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Become your new selves with joy. – channeled by Ron Head

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Lions Gate



We come to you once again, speaking to you of the energies of the ancient traditional new year signaled by the dawn rising of the star Sirius and movement into the sign of Leo. This is the Lion’s Gate. It is accompanied this time by several other rare and auspicious alignments in your heavens. Together they bring you even greater cosmic energy than is usual even for the Lion’s Gate.


As we urged you in our last message, just days ago, go within at this time. Find your heart space. Reach out with the senses which you will find there and receive with your love and gratitude that which is being showered upon you at this time.


This energy will change, and is changing, your very beings. But the acceptance and gratitude we urge will make it all the more powerful for your personal bodies, both physical and not, and also allow you to receive those changes with grace and ease. Many of these changes have been uncomfortable for some of you at times. This is not as desired, either by you or by us.


New Earth Frequency Update ~ Planning In Action

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This month is going to set a huge opening of many events to change upon the world.  Many are writing about it and I share it from the information that as been provided through our teachings from the Ascended Masters.

Wesak in May truly set the stage as the enfoldment of the Three-fold flame of the Will, Love and Power was actualized within the essence of Gaia.  We then experienced an amazing Solstice in which a doorway opened for every human on earth to blend their three minds of the Consciousness, Sub-consciousness, into the Super-consciousness of our Higher Self.  This is a pretty tall acceleration which will continue through eons of time.

So now we are in adjustment phases of allowing all of these energies to blend into our physical existence.   In addition the veil between the worlds of Spirit and Matter are now closer than they ever have been before.  This means that the availability of connecting with the Light Beings is so close within our consciousness.  It also means that the gap of the opposing forces is getting smaller but not without trying to create challenges for each of us.

New Earth Frequency Update ~ A Moment in Time

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Planetary Level ~ Meleriessee

It’s been awhile since we have put out an update.  My personal role within the Planetary level is going to change.  I am being guided to share a small portion to create a foundation from the Unified Whole, and will be writing other material to speak about the shifting of consciousness that is occurring.  This is a direct result of the increased energies since we experienced Wesak in late May as there are always new directions to follow.

The Wesak energies for the planet and the entire spiritual hierarchy is bringing us closer together.  Wesak is always a powerful time as we arise to a new level of consciousness as we are working through the initiations.  This year it is happening on a global and cosmic level beyond proportions that may be challenging to understand within the physical mind.  We are still in the integration of the energies as we move towards the Festival of Humanity on the full moon occurring June 23rd, 2013.  We are learning to ground the energies of the Wesak which represented the Three-Fold Flame being activated within GAIA.  The Festival of Humanity is a celebration of our light together as we now take what we have learned and share it with others.  (If you would like to join us for a powerful ceremony on June 24th, please see our website,  This call is open to all individuals and should be very powerful.)

Sananda: Feel And “See” Yourself Walking Always In The Golden Light and Consider It Your New Home ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ June16, 2013

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Greetings all. I come to greet you again and to discuss with you more “food for thought” as you embark further on your journey of ascension and complete enlightenment.

Your return to your True Selves has been an arduous journey at times, pray tell, but my gifted ones – my lighted ones, you are thoroughly prepared and “wired” for this illustrious journey all the way to fruition.

Be prepared for more refinement of your purpose and your destiny. As you enrich yourselves with the energies building and building as we speak, you may notice a lot of quivering in your Light Bodies. They are taking on greater amounts of light and so, must adjust. More pockets and packets of information will thus be opened for your awareness, and it is important that you relax and allow them to “come to light” so to speak.

Your refinement may leave you feeling “lost” and “empty” at times, but it is merely the adjustment and the intake of greater energies. I beseech you to take it in stride and not to “try“ to figure it out too much, but just allow and surrender and BE. This is still a little foreign to many of you, as you often get the “call” back to what you think is your true reality and so you must “attend” to things which may or may not bring you into a lower vibration.

Pure Love Alignments

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Powerful Pure Love Alignment - A PURE NEW Frequency Transmission.


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Time is of the essence, the new frequencies coming to the planet are here to help you re-connect in ways not possible before.


