Universal Human Creator Avatar Race New Moon of Virgo sextile Uranus in Taurus

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Universal Human Creator Avatar Race New Moon of Virgo sextile Uranus in Taurus



This Universal Human Creator Avatar Race New Moon of Virgo sextile Uranus in Taurus, with five planets in Earth signs, and Mercury going direct, is bringing in Ascended Physical Life and Living.

History of Soviet/Russian UFO Crash Retrieval Operations & Relations with Non-human Civilizations

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Anton Anfalov, Ph.D., was born in the city of Sverdlovsk in the Soviet Union in 1972 and spent decades living in Crimea before his recent departure to Canada due to the intensifying Ukraine conflict. In the mid-1980s, he became interested in the UFO phenomenon after the Soviet Union first relaxed its stringent secrecy policies during the glasnost era and the subsequent Presidency of Boris Yeltsin.

Dr. Anfalov has interviewed hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian whistleblowers and been given documents on the UFO phenomenon dating back to the early post-World War II Soviet era. He has gained much knowledge about UFO crash retrieval operations in the Soviet Union and Russia; learned about ancient underground tunnels built by extraterrestrials that the Kremlin repurposed for deep underground military bases; the capture in 1965 of several Praying Mantis Insectoids from the Inner Earth; and the existence of a Russian secret space program.


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“All this visible universe is not unique in nature and we must believe there are, in other regions of space, other worlds, other beings and other men.”



his famous comment, “Where is everybody?” was made to a group of fellow physicists at Los Alamos in the summer of 1950. Now consider the following quote from a memo sent by the Director of Security at Los Alamos National Labs to Brigadier General Joseph Carroll, the commander of the USAF Office of Special Investigations in May 1950, just a few months before Dr. Fermi’s posed his famous question, “Where is everybody?”:

“The frequency of unexplained aerial phenomenon in the New Mexico area is such that an organized plan of reporting these observations should be undertaken….the observers of these phenomenon include scientists, Special Agents of the Office of Special Investigation, USAF and airline pilots, military pilots, Los Alamos security inspectors, military personnel and many other persons of various occupations whose reliability is not questioned … the phenomenon has continuously occurred during the last 18 months and is continuing to the vicinity of sensitive installations.”



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