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Steady As She Goes

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In the midst of the turmoil and world chaos, I see that deep down I am as calm and centered as can be. How could I be anything else?

Maybe it simply boils down to what is made available to us as a whole. I feel it is more about what we chose to concentrate on. Turn on a TV, if you still have one of those things and you can see a constant stream of negative news and entertainment designed to make you want more. The same thing happens on social media. My Facebook wall is so polluted with negative finger-pointing, uni-level points of view, and well-meaning intentions. It is so ugly, I do not read a thing on it. It is hard to not walk away feeling it is the end of the world. And perhaps it is but an end of life, it is not.

I was born in a world where people used rotary phones, did not lock doors and electric magnetic fields (EMF) were few. Today, we are bombarded with the next greatest and "bestest". G5 promises faster connection speeds while many sound the health and environmental alarm.

The tough part is that the vast majority everywhere listen to mainstream news. Considering five companies hold all news outlets in the US, it is hard to imagine we have access to fair, impartial, and unbiased news. Considering how big businesses conduct themselves and looking into their business model, it is not too difficult to see there is a fundamental underlying problem. Between what they say and what they do, there is a world of differences.

Still, within the safety of my "inside", there is calm. It is almost as if there is a wise person sitting, looking. observing, and not getting excited about anything. Neither happy nor sad, this inner entity watches with an anchored confidence. There is a hint of a "make the transition now or wait for a few more decades", but overall, things are going according to divine Universal intention.

Chase The Problem, It will Come Back Running At You

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The human makeup is perfectly well made up. We can handle a lot, process almost anything, and establish healthier foundations. But stand in the way of processing, push it away to eventually deal with it later and the problems exponentially grow. In other words, chase away unresolved problems, they will come back with insistence. Might as well resolve it now. It only gets tougher the longer you wait.

Cannabis and alcohol are strange substances. Alcohol is perfectly accepted in most cultures and even has medicinal values. Cannabis is not as accepted and has medicinal values. Both work wonder in temporarily putting away problems to the side. But problems do not resolve themselves on their own. That is why we sleep. So that we can process, order, arrange and learn from what we experienced. Without sleep, we put things to the side. We might use cannabis and alcohol to alleviate stress, but the problems remain.

EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) was invented in order to deal with old traumas that were not properly processed earlier. The reason why it works is that it lets us re-experience a traumatic event and letting the human psyche deal with it in a natural way. Progressive Counting also works very well I hear.

The human psyche is well done. It can tolerate so much and when limits have been reached. It can turn itself off. That is why so many who have been molested or raped talk about not being there, being removed from the event, as if their mind had been removed and taken elsewhere. It is the way our psyche deals with traumatic events. It shuts down temporarily and deals with it later, usually at night during sleep.

Over Rover. Move Over. There's Something Leaner

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I'm watching a few extremely well-off people fret with unease, sadness, and empathy. It must be hard seeing your universe shaken to the root when you are not expecting it.

The thought came about when Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Ivanka Trump, I am not sure what she does, and Rometti, who sits on the board at IBM came out and misguidedly asked Americans to go get another job and or another career. The video is difficult to watch as the three make a convincing point that they are very out of touch with reality. But what was even more painful to watch was how they felt to me as slave drivers watching their fortune dwindle and asking the common Joe to go out there again and get working.

The problem with these people is that they are not good stewards of the economy. The average US CEO makes thousands of dollars compared to their employees. I am not saying they should get paid more or less, but to understand the reality of everyday life before asking the good people to go out there and find another job -- as in by magic. What is needed is a fertile ground where a smart economy can happen. And the current one is anything but smart.

This link can bring you up to speed. Here are a few snippets:

...CEOs get paid a lot. For the companies on our list, the average CEO salary in 2018 was $18,669,849—or just under $9,000 an hour. Disney’s Robert Iger highest-paid CEO making over $65 million in 2018, while Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made the least (a paltry $1.6 million).

...employees, on the other hand? Well, their average salary was a much lower $15.37 an hour, or about $32,000 a year.

Standing Still, My Biggest Challenge

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After decades of action and being on the move, this stillness has stirred much discomfort.