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Understanding the Role of Being a Messenger for the New Earth

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Since the beginning of my pathway there have been many new discoveries that I have encountered.  I always took the high road to my spiritual growth and attainment.  It is with this understanding that I share how this has affected my life and the world that I inhabit as it molds who I Am.

First I want to say, that since the onset of the Unified Whole Command writing the Frequency Updates, it seems that myself with Mike Hayden of Walking Terra Christa have become the messenger of Oneness for these amazing Beings of Light.  I was introduced to a man called, IAM, that was the messenger for the Unified Whole.  I am eternally grateful for the day that I met IAM, a young man that would change the way in which I communicated energies to others.  IAM was very special and he shared to us about the Unified Whole Command which was overseen by Master Thoth and in which all masters that wanted to release their pantheons of the past and join the track of Oneness would be invited to join.  He also asked me as Meleriessee to be an additional messenger of the Unified Whole Command as there were no others that could tap into this frequency.  I, of course, accepted my role and Mike and I were inducted as Earth Members into this amazing group consciousness.

Greetings fellow Earthlings!

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Greetings to everyone here at the Galactic Free Press! This is indeed a very special and mind-boggling time we are living in is it not? I can definitely sense that something is coming ,though I know not what. I suppose that is the essence of having faith. I was told by my soulmate nearly 20 years ago that I have a great mission and destiny on this planet . I am simply waiting for the call to action. I am very sensitive and seem to be getting more so by the day.  I am looking forward to the day when I can finally begin my mission here and help bring humanity into the new golden age. I'm very tired of living in this duality, and especially in survival mode. I need to find the people I am meant to find! Take care.

Yeshua: You Are Endowed With Everything That Is Of Creator ~ As Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ March 17, 2013

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Hello my dear friends, fellow Lightworkers and Love-gifters. I greet you with much Love and appreciation for all you are doing. You are stepping up to this monumental task of building your New Earth with ease and grace and gratitude, and for this I give you my immense gratitude.

You may wonder why I say “with ease”. Well, dear ones, this journey has certainly not been easy for you, I grant you that, but the ease I speak about is the fluidity you impart to your mission and purpose, and the generosity with which you give of your Love, your Divine Unconditional Love.

Have you noticed that the more Love you give, the more Love you can hold for yourself and others? Have you noticed that you are able to tap more resources and abilities as you commit yourself to the task of imparting Love and creating a world full of it and all the gifts endowed by Creator?

You are endowed with everything that is of Creator of All-That-Is. You are gifted with everything that is Creator. You are uncovering all that you already are, and what a journey it has been.

You will most likely start to notice in the coming days that it is much easier for you to connect with that part of yourself that is the Divine, that is the impartial Reality that is expansive abundance and clarity. You will find thus that the trigger for manifestation is much more accessible, and it will be due to the release of your True Essence illuminated by all the Light and Love you are allowing into your Being.

Yes, dear ones, the clearing you have been so rigorously participating in is beginning to show in the increased glimmer and shine of your Light Bodies. Your soul is becoming integrated and enhanced and much more expanded and present.

the great secret

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                      a world of wonder
hostility and mistrust are gone everyone  is calm and understanding.
the time of soldier  is over they see there old enemy as alie.
peace is no longer a word but our actual condition humanity is awakened.
man realize something previously unsen there is no race  all come from the same unity.
only consciousness exist.
humanity as wakeup from their human hypnosis.
the time of platitude is  gone people are so nobel.
masquarades for selfish  ambition are of the past.
they see thing as they realy are a manifestation of the divine.
its a brand new   world of wonder and happiness.
the conquest is now inward outward conquest is over.
the world is now ours.
life is freed from strain and anxiety and hurry.
the cosmic patience of god reflet the new nature of ours.
man as walk out of his strange hypnoze the greatest nightmare is gone wich we use to take for reality earth as become paradise.
people are now spiritualy awake disappointed with pride fame wealth and social success.


                      the great secret
what is the cause of human problem on earth.
this question most be on your mind for a while if you read this.
all proplem start in the human mind that is not master.
if a tel you that a long time ago mankind was like a lage party.
this can be likened again if you find truth within your self.
humanity is lost searching for a new home site not realising the only place to look is within  oneself.


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