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Science vs Religion - The False Dichotomy

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Candidly...If you believe that one belief system explains all things, that what you believe has no deficiencies or gaps in its fabric of cognizance, then you're wearing blinders. You're bedazzled by a set mind, self deluded and intractably self made ignorant. There is no more intractable, rigid people found  than those who identify as material atheists and the fundamentally religious.

I was reticent to write this, especially because the people I'm addressing are actually a small minority segment of the worlds' population. But this attitude, this false dichotomy, dominates the conversational idea exchange of humanity. I think it needs to be examined and exposed for the consciousness constricting fabrication that it is. This 'false dichotomy', also known as black and white thinking, and 'all or nothing' thinking, keeps humanity on the merry go round of intellectual mediocrity. It hinders asking the more powerful questions humanity could be asking of itself, and life, and keeps humans intellectually herded into manageable flocks.

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