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January 22, 2011 (posted 16 April 2011)


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I am in the place you would call Tucson, and I say this for the listener and for the reader. For I see their ears and their eyes in a quantum state with me now and that's what I want to speak to you about - the quantumness of God, a puzzle of spiritual logic. For what has happened in this city recently may remain unexplainable to most [the shootings at the political rally in Tucson two weeks earlier].
Humans want answers, and there are so many answers from so many places that don't satisfy, and this might even be one of them. The reasoning of God escapes all of you because there are no linear reasons for things you experience. It is not pre-planned, since there is no predestination. There was no certainty that on that day on the eighth of January that these things would take place. There are, instead, only potentials.


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~LIGHTWORKER REPORT  FOR April 14-21, 2011~

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse with you on the quality of Love called alchemy. Each time there is a challenge in your path, there is presented to you a choice, and it requires for you to make a choice for either the expression of that which you are not, or, choosing to transmute this tendency into that of Love. This is alchemy, Beloved Ones. When each of you are presented with any type of challenge whilst in your daily life, there is always the opportunity to change the human feeling into that of a higher feeling and this is known as alchemy.


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~ A MESSAGE From Steve~

This message talks about what the group expects to see over the next several months. They told the story about how everything on this side of the veil vibrates, and like snowflakes each one of us has a unique signature vibration. They went on to show us how that signature is beginning to change in each of us and the often emotional consequences. They said the real immediate problem is that it leads to self-doubt and when a creator has self-doubt it can impede the path.

They also went on to talk about the recent Earth changes and the tragedies in Japan, New Zealand, Thailand and the Ring of Fire in general. These events they equated to Mother Earth in labor. They did say that at this moment there were two more “big ones” expected to make the shift complete. They also pointed out that the Earth’s tilt has once again shifted, and that is actually changing the Earth’s signature vibration as She enters a new dimension. Same as us.

~ The~ Upcoming Announcements~FIRST CONTACT Part 2~ ~ Archaea FAITH and MICHAEL

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~LOVE REPORTERS Archaea FAITH and MICHAEL -- The Upcoming Announcements/FIRST CONTACT Part 2~

Greetings Again Beloved Souls, Michael and I have Returned To Continue Our Message about The ForthComing Announcements and Actual FORMAL First Contact. There Is A Great Deal of Information To Be Relayed Still... So We Shall Get To It!

Michael: As You Have No Doubt Noticed Already, There Is An EXPLOSION Of Information About The Upcoming FORMAL Media Announcements and the ACTUAL First Contact Itself. This is Be-ing Done By Design In Order To Get AS MUCH Pertinent Information To You, Beloved Ones, As Is Possible In ENOUGH Linear Time For You To Act On It And Make Your Moves As Per Your Individual Soul Agreements.

FAITH: Michael and I Have Recently Been Alerted That Some "Interesting Activitys" Are Set To Be Carried Out By FEMA in The United States. I AM/We Are Referring, Of Course, To The "Earth-Quake Disaster Preparedness Drill" Scheduled For The 28th of This Calendar Month - April 2011 - at 10:15 AM Local Time. This Is Central Time If I AM Correct; As "Time Zones" and Linear Time Are Not Relevant BEYOND The Duality of 3D. Please Be AWARE Of What Is Planned Beloved Souls, Yet NEVER AFRAID Of Those Plans. The Galactic Federation IS Monitoring The Situation There As They Are World-Wide and Will LESSEN The "Damage" Done As They Are Allowed To Do So.

~Arcturian Transmission For Transformation~

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~Arcturian Transmission For Transformation~

Exciting are these times of Activation!
Exciting are these times of Acceleration, Of Rememberance, and Expansive Synchronisitic Creativity.

No Longer the Search for, "Where Is It?" permeates your moment-to-moment existence.
Now are the moments of “There I Am, Fully As I Am, Where I am.”
More and More of Who You Are is Funneling Faster and Faster into your Multi-Spectrum Selves.
Invigorating it can be.


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Dear Friends and Family of Gaia,

Long before planets were known to have specific orbits it was thought that they wandered the heavens; the last and lost remains of some great and powerful being. We know so much more than that today, yet we still know very little about our solar system, our own planet earth, and ourselves. Gaia says that these days we look as if we are holding our breath, and wonders how long it will be before we let it out. There is no doubt that there is a lot going on in almost every pocket and corner of life -- our physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and structural lives are changing.

~Genetic Coding: Illusion or Reality~

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~Genetic Coding: Illusion or Reality~

A message from Love Reporter Adele Linsalata

Friday, 8 April, 2011 (posted 14 April, 2011)

When many times someone visits with me for an appointment it is often times when they most need answers to what is going on in their life. When this is the case it is not for me to judge what is going on in their life but for me to just be the vehicle a messenger to give to them what is being given to me. What I am seeing, hearing, knowing, sensing, feeling, smelling and tasting.


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Last week I posted one of the more challenging pieces of information from The Council, The Illusion of Time. I included a link to further information on the subject dealing specifically with Einstein’s theory of relativity. The Council attempted to explain it in technical terms and then gave more practical examples. Upon reflection I felt that it is important to place some commentary with that quote so that it might be a little more easily understood. In this quote The Council points out that time is tied very closely to the physical world. Therefore, the less we are involved in physical activity the faster time appears to move for us. When reading an interesting book, time flies. When sitting in the dentist chair while a tooth is being drilled, it seems to drag. The Council points out that physical life, from the soul’s perspective, is nothing more than observation and activity.


