a Land of Being. There is a Deep Well filled with Still Waters. You are deep, beloveds. You are deeper than you presently let on to yourself. There is something in you that makes fun of yourself, denies yourself, ridicules yourself rather than honoring yourself. What is this lack of honor that you hold to? If you honor Me, honor yourself. Even if you do not honor Me, honor yourself. You are far more than what you make yourself out to be, this Being of Greatness Who huddles and hides in the world.

How to Hear God for Yourself - Heavenletters

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God said:

You are always close to Me, as close as close can be. Only in the world can it seem to you that We are closer or further apart. How you feel makes all the difference in the world to your life. Of course, if you feel abandoned, that doesn’t feel good. It feels much better when you sense Our closeness. Even if you don’t believe in Me, and you doubt Me, don’t think well of Me, would there not be something for you to gain in coming closer to Me?
If We were talking about chocolate or cherries, wouldn’t you prefer to have chocolates or cherries close by, available to you?
Look at the new equipment that the world has given you so you can talk to those who are on the other corners of the Earth. Think of all the ways you now have to communicate. Of course, you have to purchase them as tools. With Me, there is no need for purchase. I am free. You might say that I come with the territory.
Born to Earth means We, you and I,  are automatically connected. We don’t need a hook-up. We are already hooked up. Our communing does rely on your ears. You can imagine putting a little ear phone in your ear or a snazzy big one if you like, or, even, one of those old-fashioned big horns. Of course, you need nothing, yet, if you want, you can think of receiving My thoughts magnified a thousandfold via a loudspeaker. What ultimately works is your pressing your heart to Mine. In truth, Our hearts are conjoined.
It is no big deal for you to hear Me. If you can breathe without thought about it, you can hear Me without effort. The only way you can hear Me directly is without any effort. Nature does not struggle for a branch to bear a leaf, does it not?

Shine, Beloveds, Shine - Heavenletters

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God said:

Out of this world! The world you live in is out of this world! You stand in light, and light is your whole story. You may be unaware of the light, the extent of the light, yet you are light shining, and so you shine, and so life is, and you are – WE ARE.
How are you today? You are light. What are you doing today? You are lighting up the firmament. You, who are True Light, light up a firmament that reflects your light. How blessed is light, and how blessed the light you shine. Even when you feel absorbed by darkness, you are shining light. There is no turning your light off. Your light shines. Shine your light! This is what you do anyway. This is all that you are capable of. This is what you do. Light lights. You light up, and you are light. You are My Light. This is the long and the short of it.
Holy is your light. Your purpose here on supposed Earth, this beautiful supposed Earth, is to shine your light. It is not a casual statement to say that you are the Light of World. There is nothing else you can be. You are much more than a glimmer of light. You are light. Hail to the light that My children shine. Self-absorbed in daily life, you may well be unknown to yourself. What a party you attend. What a gala you participate in. You are the light that shines in My eyes. Holy is Our Alliance.
On one level of vision, you are dust to dust. On the true level of life, you are Light to Light, and your light burns brightly.

The End of Suffering - Mayan Messages

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Many of you wonder how God could allow so much agony and suffering to occur on the Earth. You were given the gift of free will, thus much of your suffering is a direct result of choices you make. While on a global level, many suffer from the hands of others.

In essence, when you look at the entire history of the world, you will see that, as a group, things became out of hand overall due to the choices made by individuals over time. By this, we refer to such things as giving control to governmental leaders, allowing unrighteousness to occur at tribal level, greed and many other factors. Remember that your experience on Earth is miniscule in relation to your entire existence away from Source. The agony you feel now is less than a sneeze in the overall lifespan of your Soul.

If you want agony and suffering on Earth to end, you have the power to do so. However, there must be a large consensus, first on a personal level, then regionally as you become a role model for others and then globally as you unite together with clear intent. You will need to do more than just dream it into existence. There will be laws that need to change. All will need to respect others and speak their truth. Those in power who are using their role of leadership to manipulate others will need to change their heart or to be released from their duties. All of these things can be done if you join as one voice, uni-verse.

Theta Healing - Mayan Messages

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Select one area of unrest, whether it is a past wound you wish to heal, a behavior you wish to change or something that leaves you feeling less than whole. With this in mind, relax while taking in several breaths. Focus on your breathing until you have released any tension in your body. When you reach this level of relaxation, you enter into theta brainwaves allowing you to more easily disengage the logical mind. Mentally, see yourself pushing a button that temporarily shuts off the left side of the brain.

You will begin functioning more from the right side of the brain, which allows for greater healing to occur. The right hemisphere of the brain stores the memories of what has occurred in your entire lifetime. You can release emotions easier when you are in this relaxed state because the right side simply experiences the emotions without feeling the need to express or hold onto them, as the left hemisphere does.

While you are in this relaxed state, bring the problem you are working on to the forefront of your consciousness. Sit calmly and quietly and you will begin to receive answers. Your role is to pay attention so you do not miss the subtle cues that can lead to the resolution of your problem. Know that you have within you the ability to do whatever it is you desire. Go forth this day in joy, knowing that the world is truly yours to explore!   Selamet! Cib 6

To read more about this process, scroll to Day 136 at:   Please include this web address when you post and share with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

Judgment Day - Mayan Messages

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None will be lost; all will return to Source. Can you imagine a Creator who purposely creates a magnificent Being just to destroy it? Be creative with your life and release any thoughtforms and belief codes that leave you feeling less than another. You are all children of Source, pure Beings of light arriving on the Earth, for a time, to experience just one small piece of God’s creation.   Selamet! Men 5

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 135 at: Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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