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This Full Aries Moon … is a powerful one! Pluto…the planet of Transformation is squaring (friction, stress) this Aries Full Moon by degree! Also the Full Aries Moon which is ruled by Mars (the warrior, action) is sitting with the dwarf planet Eris…the planet of Chaos and Discord. Just those aspects alone makes for a
Super charged Full Moon…and it can ignite a lot of growth, or a lot of compulsive and destructive behavior… deep feelings are brought to the surface. We can see this energy all around us and all around the World. The Universe is getting serious….it is a time of Radical Transformation….as we move towards the Evolution of our Soul, the Soul of all Humanity and the Earth herself!! We are on an Evolutionary Journey!

Sun conjunct Arcturus

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Sun conjunct Arcturus



Sun is conjunct Arcturus this week, and this is introducing new ascended life and living qualities to the expanded consciousness of the human race and its members.


And the Arcturus Corridor is making available many upgrades to the entire planetary ascension process.

Full Moon Workshop Feedback ~ Deeper and Deeper We Go!

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Dear Readers,

Friday’s LIVE Full Moon Workshop was phenomenal! Daniela started off by welcoming Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, and their helpers who led us through an intense clearing before they activated what Archangel Metatron referred to as the “Lemurian Templates”. These are ancient 5th dimensional templates which contain the basic elements of a 5th dimensional light body. As these templates were activated within us, Archangel Michael assisted with the integration aspect of these light codes. Within these light codes rest the original blueprint of the 5th dimensional galactic human that the Lemurian civilization were hoping to achieve in status prior to their demise 14000 years ago. These key codes, when fully activated will completely transform our 3d reality here on Earth. We cannot say more about these codes as more information still has to be revealed, but we have ascertained that they are fundamental to what is coming up in 2020.

Archangel Metatron and Michael have asked that the recording of the Workshop be listened to at least 7 times to ensure that the codes are fully integrated on all levels of our being.

As far as we can tell, these codes will also help with the integration of the 11.11.12 (2+0+1+9=12) and 12.12.12 gateways, and the Solstice energy on the 21st and 22nd of December.


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Greetings my Beloved Masters of the Universe. The message that I have received from my guides is that this Full Moon of October 13th portal that is coming our way is a very powerful one. This full moon brings with it the energies of change, the energies that will help you to take off the blindfolds that have been holding you back from moving in the right direction for your soul. This is a time to take action, and to examine everything in your life yet again. However, this time, you will have more confidence to do so. Because the energies that are coming our way will assist you in doing so.

This full moon is highly focused on relationships that we have with ourselves, and those around us. Our outlook on life, how we view things and our day to day activities are all going to be examined as if under a magnifying glass. Things that we were able to push down before will begin to come up and we will be forced to acknowledge what is bothering us, and actually take action to either change our outlook on things, or completely change our lives. But this is only the beginning, because all the way until January of 2020, we will continue to purge everything that cannot possibly go with us into the new age.

Thoth – Sacred Walk of the Soul – The Secrets of Key Holders – A portal into the Akash of your Sou

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Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! A few days ago, I have received a very interesting message and a Light Code Seal to go with it. The Seal itself, is something that most of us are already used to seeing, two intersecting angles forming one whole. One going up (as above) and one going down (so below).

But along with this seal I also received symbols that are part of it. An encoded message which reads “Through the seven spiritual guides of the womb, standing still in the healing waters of infinity, you shall be embraced by the light of the heavenly gates of eternal OM”.

When asked what this seal represents and means, I was told that it represents a gateway, a portal, into the Akash of your soul, a sacred walk, a journey of your soul on this planet. Where you, the soul, immersed into the material world, find your way into the spiritual realms, through balance of that which is above with that which is below, and recognition of your magnificence, power and might. Through your connectedness to all that is, and divinity which is directly linked to your ability to choose your experience in the present-day reality. Seven guides of the womb then stand for the 7 chakras of the human body through which one discovers the self, in order to obtain balance within. 

Awakening and Illumination : October 2019 to January 2020

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Beloved Family of Light, we have reached a moment that many of you have waited for, and asked for, for many lifetimes.  There is a wave of Cosmic Light approaching your Planet that will activate a "Great Awakening" on the Earth.  Even now, many of you have felt that wave as it began to approach at the September Equinox.  This energy is so intense that it causes physical symptoms in many as your body seeks to integrate and balance.

This rising energy will be felt at the 10:10 Portal on the 10th of October, and it will continue to intensify at the Major 11:11 Star Gate on the 11th of November.  Then it will continue on to the 12:12 on the 12th of December and the 21:12 on the 21st December (Solstice) and will culminate on the 12th of January (1:12:2020), when Saturn and Pluto move into conjunction in the sign of Capricorn.

At each of these important nexus points, more of the New Divine Masculine will be revealed on the Earth.  It will be the Divine Masculine that will lead the way in creating new structures for the New Earth.  This is the role of the Divine Masculine, to create structure for the flow of the Divine Wisdom of Sophia, the Divine Feminine Essence of Wisdom and Light.  It will indeed be a powerful, intense and awe-inspiring shift on many levels.

Waters of fulfillment are ingested by the hu-manity collective

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Waters of fulfillment are ingested by the hu-manity collective


Waters of fulfillment are ingested by the hu-manity collective.

Gatherings of Light increase.

Accelerations of Illumination are experienced throughout the Galaxy.

Many awake to Jesus’ laughter.

Missions are completed.


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This process is necessary to make way for the infiltration and integration of the rarified cells of Creator Light – the higher frequency, powerful new Rays of Individualized Expression from the Supreme Creator.

The Infinity Breath process is another way of accessing the new energies of Creation. As you ignite the Ascension Chakra located at the top of the spinal column and at the base of the brain, you begin the process of opening the Gateway to Galactic consciousness. This major ignition point is a vital part of the current human evolution process. All of humanity was programmed for this event, and sooner or later, it will take place in each individual Soul on Earth.  As you breathe the Infinity Breath and see it looping down into the Earth and out into the ethers, you are also helping to make this awesome gift available to the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Dimensions, and every Facet of God-Consciousness therein.

2020 Preparation

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Summary of Brenda’s September 27, 2019, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  In the next three or four months, you’ll let go of earth chaos. To do so, you’ll likely become more childlike searching for fun instead of fear. As those of 3D become engrossed in the chaos, you’ll evolve from participant-observer to observer via the element of self-designed play.


We wish you to know all is well before we address your internal shifts. This last push before your calendar year of 2020 is to ensure you are ready for the global shift occurring throughout next year. For before this 2020 global shift, you were of 5D, but functioning much of the time as if you were of 3D. Not necessarily in your thoughts, but in your actions – attending this party or that activity or not functioning as you once did because of the inner confusion such activities cause.


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