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Fran Zepeda ~ Sananda ~ Breaking Illusions ~ 10 June 2012

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Sananda ~ Breaking Illusions ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ June 10, 2012








My ascending Lightworkers, I greet you again. We gather far and wide to usher in the New Earth. Preparations are being made and the stage is set for a glorious new future, which is becoming evident to you now.


By all observations from the Spiritual and Galactic Realms, you are proceeding splendidly and we offer our deepest appreciation for all your brave, hard work.


Today, I wish to address the subject of illusion. You have been immersed within it for such a long time and you are beginning to break the chains and restrictions that have held you back.


You know it was necessary to be fully immersed in the illusion in order to gather all you needed to transform yourselves into the Divine Beings you always were, but forgot for the sake of experiencing duality to the fullest. And so the time has come to step out of that role and welcome the true essence and reality of your multi-dimensional lives.


Fran Zepeda ~ Sananda ~ May You Be a Kaleidoscope of Oneness ~ June 4, 2012

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Sananda ~ May You Be a Kaleidoscope of Oneness ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ June 4, 2012





No matter where you are in the energy spiral, you are all rising in frequency. The energy surge accompanying the present alignments now occurring will cause massive jumps in your consciousness. It is only necessary for you to open your hearts to a degree you have not yet attained, dear Ones. The energies will assist you; you must only allow the awakening to occur.


All across the universes a massive domino effect is occurring, and will continue to occur as you open and lead with your hearts. By now you are becoming quite adept at this and the question is only how much you desire to embrace the unprecedented surge of Light and Love energies being poured into your hearts as we speak.


Dear beloveds, these are your moments to surpass all expectation of your ability to absorb the maximum of Light particles ever absorbed. It is up to you; it is up to you to harness them and catapult them in the form of intention and visualization for what the New Earth would look like if it were as balanced and abundant as an array of colors representing every hue of the rainbow in complete radiant explosion.


You may have guessed it: You and each one of you and every Being of all the universes has the potential to light up like a firefly producing a kaleidoscope of radiant colors, each unique to each Being, but in totality producing such a beautiful combination, unique unto each part yet so balanced and synchronized in Wholeness.


Fran Zepeda ~ Sananda ~ Your New-Found Freedom ~ May 27, 2012

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Sananda ~ Your New-Found Freedom ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ 5.27.12



Greetings, fellow travelers into the 5th Dimension and beyond! All is well. Your progress has been outstanding, and astounding to some, we know.


Behold the changes. Be with them, cherish them, allow yourselves to adjust to them, and revel in them! A new dawn is approaching and you have begun an unprecedented time, dear ones.


Your loving Gaia thanks you for your assistance so far and she enfolds you in the Love you so freely are giving Her. Be prepared for even more changes as you settle into the present upliftment.


This is a time of many new concepts and meanings that are entering your consciousness now. Take some time to decipher and grasp the many changes to your understanding of the World as you once saw it and comprehended it. Expand your mind now to encompass fragile and subtle precepts that are now entering your consciousness with ever-increasing clarity and understanding.


You are remembering, you are assimilating, and you are forging new pathways to greater awareness, dear ones. Please take time to discern and assimilate and solidify these memories of your new existence.

Fran Zepeda ~ Yeshua ~ You Are Love ~ May 22, 2012

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Greetings, Souls of the Earth, my beloved Lightworkers, and all of Creation!


There is much said about Love. Love is the highest vibration. It makes up everything, it is in everything, it is of everything.


You know this, but have you stopped to observe it in action in your World around you? It is in the beautiful song of the birds in your garden, and in the forest or woods where you walk and enjoy the beautiful offerings of Mother Earth. It is in the delicate petals of the fragrant flowers you so love to enjoy. It is in the beautiful sunsets all around your World.


Most of all, it is in you and it is of you and it is You. Love is You. It has never left, dear beloveds. It is being uncovered and discovered everywhere inside and around you. You know this, but do you take the time to feel it in your hearts constantly? Do you breathe it and stoke it like embers in a fire, and do you see how much the warmth can color your whole reality? Take the time now to breathe it and stoke it and spread it throughout your heart like a furnace ignited with all the good that is in you.


