7 Signs you are entering the 5th Dimension -The Movie

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I accept I am God In full humility In full knowing We accept the truth I Am God You are God We are One And we are the same I see you You see me I am the one seen Accept this truth Now I am your eyes beloved I am your love Rite of Divine Relationship ♥ Children of the Sun ♥



Beautifully executed...very

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Beautifully executed...very intoxicating and was truly engrossed with each and every minute of its enlightening message....BUT, I question if I do NOT have any of the seven signs am I still entering the 5D???? I am a true believer of the Ascension, and read as much as I can regarding such...and also do my inner work as well....but, I seem to be LOST and it feels as though I am going through life, aimlessly, with no passion, robotic and no direction...knowing what is ahead of me gives me great peace at times, but wonder if it, the Ascension,  will manifest as told.... living in the now gives me great confusion since I feel nothing....everything I am suppose to be experiencing, I am not....now I really feel like I am on the outside, looking in and not a part of anything...very alone and at times

it is unbearable....will I feel these signs, eventually??? Why am I in such turmoil and why

hasn't my spirituality kicked in to save the day!!!  Anyone else out there like me???

Part of changing so

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Part of changing so drastically is feeling 'lost' at times during the process.  This process started in ernest in the late 90's, it still goes on even as the planet has already reached her 5D frequency.  What was, will never exist again.  What will be, (or is for those who have shifted) is quite different and yet has shades of what was, especially during this phase of 'flux' where we are morphing between several frequency bandwidths, and many parallel time lines.  I have experienced the greatest of joys, and the most deep sorrows as I transmute that which no longer is aligned with the higher frequencies of my spirit.  Love, be at peace with everything, and forgive those who hurt you, forgive yourself for those times when you did stupid or hurtful things (and this can be hard at first - if you were harmed say, by rape or something just as awful, say childhood abuse or peer persecution - just using these as examples).  As the past emotions come rushing in for transmutation, we really feel those emotions all over again as if the experience were just then happening.  Feel that hurt or sorrow or pain, and then release through love and forgiveness.  We must love the darkest spots of 'us' in order to release and free ourselves.  Just LOVE and FORGIVE.  Love your world in all of its imperfection, and you will watch your world begin to transform.  Think of the Dalai Lama, how he was imprisioned and tortured when the Chinese invaded Tibet and yet he travels the world teaching love and kindness and forgiveness.  


Notice the other life kingdoms, send them love and watch them respond to you in a very direct way.  My garden thrived this year even with a summer of 95 - 100 degree daily heat, even those vegetables that require a cooler climate to grow, thrived.  Why, because I would go into my garden several times a day and meditate with my flowers and vegetables.  Many times I would look around and find the birds sitting in my trees, joining the meditation, and lizards at my feet, standing in the same direction as I, and meditating, and loving the earth with me.  Loving our planet raises our vibration to match hers.  If you have not heard the earth's song that NASA recorded, you can find a link on spaceweather.com.  It will bring healing to your heart, for it is a song from our mother earth herself.


You have a beautiful soul, I can feel it.  Just be at peace with your circumstances, love yourself and TRUST YOURSELF to know how to live your life for the highest good through forgivness and love, and you will be fine!  :)  From my heart to your heart, love flows.............................

Your kind words were deeply

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Your kind words were deeply felt and appreciated....thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking time to spend with me with your sweetness and such tender love....

I shall reread your message and knowing it came from a deep place within you, your heart center, will give me comfort and  peace....ah, someone does care!!!

I do not usually go on a pity party and this is so very unlike me to waller in self-abuse...so, I will stop it and let life flow through me as I express myself in love and all that it is...

Know that you are blessed and that you are a blessing....


Namaste to you, dear heart....


hi googie

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yes your not the only one feeling that  way .....join our group  sharing your experiences with the shift  on facebook   namaste  love