The COVID-19 pandemic is teaching societies so much. It has brought out the best in some and the worse in a few. The worse in the few will eventually change to the best in themselves. The transition is the hardest part. That unknowing stuck in discomfort while things change, you change, I change, the world changes.

In the midst of a career change, maybe or maybe not, I have to stand still and let the cosmic dice land where they need to be.

And so I end this post as I live this day...

I Ching Right Under My Nose

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One of the things I love about getting older is revisiting things that were once part of my life. This has been happening lately and now the I Ching is coming back into my life, except this time, it is with a deeper appreciation and learning experience behind it.

And Thus, The I Ching Walks Back in My Life

A few weeks ago I an I Ching book, the famous Chinese Book of Changes. I used to have one in my twenties. It is great to revisit it with a fresher perspective, more experience, and hopefully distilled into wisdom.

Lately, a few things have made their way back into my awareness. Taoism particuliarly and now the I Ching. It is interesting because it is happening with fresh new sets of eyes. And I love it!

The I Ching is the ancient Chinese book of divination also called Book of Changes. It is used to get a sense of how things are going and if the path you are choosing is auspicious or ominous.

The gist is simple but a little preparation helps eek out more from the experience. As a matter of respect, the book should be kept above human shoulder height when at rest. Use a silk cloth, ideally white, to wrap it in.

In order to prepare for the divination, set yourself in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Light an incense stick. You can add a candle if you feel it is appropriate. Connect with the Universal energies, your guardians, and the I Ching guardian lineage, if you can. The idea is to turn it into a ceremony and make it as special as it should be.

The rest is simple. Traditionally, the ancient Chinese would use a turtle shell and throw sticks in it. Although that could be a hard thing to do for most these days, sticks can be used on two open bowl. But if you are like most modern I Ching users, three coins will suffice. Any coins will do. I will write about the coin method here to get you going.

"I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you"

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I don't think there is an easier and more powerful mantra you can use these days.

Ho'Oponono came into my life a few years ago. It touched me as being so special and profound. Four little sentences that you can eventually boil down into two.

The Simplest Mantra You Will Ever Know

I love you.

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I spent a whole year repeating it intensely. It was an ongoing mantra. And the results we stupendous. relations cleared up. Knots unfolding from situations.

There's no need to go into too much details here but suffice it to say there is a big difference between traditional Ho'Oponono and its modern iteration. I'll focus on the modern interpretation that came about when Morrnah Simeona distilled the modern version spearheaded then by Ihaleakala Hew Len, alias Dr. Len who co-authored Zero Limits with Joe Vitale.

The great thing about modern Ho'Oponono is that anyone can do it, any time, anywhere at any moment in time. In fact, the more you do, the more you get a feel to it.

For those who don't know about this precious jewel, think of it as a Universal mantra. The order of the sentences doesn't matter. You can arrange the sentences in whatever order matters.

Focusing on the outcome is a no-no. Don't do it. Just repeat it, fall into an introspective frame of mind and let the magic begin.

Negative Has Its Positive Role to Play

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We're all tired, but how tired are we? Have we drawn the line? Are we saying enough is enough?

We all want things to change, but how many are ready to change?

That is the problem. We have disempowered ourselves and rely on saviors that never seem to come. So why not do it ourselves? After all, someone will have to do. Why not all of us?

A quick look at the banking, pharmaceutical, media, and the military-industrial complex world shows how politics was created to enforce a corporate power centralization where a few get to pull the strings and reap the benefit. We cannot blame them? They not better and have been whispered sweet lullabies. In the end, we gave away our powers and voted the confident instead of the competent. Now, it is our turn to be brave.

As things are changing at great speeds it is time to check-in and not get carried away. It is so easy to trip when we get excited. The opportunity for change and being the change has tripped more than one human being. That is one of the many things the negative forces are looking to exploit.

Are negative forces evil? Maybe, but who cares. They do play a positive role. They push us to think, they push us to best ourselves, to take scope, to ask the hard questions. Without them, we would float without resistance. Mal-aise and dis-ease force us to stop and think.

Can you blame those living under the influences of these negatives forces? Not really. They see not the Universal mechanism.

We all need to be extra careful in these times of accelerated changes. It is easy to get caught up and make mistakes. That is the opportunity these negative forces will look to take and trip the big great change happening worldwide.

