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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This fiery New Aires Moon is the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year!  Coming in on the heels of the Spring Equinox which brings in the Astrological New Year.  It is a time for intentions and to visualize what you would like this Astrological New Year to look like.

This Aires New Moon seems to have a message……no matter how chaotic, intense and transformative the last several weeks have been, and still are..…..there seems to be a “new” energy of motivation, movement and the urge to start something “new”.  This Aries New Moon is opening up a new beginning….as it moves you into a heighten level of higher consciousness. It is almost like the Universe is saying…..take a step…any step….just move!!   There is no way to hide now.  Things are being put in our faces…..right in our faces…. and now is the time that we DO have to deal with them.  If you stumble and fall… is time to pick yourself up and brush yourself off….and move forward again!!   Both Aries and all New Moons are about creating the “new”.   Starting something “new”…..manifesting and creating the “new”……and we are all in the process of Co-Creating the “New” world and Co-Creating our newly evolved selves!  

But first remember that….New Moons mark the beginning of a new cycle. New Moons are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle.  It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create!  Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies that gives us the knowledge to create a beautiful future. During this powerful New Moon….meditate and manifest on Peace….within yourself and in the World.   Meditate for direction and guidance during these very powerful energies……

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 In Jasmine Renee Abbott's Video THE HIPPIE GHOST BAND talked about how they hoped everyone interested would read HIPPIE GHOST BAND ORIGINS to get a better understanding, of how this whole relationship came into being. This is a different experience, one almost beyond imagination. But it IS real, it did happen, and is going forth to get out the message the world needs to hear. I enjoyed reading it and understanding more inside details, in this mind blowing, saga. 
Who would of known an intervention of this kind could materialize here on the Earth plane through time and space, to come from the other side to rescue and revive this important person. To help her see this is why she is here, that life is worth living. Who would of ever known they would, or could, come back? But they have. Not as who they once projected to be, but as they are now, with a new focus and great realizations. Who would of ever thought it would develop beyond just one person, John, her guide speaking. Her abilities are so unique and original . They have all worked very hard to bring these messages to the world. 
They have come to invite us into their world, to get to know THEM, not the old versions of their selves. They like us, have grown and changed and gotten more wise along the way.
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HIPPIE GHOST BAND and Jasmine Renee Abbott 3/22/17

Today's show on COMMUNICATING was amazing. I am honored to be apart of this, 2nd. Awakening, this movement to create a new way. We are being taught lessons from the Spirit point of view...while still being here in this body. Their teachings are to raise us up, to take us by the hand, and help us see we communicate in our mind, is what creates our reality here . THANK YOU JASMINE and the HIPPIE GHOST BAND...for caring enough to guide us to a better existence!!  Please check out Jasmine Renee Abbott, and Hippie Ghost Band on Facebook, her videos are under the video tab, and they are live and open to the public  WEDNESDAY, Thursday and Friday.  Mornings, Pacific 8AM, Mountain 9AM, Central 11AM, and Eastern noon.  Evenings are when JOHN LENNON, GEORGE HARRISON, JOHN BONHAM, and IRVING a great poet come through time and space to share their messages from beyond the veil. Evenings pacific 3 PM, Mountain 4 PM,  Central 6 PM, eastern 7 PM. The archives are in the Face Book rooms, and the chat room opens 5 minutes before live vidoe!!    BREAKING NEWS..THIS WEEK HIPPIE GHOST BAND WILL BE COMING THROUGH IN THE MORNINGS AND EVENINGS!! See you there!!
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*Free Tarot Reading 11 Cards by email request

Hi, May I be of Service?

Love is Sharing Free Readings!

  • I will use 11 cards, I call this the modified celtic cross spread.
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You have chosen to be a part of the ascension of Planet Earth

You have chosen to be a part of planetary ascension and this is essentially why you are here now. You may be feeling as though you are no longer a part of this world but know that you cannot completely take yourself out of this world because you being called to work with people who are still living in this world and in the illusion of the old paradigm.

You are learning how to adapt yourself to both worlds. And you will develop the level of unconditional love and compassion needed to do the work you have come here to do.

There are still many who do not understand who they are. These people have been called “the lost ones”, although in truth no one is ever lost. These people do not understand why their world is the way it is. They cannot accept their role as creators. They look outside of themselves for someone or something to blame, and they continue to believe that this has caused their reality to be what it is. Your work is to be among these people and to touch them with your light and with your love. This is all that is needed.You will do this by expressing the light and love within you. You will express your God Self by being the light, the vestibule, the channel (vessel/cup), the one who expresses unconditional love and compassion, understanding, kindness etc., whether that be with a smile, or by doing the grocery shopping for someone who is ill, or by washing the feet of an elderly person who can no longer do it for themselves, or by simply listening to their woes and being there for them in their hour of need. The world is filled with people in need of unconditional love and there is a multitude of different ways and possibilities open to you each day to make a difference in someone’s world, to light the spark or ignite the flame of Divine Love within.

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Energy Update:The Stars Shining you Home

In tapping into what the coming Equinox gateway will bring to the us, I received a feeling of joy and excitement, visions and information. Woo hoo! We are ever expanding and evolving as a species. Are you feeling the intensity of it? Let me share what I am seeing and feeling as an akashic reader listening to cosmic information in a download. Please use your own guidance to know what the Equinox will be for yourself.

Vision: Seeing the cosmic whales connected to the stars, connected to the earths oceans and everyone of you. Cosmic whales represent and embody the oversoul or group soul. Physical Earth whales are the frequency keepers of earth and those who have the records, or some believe. There is a connection between cosmic whales and Earth whales as the Cosmic Whales are the higher selves of the whales, just as we humans have higher selves. Tap into the frequency or the feeling of the whales, as they are so joyful and loving. Also imagine the cosmic whales swimming through space, and feel them. There is something very special about whales.'s picture

Blossom Goodchild: Beautiful guided meditation from White Cloud.

Hello Folks! Remember me?
I just haven't managed to find the time for a channelling at the moment. So, I have put this White Cloud meditation up for you. It is taken from my White Cloud Long Meditations Cd (45mins each. Set of five) which is available from my website in either mp3 or Cd format, should you be interested.
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March 12th 2017 – VIRGO FULL MOON



March 12th  2017 – VIRGO FULL MOON 

AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Virgo Full Moon….is quit the powerful one!  As we know….we are in a very intense time period!  The World seems a little confusing right now.  Lots of conflicts, anger and accusations daily just about everywhere you turn.    Actually these energies, even though they can be disruptive and chaotic…are putting things right in our faces so that we have the opportunity to make decisions/choices……as to what we need to purge in our lives and what we need to keep.  We have just come out of 2 very powerful Eclipses…shaking up our psychic, our physical bodies and the Earth itself.   There have been more Earthquakes, strong tornados, wild fires, lots of rain and crazy swings in temperatures, over the last few weeks… is just a lot of energy for the Earth and everyone to handle.  Remember that the energy and activations from the 2 Eclipses last month will affect us for the next 6 months in many different ways.   We are also beginning to feel the shift in energies  with the arrival,  in about a week, of the Spring Equinox.  One of the wonderful things that this Virgo Full Moon will brings us….. is many opportunities for releasing, shifting and Healing!


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