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Advancing Civilization to the Greatest LOVE of ALL

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I know that when one steps out of the world of illusion, there are very few people who have made the journey into Present-Ness.  Each and everyone of them have gone through the "dis-illusion-ment" and they now see so clearly the Divine everywhere.

On this planet, everyone is here for the same AWAKENING, yet each and everyone is in their own place and living moment, and the "timer" is going off. The wake up call has been sounded, but the mind continues to sleep on in the world of illusion. Forgetfulness seems to be the rule and ignorance holds illusion's reigns and guides the masses into deeper and deeper slumber.

What is possible for the ones asleep? I wonder.

When I learned that everyone does things for their own reasons and not mine I had to wonder about that and I realized I accomplish my life for my own "reason" not theirs. Lol, I feel better when I realize I have stepped upon the path of the Heart = Earth and there is no going back for there is no back to go to.

There is sadness in enlightenment but not as much as there is in those still in illusion, they still have to start the journey of the Heart = Earth.

The funniest thing I embrace is I am a right brained being on a planet where right brained beings don't fit in to the illusionary world of illusion. Ltfol.

Everyone wants to "fit in", belong to something real, but the catch is one must be real first, and illusion doesn't make real, Real. In fact, illusion misses Real 100/100 times, if not more.

Well maybe 1 gets it, out of the many Living in illusion then that one is free to be Awakened and illusion falls away for the one letting it go.

There are those of us here on Planet Earth = Heart that continue to advance civilization along to the Greatest LOVE of ALL, for love, just one more gift to give and share.


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I am a BEING OF SERVICE unto all of HU + MANITY. My SERVICE is to be a SCRIBE OF THE DIVINE WITHIN ME. To write the Thoughts down and then share the thoughts freely and Unconditionally with all who care to read them.

In my service, LOVE is also given freely and Unconditionally just for the fun of giving and sharing LOVE.


BEING PRESENT AS A LIVING DIVINE, LOVE IS the best gift of all to give and share. I just CELEBRATE NOW by living it.

YEA RA! AMON, lol.

The gift is given to the ALL to share and ALL receive it completely to be shared.

In Every Possible Way, Life Is Expressed Completely In NOW

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Phase 3 AWAKENING cont.

Civilization is aligned with nature, and in nature civilization continues. Society fights nature and always crumbles back into the nothingness it came from. Society is the experiment that always fails when the dumb try to control creation for their own benefit while attempting to rule over creation like GOD. That's really funny.

Civilization is much more connected to nature, so life is lived in balance and harmony. All are benefited and blessed with everything nature provides, and nature provides everything creation is for the use and sharing of all the bounty with ALL members of Civilization. Yep civilization is how nature shares life with all people abundantly.

In Society, so very few benefit from the bounty of nature they rip from the EARTH = HEART and use everyone like their own personal slaves. They set themselves up as God, rulers over you, when they are the very same as you for ALL ARE GOD AS LIVING EXPRESSIONS OF CREATION made manifest.

In all the thoughts I am given to share, use them as they may help you connect with your true nature, The REAL ONE YOU ARE, the DIVINE WITHIN YOU, THE LIVING MOMENT OF YOU, NOW ALIVE AND AWAKENED AS YOU.

Got it?

The Divine Is Always Present

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Civilization is intrinsic, Society is always a trend to follow along the latest BS, then act like it is real. Lol, just a distraction to keep the dumb busy and unconscious to what is really going on.

Civilization is unification with Creation, not like Society which wants to rule over it, conquer it, and make it serve the will of the owners of Society. That's funny, for only in illusion is that stupid thinking a way to live. Can't happen because Creation is far greater than anything Society can create or imagine in ignorance. BS just doesn't make creation more or less creation, ltfol.

Creation is the Divine Plan in motion, Civilization is what carries the Divine Plan in all the members of Creation, each one unique to the all, yet all one within the all. Universal in their being, unique in their expression of the Universal. The LIVING MOMENT OF NOW IS Creation, civilization is always moving into and through NOW as life being expressed. All are alive and all are present on Planet Earth = HEART. Even the dumb ones in Society, they too are here, funny how they seem to not know that. Lol

ALL IS LOVE, did you forget?

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If ya live in illusion how can ya know? It's like the fish in the water, the fish is alive even though it doesn't know it's living in water

Well, maybe the ones visiting the GFP will consider the thoughts and maybe Awaken more, little by little, bit by bit, ALL IS LOVE, did you forget?

Phase two, Rebuilding Civilization.

Civilization is based in harmony with everyone living life in balance with each other and creation. Society isn't run by the individuals, Society is run by the ones who own it, and to be a voting member you gotta pay up front. And yep, ya pay and ya pay because Society is a very costly toll on people and nature.

Look at who rules and you will see where YOU are in their use of you for their own gains.

Civilization Is Dynamic, Society Is Stagnant

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Life is what is magical, yet who notices such a gift being given as being present? That's even more funny than magical, lol.

When society exists, civilization is compromised and held back from evolving so society can create stagnant rules to encase civilization in BS. How dumb is that? I wonder...

Civilization is dynamic, society is stagnant, held in time instead of being set free of limits to grow and prosper to benefit the all in everyone.

