The Magic This Little Virus Can Do For A Community

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It was about 5 pm. I was walking back my friends' dogs. I heard clapping. Strange, clapping now? Here, in these odd times riddled with fear and uncertainties?

Then I saw a house with children and an adult playing classical music. It was soothing the overhanging fears. The neighborhood gathered but kept its distance. positive emotions were pouring. I was moved to tears. How amazing Americans are in times of crisis. How united they are when not listening to divisive politics or religions.

This 8th-grade orchestra teacher had his children play classical music for us, on their porch. It was surreal. It was a reminder that no matter what, that unquenchable human spirit is indomitable.

As long as we focus on those moments and let the best of our nature come out, what nefarious agenda can trap us?

Limpid, Splendid Quietness

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It's truly unreal. This little virus did what no government could nor military or even great economic powers. It has brought the world back to a standstill, long enough to catch our breaths and recalibrate our lives. What shall we do? What shall we do?

Cars are not speeding anymore on our street. The skies are nicely quiet. There are no jet trails anymore. Just limpid splendid quietness. The occasional one to two-propeller aircraft buzzes. That's it. The once a day rare occasion jetliner roars above, maybe once. That's it. 747s are retired after 50 years of gracing the skies. It's sad for me. I first started flying in them since the mid-70s. 707 and DC8 have long gone but the 747 is something else. It's the one easily recognizable for almost anyone. It's the Queen of the Skies, never eclipsed by the A380. And it's now gone, turning a passage on our aviation history.

And with that, I'm happy. The serenity that is palpable in the street in undeniable. People are mellow. They're nice to talk to. They engage, from far but the engage nonetheless.

Will it last?

I hope so. It's really up to us to say: "Stop. Enough is enough. Non-serviam. I will not be your slave. I will not worship the faceless economy God anymore." It's really up to us to say once and for all, enough is now enough. I am my own person and acknowledge my healthy needs above all. If not, how else can I give the best of myself?

Ascension Timeline Meditation

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ON APRIL 4, 2020
at precisely 10:45 pm EST



A Mass Meditation called “Ascension Timeline Meditation” is being organized for April 4, 2020 at exactly 10:45 pm EST (eastern standard time U.S.) for 20 minutes and we need you to help us mobilize the greatest army of meditators this world has ever seen!


Embracing that All Pervasive Non-Dual Reality

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Dzogchen says it, so does the great Tao, as do countless of old religions and philosophies. So why are we still so rooted in duality and seeing everything through the lenses of duality?

I just read one of my EnneaThought daily emails for my type (7) as of March 27th:

"The Holy Ideas are universal perceptions of non-dual reality that are transformative no matter what our type. When we know the Holy Truth all sense of separateness, alienation, fear, and desire ends. We feel our unity with the One and realize that it has never been otherwise. (Understanding the Enneagram, 59)"

When it comes to it, deep down inside, we see and feel everything is connected. Never has this been more obvious than with the pandemic spread of the Covid-19 virus. It slowly started in one country, spread to neighboring countries and took to the world in a month.

In a year of low-brow elections where the choice seems to sadly gravitate -- yet again -- to a right versus left, Democrats versus Republicans. Isn't it time to stand back to see the bigger picture? IT would be nice to say no thank you. You, political parties, haven't done anything in decades but divvy up power among yourselves. It's time to let the adults back in the room.

When Do You Know It's Over?

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For the past 13 years, I've been doing something I'm no longer sure I enjoy. Actually, I dread it.

I used to love being a journalist. I even fancied myself as a writer. Writers depend on editors, all do. Good writers have good editors. At heart, I'm a communicator. Like most enthusiastic communicators I like writing, but conveying news is something professionals get trained for. After well over a decade of traveling the world, speaking with the brightest shakers and movers, I dread writing another story, interviewing another person, shooting another video, and God forbid, doing a podcast.

