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The Universe would like to remind you…

In a world of ‘take’, find your greatest pleasure in giving.  Do not do it to make a point, to garner favor or keep score.  Do it because it is who you are and what you were designed to do. For each moment given, the rewards come back ten-fold…not because there is payment due, because you have a joyous heart free of expectation. ~ Creator

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A Positive Space

It may be challenging to think of yourself as perfect, whole and lovely when, in the past, you have experienced the opposite.  That is when The Universe is ready and available to assist. (Smiling) If you change a thought, just one thought…tell your glorious self that you are infinitely capable of moving to a more positive space.  The Universe has faith in you! ~ Creator

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Graceful Change

My dearest, darling child; do not be dismayed at change.  It is only with an open and ever-present heart that change can occur gracefully and easily.  The Universe is always as kind as it can be during these times however, if you choose not to listen, the means may become stronger than you would like.  Rest easy, love, knowing that change…however challenging it may seem in the moment is always in your highest and best. ~ Creator

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The Beauty Of You

The beauty of your life and who you are is not determined by outside forces.  It is created by you, for you in any way you choose.  The Universe has always given you free reign to move in your own direction.  If, for some reason, what you have created does not please you, change it!  Free will is an awesome and powerful thing.  You will always be supported and loved along the way. ~ Creator

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Do For You

If you want to draw love – love yourself.
If you want to be surrounded by truth – be as truthful as you can with yourself.

If you want to be respected by those around you – start by respecting yourself.
Is it perfection you seek? Realize, throughout your whole self, that everything is perfect even though it may not appear to be on the surface. ~ Creator

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The Child

Be kind to that little child inside.  For years and years, he/she has been carrying a very heavy burden; everything you have refused to look at, stuffed deep and ignored is in front of them.  Today give them a chance to scream, cry, kick and be the age they truly are.  Show him/her how much you love them; take them in your arms, whisper a heart-felt “I love you” and let them know that they no longer have to carry the load by themselves.  They have done you a great service and deserve the time to play and create now.  By allowing them to just be, you will honor the child you were and are now! ~ Creator

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Trusting Your Soul

Release the need to ask permission for your own spiritual growth.  It is not necessary to check in with friends, relatives, loved ones or significant others.  Yes, an additional set of eyes can be helpful on occasion, however, if you must ask before you make any move you are not allowing the process to happen naturally. It is time to start trusting your soul.  The Universe gifted you with the wonderful ability to just know when it is time to move forward……start listening! ~ Creator


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