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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

Happy Cancer New Moon!!  This New Moon happens on the heels of the Summer Solstice…..with the energies of the Summer Solstice and the New Moon reaching out and touching each other!   Many of the energies of the Summer Solstice and the Cancer New Moon will be the same.  I will start out talking about the Moon..which is the only planet that has moved since the Summer Solstice, in the approximate 2 and half days between the 2 events….and then I will bring in the aspects that haven’t changed from the Summer Solstice so you can understand more  how the 2 events blend and differ and at the same time…help support us!    

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Energy Reading for this week from Archangel Michael and Raziel

Energy Reading for this week from Archangel Michael and Raziel : Let go of fear and stand in your Power Now!

This morning Archangel Michael is stepping forward with his message to “Let go of fear Now!” And then Archangel Raziel also steps forward with his message, “Stand in your Power Now!”

What does this all mean and why now are we receiving these messages?

The mind is always reeling with thoughts, most of which are useless and serve only to take us out of our spiritual center, our heart. This morning I joked with the angels to please give me a lobotomy so I could have a clear mind. They answered back and said, “Use your mind constructively.”

But how do I do that when my mind never stops?

“Make it stop. Your mind awaits your command. Your mind is your most powerful creative tool and it gets bored easily if not used! Therefore use it. The more you use your mind, the less it will be inclined to listen to the ego.”

“The ego feeds off useless information that perpetuates a fear-based reality. The heart, which is where your innate power lies, feeds off love. Therefore choose to live in your heart for this is where your power lies.”

I know this, and I am choosing to live in my heart!

“The ego is persistent, and ironically it is through its relentlessness and persistence that you’re given the opportunity in learning to take back your power! Remain steadfast and do not give up!”

Don’t give up on the magic of Life, the magic of Creation! Don’t give up on your Self either and your innate power to create your reality!

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summer solstice June 20th/21st 2017






                                                          SUMMER SOLSTICE                            

                                    June 20th 2017 at 11:24  pm  CDT

                                        AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey



This is a very powerful Summer Solstice!    The Energies are very Intense; Transformative & Changeable while being surrounded by the feeling of Urgency and Chaos!

The Summer Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) happens when the Sun reaches its most northerly point in the Sun’s apparent cycle around the Earth. Even though the Sun seems to stand still for about 3 days….. the actual Solstice day… is the longest day of the year.  Astrologically it happens when the Sun enters the Cardinal sign of Cancer.  The Summer Solstice has been honored throughout history with celebrations, parties, picnics, music, and gathering together outside, to honor Spirit, the Sun, the Earth… and all creation. The Chart of the Summer Solstice is like a symbolic map of the energies that will be playing out over the next 3 months.

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Dr. Angela Barnett
Joe Barnett

It has finally become obvious to us that we have
continued to create music while we were on
Earth in the exact same manner that we did in
the Creation Realm. We have been inhaling the
Creations from all over the Universe and doing
our Creation Work within this tiny little reality
in the same manner we did it when we were
huge Creator Beings who are thousands of feet
tall and wide when we do creation work. 

We sometimes expand ourselves into forms who are
several miles in diameter when we are orbing
through space and creating galaxies. We are the
ones who created the Suns, the Stars, the
Galaxies, the Novas, the Super Novas. And we
created them all through the Music of the colors
that we streamed through the Crystals in those
areas in the Universe, and we layered infinite
colors of reality and combined rhythms of
various stars to create new Novas, and our work
was glorious.

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Happy Solstice Everyone!

Happy Solstice Everyone!

Here in the Southern Hemisphere in Cape Town, South Africa, we celebrate the Winter Solstice tomorrow morning at 06.24. In the Northern Hemisphere it is the Summer Solstice and it officially arrives at 12:24 a.m. Wednesday in New York City. (On the west coast of the United States, the solstice officially arrives at 9:24 p.m. on Tuesday, June 20, and in Chicago it arrives at 11:24 p.m. on Tuesday.)

This happy event is celebrated by Light beings all over the Cosmos, especially those who have their eye on Planet Earth. And who doesn’t these days! There are wonderful things happening on the Earth Plane at present. For one, the energy has been amped up quite nicely and people who are geared into receiving this energy are experiencing all its wonderful benefits.

One of the greatest gifts of any energetic alignment is how close we become to our Source energy during the actual event itself. Therefore the so called veil of separation becomes thinnest during these times giving us greater access to our innate power and wisdom. So do take advantage of this precious time!

This is a great time to be focusing on manifesting your glorious future! So remember to stay in your Sacred Heart and focus on all that it is you wish to create at this time. Remember that need is an illusion, and just the vibration of the word ‘need’ will tip you off to this fact. Rather use the word CHOOSE when holding the intention to create something.

Will we be seeing anything different in the near future following this Solstice?

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US Diplomatic Relations with Extraterrestrials - New Majestic Documents...

A new leaked Majestic-12 document was released on June 14 which describes a variety of extraterrestrial related encounters with humanity. This document includes claims that Nikola Tesla’s pioneering radio broadcasts into outer space in the late 1800’s alerted distant extraterrestrials to humanity’s existence, which led to them traveling to our planet, and later President Eisenhower established full diplomatic relations with these visiting extraterrestrials in 1954.

The 47 page document is currently being reviewed by a number of document authentication researchers, but the preliminary conclusion drawn by veteran researcher Stanton Friedman is that there is no evidence of forgery according to Heather Wade, host of the radio show Midnight in the Desert.


Heather Wade received documents last night from a trusted source. She immediately had Stanton Friedman take a look at these documents who said, “I have never seen anything like this, this is new MJ12 information.” Stanton Friedman is going to continue examining these documents for authenticity, but at this time we can find no evidence of forgery. 


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