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You Are The Master

Today, you are being invited to take a step back and look at what is going on around you.  Is what you see chaotic and crazy or is it peaceful and easy?  Sometimes you forget that you are the master of your existence!  You can create, destroy, rearrange or change anything you choose.  It is completely up to you! (Smiling) Remember your power, darling one. ~ Creator

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Holding Space

The vibration of the Earth is moving forward so quickly that many people are having a challenging time adjusting to the frequency change.  This may present as emotional outbursts, manipulation of the ‘old system’ and/or physical violence.  As an awakened person it is not your job to attempt to fix anything, however, you do have a choice of holding space for those who are in flux and showing signs of their own forward movement.  The key word in that sentence is choice!  Checking in with yourself and assessing how you are feeling personally gives you a moment or two to make an informed decision on your level of participation.  Release the need to think of practicing self-care as selfishness; fill your own cup and the rest is for others.  You will always be loved and supported in your choices. ~ Creator

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What Are You Creating?

Today you are being invited to observe your energy output.  During the many situations you are presented with daily, how many are used to create love, kindness, joy and empathy?  How many are used to created anger, dissonance or resentment?  Simply put, creating and/or maintaining just one negativity in your existence requires much more than creating a positive.  One creates a surplus and the other creates a drain on your energetic resources.  A conscious realization of this can be enough to change your experience and, in turn, create peace.  Give yourself that gift! ~ Creator

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Back To The Light

My darling child; yes, you will have challenging moments.  Emotions may run rampant and make you feel as if you have never started walking your path at all.  It may be a mish-mash of confusing energy that feels like it will take over everything you have worked for and toward.  You must remember that when these situations occur, they will not rule your life.  With The Universe and Unconditional Love as your support and guide you will always find your way back to the light. ~ Creator

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For You…

The Universe remembers the exact moment your energy came into existence, the instant you began your journey to your ‘I am’.  The joy you created when you chose to manifest on your Earth plane was celebrated and honored with gratitude and Unconditional Love.  You knew the journey would be challenging, but also full of incredible moments of growth and happiness.  For this, The Universe is grateful.  Without you, there would be no now. ~ Creator

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Your Birthright!

It is time to sit down and have a conversation with The Universe.  Some of you have not spoken for quite some time and, with the upcoming changes, it is a very good idea to be on the same page.

What would you like to see more (or less of) in your life?

What do you need?

What do you want?

How are you planning on moving forward?

There are some very strong arguments on destiny, fate and coincidence but, you know that true action on your part will help build a world in which you feel comfortable living.  Step up and embrace co-creation, it is your birthright! ~ Creator

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Look How Far!

You may find that, as you learn and grow, your wants, needs and desires have changed. What once was the epitome of your existence is now just a footnote in your past. Allow yourself a few moments to see how far you have come…and know it is all because of how diligently you have worked. You are amazing! ~ Creator

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Seek joy in where and who you are, how you live, to whom you choose to be connected.  If you look closely enough, the largest amounts of joy can be found in the smallest things.  Look for joy within; when you find joy there, you will also find happiness, peace and Unconditional Love.  It has always existed, it has always been there…now is the time to recognize it! ~ Creator


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