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Taurus New Moon - April 26 2017


NEW MOON IN TAURUS – April 26th 2017    

AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Taurus New Moon….is asking us to embody Mother Earth….to Ground in her beauty and feel her energy.  This Taurus New Moon is a quite New Moon as it doesn’t make any aspects to any other planets.  It is Peaceful and serene.  It embodies all of Taurus’s energy without being altered by any other connection.  True Taurus!    Your senses will be heightened….    Go outside and listen to nature….enjoy the sounds of the birds, the wind, and water.  Let you feet touch the Earth…let your feet “kiss” the Earth with merging energies.  We have been in a whirlwind of chaotic energies over the past several weeks.  This Taurus New Moon is asking us to relax, be with the Earth, Meditate, Manifest and take care of our Mother Earth and our own bodies and our Soul!

This New Moon could intensify your feelings…..bringing to the surface of your consciousness, your true feelings in many areas. This New Taurus Moon beckons us to be seduced by Nature and the Earth energies……to become one with our deeper self…..take in the beauty….take in the Love.  It is a wonderful time to celebrate Beauty, Love, and Nature!

It is a powerful time to manifest, meditate and create! 

This Taurus New Moon also begins the Super Moon’s of 2017.  It is the first out of Three Super Moon’s.  Super Moons….are often called…Perigee Moon.  That is when the Moon comes within 90% of its closest approach to earth.  This generates greater gravitational and electromagnetic pulls…..on our tides, tectonic plates, the Earth, and all its inhabitants including ourselves and our psychic! Bringing about accelerating shifts in consciousness. These Super-Full-Moons appear to last longer and look larger than any other Full Moons.

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Spoken from the Heart ~ Take a Gigantic Leap Forward Now into the 5th Dimension

The absolutely stunning image above is shared through Pixabay. Thank you!

This morning soon after waking my Higher Self said to me, “Let’s make hot chocolate!” Bless his cotton socks, I adore him! So that’s what we did… we heated whole milk in a pan with raw cacao powder and a few shakes of good organic ground cinnamon and added some honey. Absolute bliss to enjoy on a chilly autumn morning!

We adore cacao. In fact we think it’s one of the best things we ever created!

Whoa!! We created cacao?

Of course! We created chocolate. We created it all! Aren’t we amazing??!

Yeah! We are! What do you think people will say (or think) when you tell them we created chocolate?

Most of them will think we’re balmy… but we will just smile, as if we are privy to a major Secret…. which of course we’re not. We have said many times that ALL is within and that nothing – No Thing – exists outside of our Self, therefore if IT exists – whatever the ‘IT’ may be – it must have been created by us.

Let’s see if I’m getting this straight…. You’re suggesting that everything, EVERYTHING, is your/our creation?

Yes I am!

So that would mean WE are the entire Planet?

Yes, we are. Not only are WE the Planetary Body of Gaia, this Planet as a Whole entity, but we are the entire Universe, the Cosmos and beyond! We are infinite in our expression!  [Smile] Michael you are teasing me!

Yes I am!

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Flying With Arch Angel Raphael

My spiritual experiences as a Lightworker started mid summer of 2012. I was reading a Doreen Virtue book about the Angels, in the book it said to ask Arch Angel Raphael to meet your soulmate, When I asked to meet my soulmate, I didn't know he was in heaven, haha! Later that night when I was sleeping, Arch Angel Raphael astral traveled me to heaven to meet my soulmate. When we arrived in heaven, we flew in so fast, I had lost my balance in front of my soulmate and I laughed. My soulmate had a shocked look on his face and laughed, too. Arch Angel Raphael is tall because my soulmate bent his head back far to see him. 

I instantly knew my soulmate, I went to him in my spirit body and started hugging and kissing him, haha! My soulmate was sitting in a beautiful white chair and it looked like he was living in a townhouse. My soulmate left for a few seconds to gather up people I knew from this lifetime and previous lifetimes. While I was waiting, I started to nest and I believe Arch Angel Raphael decided it was time for me to say goodbye to my soulmate and come back to Earth. Arch Angel Raphael took me literally thru a door that was closed in the room, it was pain free :) and the we went thru one more door of the townhouse. 

In front of me was my soulmate and a big group of people who all looked about the same age, they all looked young about 30 years old. I could only focus on my soulmate, but I believe I seen my grandma, I was only 5 years old when she passed and she looked young again, too. I knew it was time to leave, it's telepathic communication in heaven. My soulmate and I went to each other and hugged and that fast I woke up in my bed on earth. I was in a bit of shock at first and then realized exactly what happened, I was so very grateful and thankful for the wonderful spiritual experience. 


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