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PARTHENOGENESIS: women's long-lost ability to self-conceive and give birth to avatars.

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Hello my galactic brothers and sisters! This may be the beginning of a very interesting blog for us all. The link provided here will take you to an article I began in 1982 which has been added to and re-written a number of times. It represents over 40 years of searching, re-searching and contemplation. 

Part 1 is a crash course on parthenogenesis. Part 2 is about a dear sister/friend of mine who, after a prolonged fast, conceived and gave birth to a child----without benefit of a man. She conceived while meditating and encountering a light of bliss. There is sadness in this story, but it is a divine sadness and will nevertheless leave you with some hope.

We truly have entered the time for the Return of the Sacred Feminine. This also will bring about the Return of the Sacred Masculine. (We're working on it, right guys?)   ----Namaste, Den Poitras.

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