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  ~Love Reporter and Channeler: 


Dear Friends,

Full Moon is Sunday, April 17at 8:45 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This full moon has a reserved quality to it of taking life seriously and pulling your energy in rather than blowing it out to the ethers. It is a time when we could see some people literally losing their minds because of the lack of boundaries around the physical plane. The fertility of the month has accelerated the process of growth and evolution to such a degree that the mind can no longer track it in a linear way. This will be disturbing to those that have a need to feel in control. The best thing you can do during this time is to work with your own belief systems, aerating them and allowing for experiences to happen that do not make linear sense.  It is your intentions that congeal the fluidity of the potential outcomes of the different parallels available. So be specific in your prayers regarding how you want to feel not how you think it should look. It is also important that you are with your own tribe, people who are on the same page as you with regards to life outlook and beliefs. Beware of getting involved in drama or the desire to try and fix. Be in nature if you can. (suggested audio: How to Deal with Meltdowns) link here.


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~What We May Need to Leave Behind ~ Part 2~2

2011 April 15
~by  Love Reporter Steve Beckow~

~Leaving Some Family and Friends Behind~

But of far greater concern to us than the possessions we may have to leave behind may be the possibility of separation from some of our loved ones.  Of that SaLuSa says: “where family and friends are concerned it is inevitably an occasion of sorrow. However, you will meet up again with them, as they can also ascend from the higher levels.” (1)

What does he mean “ascend from the higher levels”?

Well, here he is probably thinking of one set of our family and friends – those light-filled beings who die before Ascension and transition to the spirit planes. His point about this group of people is that they can be born again from the spirit planes into the Fifth Dimension. I presume that we’ll have the ability to know who they are in their new incarnation and that they’ll have the ability to know us as well and so we may catch up with them again.

~SaLuSa: Year of Becoming and Year of Completion~ 4~15~11

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~SaLuSa: Year of Becoming and Year of Completion~


2011 April 15

SaLuSa describes many of the changes we’ll see this year and next year, leading up to Ascension.  He describes the acquisition of psychic abilities, the shape of art when we have creative abilities undreamed of now and the materials we work with are themselves alive and responsive, and the exciting possibilities for intergalactic service.

He hints at something I’ve suspected – that the galactics are probably convinced that the dark will not stop their violence until the divine deadline for disclosure is reached. The galactics can prevent escalation but they cannot stop the dark outright as long as free will prevails. He says the deadline is approaching quite quickly and will be the end of the dark’s obstacles.

He indicates the quality of the illustrious beings who form part of the forces of Light. I would think these include Sanat Kumara, Jesus, Budha, and many high beings from other regions of space and dimensions all of whom will be coming or returning to Earth to assist us with Ascension. Steve

Let it be known at this time that those in service to all that is taking place in this transitional circuit are being 'upgraded' ~

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~15th April 2011~

Well my friends ... just couldn't sleep because the energy in my head is SO strong ... I couldn't find out if you want to communicate with me ... so instead of lying there wondering what's going on .... here I am . If you are here you are , if not .... night night.


Indeed beloved one we are here with you and in gratitude that you have heeded our call.


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~The Lightworker’s Mission – Part 2/3

~2011 April 14~
~by  Love Reporter Steve Beckow~

(Continued from Part 1.)

Spirit teacher Saul reveals that we are not here by chance. We have gathered to contribute to the realizing of a Divine Plan for these times:

“None of you experiencing the illusion and the suffering is here by chance at this point in its evolution. All of you chose to volunteer to be here and assist in the awakening process, knowing that it was an extremely arduous task that you were taking on, and for this you are greatly honored.  Because it is the divine Will and because God is magnifying your beautiful and radiant energy enormously your awakening will occur precisely as planned and promised.

~A Core Shift in Spatial Relationships~ COSMICLY ~THE PLEIDIAN RENEGRADES~

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~A Core Shift in Spatial Relationships~

 LOVE REPORTER AND Channeler: Maryann Rada http://renegadethoughts.wordpress.com/

Marking time is putting you into a faster two-step lately, isn’t it? Cosmic rhythms being what they are, it would seem that you have entered into time’s half-time show and the nature of how you relate to reality is moving into an extraordinary process of elongation and expansion. That is how it may seem. However, cosmic rhythms being what they are, we assure you that in fact, nothing out of the ordinary is happening at all. The reality of what is ordinary has changed, but that is merely a function of your ability to relate meaningfully with it. Reality is what it is. Time is what it is. Your relationship to reality and time is what is becoming – and how becoming it is, humans of Earth! We are ever in awe of your core resonant vibe, even when it may seem like everything around you is falling apart.


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The Lightworker’s Mission – Part 1/3

~2011 April 13~~

The 2012 Ascension team is not only composed of the spiritual hierarchy, the galactic fleet, and its Earth allies. It also includes a ground crew of lightworkers. As SaLuSa of Sirius, spokesman for the Galactic Federation, tells us, these three cohorts together comprise the advance team preparing the Earth for Ascension in 2012.

“We of the Galactic Federation are here to perform our duties, but they are meant to be in supported and aided by you. It was never intended that we should act as a lone rescue team, but of course we do have our allies who work exceptionally hard to manifest the plan for your Ascension. However, each of you according to your own ability can be part of a greater team of Lightworkers.” (1)


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