"Got to have rules", said someone dumb, "gotta keep the dumb under our thumb." So the dumb are dumb and so are dumb's rules.

Society is the flaw in civilization for the two can't exist in balance. Society is always imbalanced for rules are only made by the dumb, for the dumb, to keep dumb safe from freedom. Dumb, write? lol. Dumb ta dumb dumb

Yep, reality is where civilization lives, society is always living in illusion. Ever noticed that? lol

Society pretends to be civilized while destroying civilization for it's own illusionary belief systems.

We is smart
Dumb ta dumb, dumb

Of course Socrates said this way before, I just repeated it, lol. Funny, Socrates had it correct all along, and hemlock is bitter even with lots of honey, lol.

Ignorance thinks it's wise to have rules, well that's ignorance for ya.

What happened on Atlantis was the conflict between society and civilization. Society had power it stole from the free and thus used the power to end freedom and create slaves, so the really dumb ones could be in charge. Still today that's true.

Society is where the dumb go to rule, civilization is where the wise are serving the advancement of civilization. We are moving write along, lol.

Just the thoughts that were wanting to be shared lol

ETERNITY IS Just That, Now

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To me, Creation is an amazing thought in possibility and as an experience it's life to the max in simplicity of presence. What is truly present is the all, and the one EYE. Everyone is so concerned with privacy when the whole living universe is conscious of everything, love is the GRACE given by the EYE.

To see the beauty of creation in every way and in everything. Love is just sharing life with what creates creation. I could go stand on a mountain and the all is there too. I am me, simply it's much easier to be simple than live in a world of infighting and ignorance wanting to be in charge. Lol

LOVE got me and LOVE can't let go because LOVE IS Everything so in love I am everything, too.

Logic is love being expressed as PRESENT-Ness. I wonder how long is eternity because that's how long the LIVING MOMENT exists. Well, ETERNITY IS just that, Now. Yep, WE GOT THIS, YOU got This too.
Where else can we be? Lol

Well, the Thought is there delivered with love, grace and present-Ness, Yep enjoy.

Everyone in illusion is truly asleep, unknowing of all they are. Well WAKE the NOW in them, joy is the result, love the experience, lol, they just don't know it yet. I am gonna love watching the transformation with joy and laughter, aren't you? lol

I feel very good about the GFP, we have done our best to stay true to our mission statement as possible in the land of the... Lol, Who's there?

HU + MANITY is mentioned to be the GODS WE ALL ARE, by golly, by jolly, and away WE go.

Santa is sleighing ignorance with a "PRESENT-NESS" A GIFT FROM THE ALL TO THE ALL, as NOW can BE.

Yep, a shift has happened and the now is alive and as present as can be

It's All Inclusive In Oneness

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Ignorance rules, love governs, big difference for sure, exclusiveness over inclusiveness.

It's all inclusive in Oneness.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a round, spherical place and it's around everything as energy, aka consciousness. How simple is that?

Awareness, well that's a whole new living universe, lol, of nows as far as the "eye" can see. The "eye" of being present as a consciously aware being, that is.

How many times does it take to live in now and be now, too?
Once, lol, and it's not upon a time.

Let's ask NOW

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In nature, all is well. With humanity, all is just a moment away from Now.
The future now, the place where we all are already. That now, Here.

Love asked me "You are love". Oops wrong question, lol.
I said "YES". I am funny, that way.
I can crack a joke like I scramble an egg, yoke you up. Lol

Humanity, the isolated race of animals so self-destructive we had to learn from them as we taught them, whew. Yep, love is everything.
Oh, and warm hugs to all loving natures.
I am HU=MAN too, just a universal HU=MAN.

All for one and one for all, inclusively.
Oops, that word love taught me, INCLUSIVELY

If now and being meet, the all shows up to celebrate creation. Did that happen? Let's ask NOW.

Beyond Happiness, Beyond Sadness

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How funny, consciousness reveals itself as awareness being present.

The reality is the now and all nows are present always.

I am here and the LIVING UNIVERSE is talking to me. I listen and hear what here is like, the experience of all that's happening within and around me and I am amazed at the all that's happening, REALITY. Hummmmmm, or Ommmmmm and Auuuuuuuuuummmmmm, Ahhhhhhhh the many ways of hearing the here being present.

There are so many hearing the Here they just don't know it's all NOW. LOL

Beyond happiness, beyond sadness, there is an experience so real all of Creation is built upon it and all Creation is the celebration of NOW.

YOU HAVE THE ALL, what else can you accomplish but SHARE THE ALL with Everyone present? Seems to me that's what LOVE IS, BEING SHARED, FREELY

When I open my brain I feel all sorts of things and all I FEEL IN NOW IS LOVE, BEING PRESENT, lol.

I am a right brained being, I was not so given to follow the "rules" the left brainers seek to make up just for their own benefit. lol

Yep I heard the different drum and dance to the beat of my HEART = EARTH so joy can be shared.

Well since I have the moment in HEAVEN to be in HEAVEN I will be in HEAVEN where ever I am for I AM HEAVEN ALWAYS. ❤️


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