Sunday Musings ~ The Magic of the I AM in action!

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Beloveds, isn’t LIFE magical? Life really is meant to be magical! We just get so bogged down by ‘what is’ around us that we fail to see the magic inside of us. We fail to see the whole picture because we get stuck in our minds and forget we have hearts…

Beloveds, the heart is where magic lies. Once we fully embrace a heart based way of life we can begin living as we were meant to live, as one big happy family because we are all connected, all of us. We are all made of the same stuff, intricately and wonderfully made with perfection, and JOY is our natural state of being.

If only we could see that, understand that and believe that, life would be so different. The world would be a different place!

Einstein said , ‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.’

You want to know why? Because fairy tales are magical, and they bring out the imagination in people and it is through imagination that we create experience.

Life is all about experiencing stuff. Simply experiencing it. If there is some experience you don’t like you can use your imagination to change it. You have that power. You have that choice.

Energy is alive and waiting to be shaped into whichever experience you wish to give it, and give yourself. That is the joy of creation!

Clearing & Healing the Lemurian & Atlantean Trauma

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atlantis lemuria sinking clearing trauma

Dear Readers,

We are in the midst of a massive shift that is affecting everybody on this Planet whether they are aware of it or not. Most of what is being addressed now has to do with clearing the separation and victim consciousness of humanity, most of which has come from the Atlantean and Lemurian trauma’s suffered over 12000 years ago.

My guides have informed me that ultimately no one is going to be left untouched by this shift and that eventually, once we have moved through this transitional gateway, things will lighten up considerably.

In the meantime, we are guided to do what we can to help speed things up!

It is our wish to re-establish and anchor into the hearts and minds of Humanity the Diamond Code of Prosperity that will serve to restore us to our original DNA blueprint. In order to do this, we have to make way for these high frequency codes to come into alignment with our being.

And so, we are offering a workshop in which we will in effect clear and heal our past records which have stood in the way of Humanity reaching their full potential in this regard. In so doing, we hope to be instrumental in clearing the dross of the huge trauma’s suffered by our forefathers so long ago. In fact most of us guided to do this work are here for this very purpose and feel responsible to take action in its clearing.

Embodying More of Ourselves

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What a summer this has been. One more eclipse to go for our triple adventure to complete. Three has always been my number and I have been working with two other friends in a trinity formation to bring through and anchor the energies of the eclipses and yesterday’s Lion Gate.

The Lion’s Gate portal opened for us at the last eclipse as we sat in meditation. Two male lions presented themselves, one on either side of the gateway. One was the lion of the past, one of the future. We had to look both in the eyes. To pass through the past, we had to be free of all anger, resentments, non-forgiveness and attachment. Once allowed passage by him, I stood in front of the one holding the future and allowed my being to show its fearlessness about the future, knowing that I could create anything that I needed from here on out. A deep voice boomed out, ” She has gone through.” I heard it repeated three times as each of us walked through the gateway.

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Energy Update on passing though the 8.8 Lions Gate

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Energy Update ~ Going through the 8.8. Lions Gateway portal

Some of you may have read that the Lionine Guardians of the Gateway, one representing the Past and the other the Future, will only let those pass through their Gateway who have mastered being in the NOW, the Present, and have let go of their old ways of being and the regrets of their past, and similarly let go of any anxieties or fears concerning the future. However my Guides had this to say today:

“Allow us to give you a clearer interpretation if you will. You cannot escape being human so that you embrace a state of perfection 100% of the time. There will be times when you will falter. We ask only that when it happens that you do not fall into self-blame.

The culmination of the heightened energies of the Lions Gate will be felt tomorrow on the 8.8. and we see you are doubting whether you were able to ‘make the grade’ to successfully move through the Gate this time. Allow us to put your mind at rest.

Secrets of the Whales

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"Whales and other cetaceans such as dolphins and orcas want humans to know that they will be increasingly attempting to gain attention by intentional beachings, getting tangled in fishing lines, and swimming outside their normal traffic ways. This is because as the largest of sentient species, they take it upon themselves to help acquaint other species such as humanity with universal wisdom.

Whales are in contact with off world species. Whales are a much older species than humans and have a different perspective on life and evolution than humans do. They are far less short sighted and far more interested in growth and evolution than humans are. 

Because of their access to dimensional energies, cetaceans such as whales interact with other species on Earth in ways that often do not make sense to humans. Cetaceans are always aware of their connection to each other and to other species around them. They make choices with the good of the whole, rather than the individual, in mind. This is one reason why they have no compunction to get the attention of humans by beaching themselves, mass deaths, or the ritual of pushing around a dead calf for days. All of these actions are designed to inform humans of the urgent need to consider the consequences of their actions so as to help ensure that the planet remains habitable for everyone.

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Through the overlighting Presence of Archangel Michael, I am able to connect with all Archangels and Beings of Light. All Light Beings and Angels are God’s messengers and I am deeply honored and grateful to be able to pass on their messages to you by way of these readings.

Archangel Michael is my Intuitive and Principal Guide and Guardian Angel and he will always ensure you receive messages that will guide you in your life and present circumstances.

The Light Beings and Angels will also help you to become aware of your own Spirituality and your Divine Life’s Purpose for being here. With an open heart and mind they will guide and support you in every aspect of your life.

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Solara's State of the Planet Energy Forecast for August 2018 via Talyaa Liera — Hitting the Reset Button to Redefine Your Purpose

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Hitting the Reset Button to Redefine Your Purpose

At some point in your life, you have probably pondered questions such as “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?”. You may even have answered these questions for yourself and made life choices based upon those answers. You may still be seeking answers. Some people spend a lifetime seeking answers to these questions.

This month, collective humanity will undergo a reset. Last month you entered into new collective soul agreements, and this month it’s as if you are starting over from a new standpoint brought upon by those new collective soul agreements.

Because you’re starting over you will assess and potentially redefine your life purpose, which is the way that you express your soul’s Destiny in your present lifetime.


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