My dear friends, you have made so many changes in your World already. You feel it in your hearts, and in your bones and it is in the air around you, that magnificent yet sometimes subtle fragrance of change that some do not yet embrace with as much Grace as we see many of you doing. What a wonderful spectacle it is to see from our perspective!


Invasion of the Butterflies: 'They're Everywhere!'

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'Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes'. ~Author Unknown

Never has there been such a flutter over butterflies as that which is delighting folks all over Ontario, where millions of Admirals and other rare species are appearing in the droves. I noticed a pair dancing their spiral dance around me afew weeks ago, and was surprised to see that this rare breed was not alone, in fact I observed several more that day.

After a rainy colder week nothing much else seemed to appear, and I'd almost forgotten about the rare sightings that day, when suddenly last weekend on a sunny warm day these same brown and orange super fast flyers were zooming across in front of my car as I drove along the beautiful countryside...lots and lots of them!

According to The Windsor Star:

"The "butterfly highway" is seeing plenty of congestion this year, thanks in part to unusually warm spring weather south of the border.

Message from Archangel Michael and Yeshua ~ 2.28.12 ~ Be Reborn ~ As channeled through Fran Zepeda

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Greetings beloveds, we come before you today to speak of Love. We are your comrades in this beautiful undertaking to which you have become so committed since time without beginning.


The quality of Love is transforming. You have probably noticed it, dear ones. It has taken on an essence you have not seen for many eons. Take a moment to feel the quality. Bathe in it and absorb it. Be very cognizant of its nature. By now, you are experiencing Love in a different Light.


You know now that Love is your essence, not just something that you feel or give out at will.  It makes up your whole being. It governs your decisions; it colors your world. It Is your world; it Is you. It is everyone around you if you choose to see it that way.


Enter into that world now. Let it color how you look at things, how you react to things, how you take action. It is the essence of you. No one can convince you otherwise anymore.



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Dear Friends and Family,


Lucas (4) shares his Valentines Song "my magic is my giveaway" with you.


He sees all children singing this magic heart song together...


With singing together we create a frequency shift !


Feel free to feel how he feels ... sing along ... in-joy ... pass it on ...


Together we create a child heart tsunami !


Light and love and peace and joy, harmony and gratefulness


Lucas & Mystery Live





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Diana channels:

Mother Earth speaks:


You are a Starchild that came to Me on Earth to experience your Self.


Your body is given to you as a temple. It is a temple for a Starchild to experience life on this precious Mother Earth, that I am. Make space and let it only be inhabited by your Higher Self.


This temple is there to honour Me, Mother Earth. It is your personal earthtemple in which you connect to me. Your temple is from me.

Honour your temple so you honour me. Look how you nourish your temple. Let it be shining purity. With which frequencies is your temple truly vibrating?


Your temple is pure nature so let it be natural. Let it move in natural rhythms in which the earth, the sun and the moon are moving. Especially as a woman you connect to the moonwaves.

Artificial times, food, lights and sounds are lowering your vibration. They are  transmitting square-cutted waves that overlap your natural vibrations. That disconnects you from Me, the Divine Mother Earth. It is all about vibrations and resonance.

2012-01-15 Earth Shift, Global Events & Ascension Update by Caroline Cory

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Join Caroline Cory as she provides unique insights on the significance and importance of the current global events.

In this webcast, Caroline Cory shares insight on the year 2012 and some tools to continue expanding our consciousness and creative ability into the future. This talk is followed by a global experiential meditation "Aligning your brain channels with the New Paradigm".

This webcast is the continuation of the series on 'Earth Shift, Global Events & Ascension' started in January 2011.  You can go back and listen to the previous webcasts to understand the bigger picture of the Divine plan that is currently at work.

Caroline's extraordinary master vision of the great transformational times that we are experiencing today helps each one to attune to the higher frequencies that are now available on Earth and to navigate safely through this period of changes and turbulences.

Caroline Cory is a Teacher of Consciousness Studies, Spirituality and Energy Medicine. She is an International Speaker, Author and the Founder of the OMnium Method of Learning and Healing.

Caroline conducts monthly Healing Circles, Healing Sessions and Webcasts on the Internet. To participate, consult our calendar by visiting:

Also check the blog 'DARE TO BE YOU!' at


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