Aug 02nd
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Former CIA Officer Philip Giraldi Discusses America's "Deep State... World News & Politics
Peru Set to Provide 2 Million Free Solar Panels to Poorest Residents SoulScience
Epigenetics: How Does Your Mind Reprogram Your Genes? Waking Times
The One Word Intention The Fearless Journey
How to Stop Trying to Fit In and Start Embracing and Expressing Your Unique Self The Healers Journal
One Astounding Tree Grows 40 Kinds of Fruit! Collective Evolution
Moving into Multifunctional Consciousness OMTimes
How True Love Should Be Waking Times
Starved For Love? Then Give It All Away! Wake Up World
Creating Realities Wake Up World
64 Nations Say No To GMO, Yet US Govt Nears Illegal GMO Labeling Collectively Conscious
Daily Message ~ Sunday August 2, 2015 Trinity Esoterics
In The Arms Of The Universe The Creator Writings
Aug 01st
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What Happens To Our Body When We Suppress Our Emotions? Spirit Science
Harvard Study Shows Meditation Actually Builds Brain Cells Spirit Science
Research Shows CBD Combats Social Anxiety Collective Evolution
Day 74: True Love Mayan Messages
The Running Brook of Enlightenment Heavenletters
This Powerful 3 Minute Video Will Help You Understand What Addiction is and How... The Unbounded Spirit
10 Reasons To Embrace Your Inner Weirdness Collectively Conscious
The Top 3 Mind-Boggling Quantum Experiments That Will Drop Your Jaw Collective Evolution
Facets and the Funnel of Kaleidoscopic Perception Waking Times
Night sky guide for August 2015 The Watchers
The De-Conditioning of the Ego Waking Times
Do Entities From Another Universe Inhabit the Brains of DMT Users? Waking Times
Three Ways to be an Effective Teacher Without Preaching Fractal Enlightenment
The Truth Behind Capitalism Collective Evolution
The Easiest Way To Quiet Your Mind Collective Evolution
The Federal Reserve Bank – 100 Years of Deception Wake Up World
Cannabis: The Most Important Vegetable on the Planet Wake Up World
Daily Message ~ Saturday August 1, 2015 Trinity Esoterics
A Shoulder The Creator Writings
Jul 31st
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Are you a “Heyoka” Empath? Spirit Science
Go for It! Heavenletters
7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness and Super-Charge Your Dreams Wisdom Pills
Who’s In Your Head? Waking Times
16 of Gandhi’s Best Quotes Expanded Consciousness
Surrounded The Creator Writings
The Perfect Place at the Perfect Time: Trusting the Universe OMTimes
Teaching Children How To Think Instead Of What To Think Collectively Conscious


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