How Does Your Divinity Show Up In Times of Crisis?

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Where does your divinity show up in times of crisis?

This is particularly important as we are the middle of such turmoil. We can act like savages or take the time to go within and connect with our higher nature. Although it's not easy at first, it only gets better the more we try.

It is difficult to focus on the Divine Spark in each human when we are witnessing what is happening in all our societies on this planet. Politicians have failed at being stewards of quality of life and every fabric of our society is feeling the tension. Much like the cosmic cobweb, we are part of, we feel tensions. I've noticed in myself and many around me mood swings, sadness out of nowhere, and more disturbing feelings. I take the time to stop, pause, and connect with myself. This is you have a moment where you are feeling this emotion. It helps me connect with this basic human act of feeling. I don't need to know why or what do to do with it but simply to feel the human experience of emotions. "This is you experience that emotion." has been one of my greatest tools maneuvering these uncertain times.

It helps to try to see the divinity in others and not judge it, accepting it as such. We've all been a pill at times and angles at other moments. Everyone suffers, everyone is feeling a great shift and there is much discomfort. The trick is to try to see the Divine Spark in each human without judgment, just seeing and anchoring that Love, Light, and peaceful feeling that ensues.

It's important to bring that spiritual balance in our lives at this moment. It will come in handy when the time comes for forward movement again.

Growing Up

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A society is a strange and fascinating entity. It is as alive as its occupants.

Along the lifespan of human beings, we begin as children well-adapted to voicing what we don't like. We instinctively know what we don't like and voice it loudly. But we don't always know what we want. We might be aware of what we like, but not necessarily what we want or need.

Growing up means interaction with adults and with those who have more experience. This is a crucial step to adulthood as we transition from childhood to the rough teenage years. The process from child to teenager is difficult and happens with adults coaching the child.

"I know you don't like that but what do you want?" This is a crucial question that helps a child dig deeper inside to find out what would be the solution to their predicament. Although we can't nor should negative events, that question leads to a personal quest leading to maturity.

Teenagers figure out what they don't like and what they like but still struggle with what they want. This is where our collective societies seem to be stuck. Somewhere along the lines of a transition from childhood: "We don't like that!" to adulthood: "We want this." The teenager is stuck in a: "I don't like that!" followed by kneejerk reactions. Teenagers jump to conclusions, don't dig deep enough, and reach for the low hanging fruits. It's a pretty dangerous situation and can be extremely volatile. They simply do not grasp the bigger picture. They cannot put the problems in perspective and isolate them.

It is sad to see that there is little talk about what led to our current situation. Racism is a problem, but it didn't evolve in a vacuum. It has its reasons and as long as we do not get to the root of it, we are agitated without results in sight. The aggravation builds after decades of many politicians "vowing" to right the wrongs without results.

Did You Know Human Performance Specialists Existed? Do You Know What It Means?

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What's a Human Performance Specialist? How about human factors consultant or a human factors practitioner?

Have you ever felt your heart pick up the pace, your mind race, your soul and body moved as you learn something new? How about when your "spidey" senses tell you this is big?

That's how it felt when I read Dr. Klein wrote on Psychology Today: A New Term: Human Performance Specialists. He writes: "According to the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society website, it is a scientific discipline trying to understand how people interact with other elements of a system. It tries to create designs that optimize human well-being and overall system performance. Got it? That’s one of the official definitions, and frankly, it doesn’t seem particularly clear or compelling."

Except, it's clear to me.

Who thought of a door-knob when a door handle works better? You can use a foot, hip, or elbow to open a door handle when your hands are full, not a knob. He writes, how about when you "pull a door that needs to be pushed?" Or "... spend way too long trying to navigate a confusing website" I still don't understand why websites are so convoluted or why computer desktops are rectangular when my mind is round and organizes data in pie charts.

According to Dr. Klein, this discipline focuses on making things usable for people. The article is about how the professional title means little to most people. How about Coaching? A Coach is not someone who asks you to drop and do 30 pushups. A true coach is someone who raises your level of awareness. A Coach asks you questions so that you understand what it is you want to understand. But try explaining that to people. It is not easy.


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