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The Power Within…

Darling child, there is only one hero you can depend on…yourself!  If you are unable look to yourself for your own growth, there is no point in growing. Constantly searching for an outside source may very well enslave you to the ideal that there is something better ‘out there’, that there will be someone who will arrive and ‘fill in your gaps’ when everything you have (and need) is within.  It is finally time to recognize and step into your power.  Embrace the fact that The Universe created something extraordinary and unique when you were made and there will never be another like you. ~ Creator

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Up To You

The energy you are experiencing now has the potential to change the course of your existence.  Good, not so good, or indifferent, it is up to you.

I can hear some of you asking, “Why would I choose a not so good experience?!”

The Universe will always respond with, “I will give you exactly what you ask for/need/want.”

With that being said and the knowledge that you have the power to create anything you choose…you have been left to your own devices.  This does not mean The Universe has turned its back on you…it simply means that you can create whatever you see fit.  You have the necessary tools and the skills, now it is up to you! ~ Creator

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Looking Back To Move Forward

Take a few moments and look at where you were ten years ago.  What were you like, who were your friends/partners/colleagues, where were you on your path?  Now, take another moment and take a very deep look at where you are today.  Can you see the difference? (Smiling)

As you move forward in this current energy, The Universe has noticed exactly how much work you have put into personal growth, you have done something amazing with your existence and it is possible to keep growing in a positive way!  It may not be the smoothest or most direct path but, it is yours…own it and be proud of what you have accomplished! ~ Creator

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Some of you may have noticed and/or experienced the volatile energy of the past couple of days.  Expectations may have been thwarted, hopes dashed and a great deal of anger released.  It may have felt that anything you have been reluctant to let go was forcible moved out.  The Universe is reminding you that there were gentle nudges to ‘get ‘er done’ and, for whatever reason, a choice was made otherwise.  There was no right or wrong in the situation…just a way to move out the old and stagnant energy before the next phase began. (Smiling)

Now is the time for new beginnings and chances.

Now you can move forward with a clarity you have never experienced before.

Now, you can continue your path of unprecedented growth and learning.

It’s time! ~ Creator

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It Is Done

My darling child, there will always be bumps in the road.  There may even be more than you expect.  It is important to remember how to handle them.  Yes, it is OK to get upset or angry but, do not let that take up too much of your time.  You have much better things to do! (Winking) Instead…give yourself a moment, look at it very closely and choose.  That choosing part has always been the most important.  It is something you have always had and cannot be taken away.  Once you have decided on a path, send Unconditional Love and continue on.  It is done and you have done your best. ~ Creator

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In Flux

Over the next few days and weeks it may feel as if everyone is speaking a different language. Yes, you can hear them, they are communicating but, you cannot understand them.  As you move forward into this newest energy, paths may diverge wildly, and vibrational levels will change.  It may be a bit sad and a little confusing but, do not let it change the work you are doing.  For every divergent path, there is another running parallel that will offer new companionship, ideas and connection.  You Earth plane is constantly in flux, offering you a chance to change your levels of awareness, empathy, compassion and expression.  Embrace these moments and know that all will be well. ~ Creator

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What Will It Take?

Take a few moments today and separate your expectations from your reality, both old and new.  Expectations from the past take up a lot of brain space and, while you are waiting for those expectations to come to fruition, a great deal of life is passing you by.  Look around at your reality; what is going on now, how has the past kept you stationary/static instead of moving forward in a timely fashion?  How many times does that program have to loop before you gain a conscious realization that you, a great and powerful force in The Universe, can step out and make something new for yourself?  This wave is introducing you to gift you may never have had before…freedom!  What will it take for you to finally embrace it? ~ Creator

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Time To Be…

Time to start breathing again.  As your world moves into the upwards swing of the arriving wave, it is important to make sure you know exactly where you are.  I can hear you saying to yourself, “Wait…what?  I’m here!”  But, are you really?

Due to circumstances you may or may not be aware of, more than a few of you have opted to remain ‘out of body’.  For all intents and purposes; the body is small, confining, it does strange things and it may not feel safe.  The Universe wants you to know that you have learned enough and can protect yourself when you are in body.  The vehicle you chose when you arrived on your Earth plane is how you relate to others and dispel preconceived perceptions of how a person ‘should’ be.  You are all beginning to see things differently and that, my dearest one, is an amazing thing! ~ Creator

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Dearest one, you already have all you need!  Just take a moment and allow that statement to sink in. (Smiling) Now is the time to stand in your power, to understand that some work needs to be done and know you can do it.  There is a deep, indescribable beauty in a human searching for (and finding) parts of themselves they have forgotten.  Like a dot-to-dot picture, it may not seem like much in the beginning but, when you get to the end…oh! What a glorious sight! ~ Creator


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