I've received the boot last week. It was embarrassing, humiliating, ego-bruising and crushing. But why didn't I pay more attention to this creeping feeling? It was only getting worse. Finally, a high-quality magazine asked me to write. The dream writing job. Good pay, illustrious, no comments, the dream. But I fear. I fret at night. Will I fail again? Where's the passion anyway?

Trinity Esoteric asks today: " this time serving the purpose of showing you how out of balance your life has become? Do you give and receive love?" It follows up with: "Are your connections based in the heart or out of obligation or habit?" Yikes, mine aren't, at least, not most of the professional ones.

It continues with: "Do you trust and have faith?" No, not really anymore. If I quiet enough, I hear the inner Master.

"Do you really walk your talk?" Not sure I do... anymore. 

"Do you lead through your own truth and energetics?" I'm not sure where to begin when all I want to do is stop and sleep, catch my breath, and take it easy until something comes up again.

Reaching Out and Reaching Within

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Tuning in to the holy inner sanctuary and keeping mindful of the Universe, that's the challenge we are being asked to face. And to face it is not as difficult as the idea we make of it.

One think I notice is how we all flock outside since the Covid-19 social distancing and stay at work movement. While politicians fret and billionaires see their fortunes dwindle -- coincidentally asking us to get back to work sooner than later, this period is offering an amazing gift. What is the real master? The one who asks you to go to work for the sake of this thing called the economy or that which is within all of us, never failing?

Have you noticed how as soon as we were told to stay at home, most people went out? While I rejoice seeing others engage in ways they've never done before, the social distancing should be taken as a wonderful opportunity to tune in to the inside as well. While our first reaction is to go out and reach out, we also need to take the time to reach within.

Of course, easier said than done. But this social media picture made me laugh yesterday.

Seriously, let's not mess this one up.

The calm before the tsunami storm

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I hate sensationalism but a modicum of common sense would have us be more careful.

I'm lucky enough to have traveled to China until this year. In fact, I was there between Christmas and New Year's Eve as the Coronavirus, now rebaptized Covid-19 hit the country. I was born in Europe and still read the news there. I'm a journalist. I keep in touch with my Chinese contacts and friends, as I do with my European counterparts. We saw the tsunami wave start in China, hit Europea and now witness the nonchalant ways we're treating it in the US.

It all started in Wuhan, a Chinese province well known for its genetic research institutions. While the Chinese government downplayed the risk at first, it quickly reacted thereafter. Today, two months later, the situation is under control. It then hit Europe. The south was hit hard. Italy today has closed its borders. It has a high aging population and hit the hardest. Unless you watch International news, you won't know that its army trucks are used to pick up coffins to be burned elsewhere. Hospitals don't have enough room for everyone. Push comes to shove, younger folks are treated first and elders after, if at all.

France is in the middle of a typical king of the hill battle where a southern hospital has had good results with hydroxychloroquine for about two months or more. Paris won't have any of it until it has been thoroughly tested withing its own hospital. Such is the way of politics. The problem is that drug has been found to be effective and as doctors are saying, what is there to lose, people are dying. Recently, the minister of agriculture has called on the French to go to work in the fields and feed them, supposing politicians? Oh, my how wide is the disconnect?


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This is a very fiery New Aires Moon and it is the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year!  Coming in on the heels of the Spring Equinox which brings in the Astrological New Year…and a couple days after Saturn moved into Aquarius for about 4 months.  It is a time for intentions and to visualize what you would like this Astrological New Year to look like. Right now the World and our lives are in a bit of Chaos.  We are in a place where it is hard to even imagine what this “Astrological New Year” will look like or what it will bring us. With the Corona Virus spreading quickly and the pandemic continuing….it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under our feet.   We really are in more of a survival mode…then a comfortable mode. The World as we know it….may not look the same as this coming year plays out.  That is ok…remember that we have to stay out of the fear.  The Universe is really serious about changes…that we as a human race….need to be making.  The Universe will also help us along…if we Ask!  Time to Meditate and to Manifest a better and peaceful World.  The Universe is very very Serious…but will help us through.  You just have to ask!!!


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