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The coverage of art exhibition in P. by one of our editors yesterday produced a rare occasion for interview with professor Ponomaryev from Toledo University.
Here are some extracts from the meeting:
Monika:….bit unusual place to meet professor here. Could you spare few moments for our “Interstellar Radio"?
Prof: …with pleasure.
Monika: is it true that your visit in P. is only private and in no way connected with scientific research?
Prof:…Yes. It’s entirely private visit.
Monika: Can you comment on significance of recent reports on our television about UFO sightings. Many journalists are worried.
Prof: …I’m not aware about matter you are talking about. Generally I wouldn’t worry about the UFO. Humans will become UFO  within 20 years and its useless to draw parallels between let’s say dog and the god - both of them don’t communicate with one another at all, while humans communicate well and follow many noble laws…
Monika: yea, of course press irregularities in reporting UFO don’t help the issue, do they?
Prof:…Irregularities are not unusual for press. Did you say UFO has been spotted around?
Monika: No, I can’t confirm the report.
Prof:…usual, usual. I’m on holidays now and won’t elaborate on UFO now.
Monika: Are you enjoying staying in P.?
Prof:…yes. It’s a beautiful place especially in autumn…enjoy the extension of Andromedan art forms here….they look unconditional and subtle…
Monika: Thank you for interview.

Andromeda and physics fundamentals

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Ponomaryev could not be contacted yesterday. However, he left the message on his desk answering the question on latest scientific news from Andromeda:
“There are no formal rules on the energy exchange here. Study Hertzprung-Russel diagrams and extrapolate. The broken link between science and cosmology reigning for millennia on Earth had finally been restored last week. It suggests return to physics fundamentals. No more speculations and fairy tales stories. The architecture of local matter remains the same, heliocentric approach doesn’t need revising. There is no observational evidence of time.”

Armstrong on the moon and conservation laws

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Much changed since Newton suggested the conservation law over 250 years ago; his proposition became popular while it hasn't been checked for all conditions in laboratory, and laboratories were poor for experiments. In recent times has been observed that matter behaves according to different rules in high temperatures (plasma), low temperatures (superconducting) and magnetic field not always obey conservation laws in standard temperatures.

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