Solstice Energy Update 21st June 2018 and Beyond

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A short energy update follows to help make sense of all the changes happening. Firstly we stress again the importance of eating light foods, as live as possible. Meaning containing as much life force as possible. If you are fortunate enough to have your own garden, harvesting foods and them eating them the same day is the way to go. If not, then purchase fresh foods daily and eat them well before they ‘expire’. The physical body is going through enormous cellular restructuring at this juncture and could use all the support it can get. Your body elemental will thank you!

The energy is mostly being felt again in the cranial and base of skull as the brain structure and spinal column receives the New Codes of Life, as one may call them. It is an appropriate enough description. The new codes enter the brain and spinal fluid flowing through the nadis and meridians into cellular tissue and structure, finally making contact with the atoms and electrons where they are engaged in their upgrading work.

Water is an important component for your physical body, as always. Before ingesting anything it would behoove you to send your life force energy into it. You can do this simply by intention and focusing your energy, infusing the water and food with the purity of your Light.

The lower 3 chakras are upgrading, merging, as they become ‘on-line’ or more in alignment with the rest of the energy centers, so that they can carry and transmit higher frequencies and codes of Light and ground them into the Earth, becoming anchored there into the 5d energy matrix.


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Gemini New Moon is a very important New Moon…. one that can bring opportunities or setbacks, in all types of Relationships.  All though this New Moon is not majorly aspected  itself….it doesn’t mean that the energy is easy or that there isn’t anything else going on…..because there is!  Gemini is about communication on many levels and I found it quite interesting that the President of the U.S. was involved in 2 major “talks/meetings” with foreign countries during the energies of the Gemini New Moon in the days preceding it.   One with Canada (a national friend) that had a little chaos around it….and one with North Korea (an open enemy) that seemed to go along fairly well.  Hummm  This is Gemini…seeing both sides of communications, and how they can play out….at this challenging Gemini New Moon.  

Actually the energy of this Gemini New Moon feels a bit Chaotic…..and there really isn’t any way out….except going through!  With Mercury ruling this New Moon….most changes and encounters will come through communication of all kinds.   Change is coming and we can sense it…..we can see it…..we can feel it!!

Crystal Magic Orchestra's healing music has healed thousands of people

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Crystal Magic Orchestra's healing music has healed thousands of people

Who is Dr. Angela Barnett?

Joe Barnett, MA
Healing Music Musician and Composer

She is my wonderful wife and I am Joe Barnett, M.A.

Angela Barnett is wonderful, marvelous, great, fantastic and she does everything amazingly and powerfully through her hard work.

She approaches all that she does through love - through loving people as God's children - through always wanting things to become better through her marvelous and caring effort.

Solara's State of the Planet June 2018 energy forecast via Talyaa Liera — The Work Begins

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The Work Begins — Solara's State of the Planet June 2018

The Work Begins: Solara’s State of the Planet, June 2018

You are probably ready for a change by now — change in yourself, change in your relationships and work, change in the world. You look at the world around you and you want something to be different — ANYTHING, really — because you feel there is something truly wonderful welling up from underneath that isn’t yet reflected in the reality you experience.

You are far from alone in this. Many people feel a strong call this month for change. It isn’t hard to understand why! Conditions are difficult in many places around the world. Inequality is more pronounced than ever in much of the world. The wealthy keep getting wealthier while the poor stay poor. Weather extremes create uncertainty and instability in many areas. Things just seem at a breaking point right now, so wouldn’t a nice big change feel so refreshing and wonderful?

Of course! And it will be served up on a platter for all to enjoy.

But first, the work begins.

COSMIC HEALING JAZZ - a New Type of Jazz

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COSMIC HEALING JAZZ - a New Type of Jazz 

Dr. Angela Barnett




Crystal Magic Orchestra's Cosmic Jazz Music is a Magical element that will assist in preparing the listener to become a Multidimensional Person and then also be able to manifest the reality that makes one happy and joyful.


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