Dreamt of The Moment of The Shift

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Just awoke from a dream feeling very nauseous. We were doing a test run for “the shift”. It seems I was on a spaceship with many others. There were a couple of ways things could work but we were all desirous of the most optimum one manifesting. Reports were coming in from all parts of the earth as we sought the exact moment to “shift”. It was a huge effort involving incredible coordination on multiple levels. There was something about our eyes and frequency. I held my gaze with many, knowingly accessing deep peace inside. All had to be attuned, creating a hum, a vibration that would break through the veils and create the necessary movement. There was tremendous excitement as well as the knowing that we had trained for this moment for eons. No one knew the exact timing as it would happen when everything aligned. We held our stations, an all hands on deck situation, knowing, this was it. Alarm bells went off in one sector, our focus trained there to move it to the necessary frequency. Over and over we attended to the various disruptions or hot spots.

Thank you star family

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It's a time of celebration! Of high flying into ourselves. Gosh I'm a happy girl. I celebrate my birthday today and I celebrate along with many others around the world anything, everything and all there is. Let me tell you a story. I love to talk to myself. Especially when I'm in the car alone. I host my own show, out loud. I talk to my star family and tell them about my day, I'm so sure I am not the only one doing this. I thank them for all they have done for us. I tell them I can feel them  through my tears of joy and I get my signals from this. I am very close to them and we share everything. Even now, writing these words the tears are welling. I dream about them sometimes and I understand what it is I must do. Hold onto them, love them and all beings that come my way. We cannot begin to comprehend what they are doing for us. We undertsand they cannot interfere with us, we can do this by ourselves, our higher selves. When we place ourselves here to regain our heritage, we slowly learn from them as they show up in the skies and dreams and bit by bit wait patiently for the planet to wake up. I adore talking to them, rather like giving a star date into the captains log. Dreamers are everywhere. As a child I remember having what I called a nightmare for months that had me tearing through the house to my parents bed to sleep. I remember the confusion...being in a white room, hearing a voice over a loud speaker, another language, strange yet familiar, and very loud. Then lying on a table waiting for something.  The door opening and a being coming in and I wake up. Then after many months, it ceased. I remember being obsessed with the skies, the stars and everything that moved "up there". I marched to a different drummer. Look back on your lives and see how they have unfolded. What it means to you. It is for you. I understand myself, as daily it changes. I don't see a bad dream long ago. I see a piece of some puzzle and for us all.

Breaking the Barriers of Belief

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GFP Commentary: Truth, Peace, Love all lie within you!

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Waking Times, By: Brandon Pearce


Last week, I had a few interactions that reminded me how much our attachment to our beliefs can keep us from truth, growth, and freedom. I was surprised at how often we choose comfort over truth, even when it means restriction and repression. And how terrifying it can be to seek truth at all costs.


The path to truth isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it’s frightening, painful, and unsettling. Likewise, a life of comfort is often riddled with self-deceit, stagnation, and limitations.


Samhain Blessings

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Well we’ve reached the end of October, and although this year may not have been what we expected in terms of Ascension and planetary changes, I hope we can all agree that we are not the same person we were at the beginning of the year, let alone the beginning of the season.  Samhain is the time of year when the veil is known to be the thinnest. That is, the world we live in and the spiritual world are at their closest of the year, with the boundaries between the two worlds lowered so that it is more easily accessible. We are also approaching an eclipse that will happen on November 3rd. Eclipses offer a great time for us to tune inward and be aware of ourselves completely. Eclipses, and especially Mercury retrograde, which we are experiencing until November 10th, can cause issues in communication, travel, electronics and more so it is essential for us to stay centered and grounded. They can also be viewed as a symbol of change and rebirth.


How appropriate then, that during this time of enhanced Spiritual connection that I received my first channeling from the faerie realm! And even more appropriate for the theme of rebirth is the message they gave!

7 of Wands and Message from Spirit

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Hello beautiful beings!

I've really been resonating with the 7 of Wands lately. In fact, that was one of the cards I pulled in my reading the night I decided to devote my energy to this little beauty that's shaping up to be Gypsy Soul Reiki. I was guided to meditate on this cards, so when I went out to the backyard to practice some root chakra yoga, for the chakra program I'm developing, I took my trusty tarot cards out there with me.

I spent a few minutes calming my mind, and then started writing down my notes for the card. After I felt satisfied with my notes, I spent a few more minutes meditating, when I got a new insight. This time, it was a short message from Spirit:

Sometimes the only thing that keeps us going is the fire inside of us, urging us to stand up for what is right and just. No matter how much the odds are stacked against us.

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This channeling is a few days old, as I didn't know I could share here. 




I am the spirit of the land

I am the spirit of the land of Jamaica, and I come here to represent the great love of the Mother.
I lived a life of many lessons and struggles that propelled my soul to be soften by the clarity of my vision.
My heart was and is always Rasta. It is now in the realm of Heaven that I understand the love and the unity of the Christ.
Peace and love is the message always.
Leave your struggles behind, your false perception and reach out with your hearts and spread the love and expand the love all around the world. heart to heart we will do our parts. If you touch the heart of your brethren the illusion is lifted and peace of mind and purity of heart unfolds.

Music is in my soul and now I sing the octaves of love.
I bring you a message filled with the love of the Mother.


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