Coming UP - Full Moon WOrkshop

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The upcoming SUPER Full Moon will actually be at the closest point in its orbit to Earth, making it the largest and brightest Full Moon of this year 2019!

We invite you to celebrate with us this powerful SUPER Full Moon to journey within on all levels of consciousness. We, Deborah and Daniela will be your hosts & channels in this live call, where you will be led into your higher consciousness & awareness of Self.


February 18th at 3pm CET


Join us live via skype and receive a personal message OR book your recording.


The Live Call comes with a recording and personal message. You can book either the call or recording. The call will last for about 1h-1.30h.


Your House Is A Mirror

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Did you know that each part of the house is broken down into the correlating mental, emotional, and physical counterpart of ourselves. Even the fascia of a house takes on a form similar to the human face with the front door as the mouth, the windows as the eyes, and the roof as the head. It’s no coincidence that the home has been used as a metaphor for our mind or body in our dreams. Our home is an energetic extension of ourselves with every aspect reflected somewhere in it. This is made even more exact by the stuff we possess. Every item is an expression or extension of our mental and emotional selves. This is why decluttering your life and home can be such relief. You are literally letting go off mental and emotional aspects of yourself.

So what are you projecting? Your clutter is projecting this energy out into your life just like an outdated outfit or a broken car would. Decluttering and organising your house is serious energy work, not unlike going to an energy healer or yoga class.

In all my work in the holistic arts, I have found decluttering your life to be the quickest way to make profound changes. You are literally removing old, stagnant energy to make space for new, fresh energy. For example, if you’ve been sending out résumés and going to job interviews, decluttering your home office space will expedite the process. After creating space, new energy in the form of phone calls and job offers can now come in.

Happy Valentine’s Day – Transmission

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Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day!

Beautiful Souls, I wish you all a magical Valentine's Day! Today I have a special Surprise for you. Multiple Beings of Pure Love came & come forth to assist us on this special day in integrating fully more of the attributes of the higher love consciousness for ourselves, our soul family and the collective of humanity itself. Here are the exciting messages that I have received today:

Channeled Messages:

So, What's Your Role?

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Welcome to Brenda's Blog


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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s February 8, 2019, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  You’re talented in many areas – talents you developed throughout the ages. Your role is that which gives you the most joy within those many talents. No one but you can define or give you your role. You cannot fail.

18/2 Full Moon Workshop Invitation

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The Moon Goddess


Beloved Readers,

Next Week on Tuesday its the Full Moon! Before each new Full Moon Workshop Daniela and myself say "Wow this is amazing! How does it get any better than this?", and yet it does! Time and time again.
We have both been bowled over by what is coming through and it's as though the Masters converge on us with new ideas every month!

Self Respect

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Afford yourself respect! Give yourself the time of day! Don’t just rush through your day without a thought for the greatest part of you that is waiting patiently in the wings for you to acknowledge its presence. Don’t you know that without connecting to your divinity you are losing something vital?

Your Divinity, aka Me, can assist you in maintaining a high profile in your energetic field of resonance – which would help you to connect into all that you are hoping to accomplish right now. How can you ever hope to accomplish your manifestations without Divine assistance? Do you not know that in order to manifest a certain desired outcome it is imperative that you cast your net wide! If you insist on only focusing on the finite world around you, you are missing out on a great deal of energy that you can put to use, that would assist you in manifesting your dreams in a heartbeat (and with a smile!).

Beloved, you are not alone here in this physical incarnate experience. I AM with you and I desire an audience with you! Please come into My court now. I await Thee with arms stretched open wide!

I love you!

Archangel Michael card readings

Valentine’s Month Card Reading Special

Thank you! Namasté ~ Deborah Faith



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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

February, the month of Love….Love is in the Air ~~ This Aquarius New Moon embodies the energies of Love….for all!  This New Moon highlights Community, our tribe, and all humanity.  It can show us the big picture of how we can make the needed changes in the world by using the power that we have within our Tribe’s, our Communities and Humanity for loving Relationships of all types…across the Earth.   Signifying that the whole is always greater the then the sum of its parts.   It is saying that our coming together in our communities etc. ….can change the world!  This Aquarius New Moon is also about movement and action!  The energies are quite chaotic and a bit volatile out there, and it is time to visualize what you want the world and your future to look like.  It is time to move….time to take action….on your own and within your communities!    

February 4th  is also the Chinese New Year (in Chinese astrology) which occurs with the first New Moon after the Sun enters Aquarius.  This is the Chinese New Year of the Pig.  All though  I am not well versed in Chinese Astrology…. I am told that the year of the pig…..highlights a steadfast patience, fertility and great tranquility.  That the Pig appreciates money and food and they are known for enjoying tangible success.  It also has a feminine influence as there is a dedication to others…feeding and nurturing in abundance….a year of Goodwill!


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