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Meditation: Gifts of Gratitude: 7-Pointed Star Grid from Divine Mother's Cosmic Goddesses of Light

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December 2011

Dear Friends,

Happy Holiday Season to All!

For our December Newsletter, we present excerpts from the 11/11/11 Stargate Gateway Portal Day Channeling with Divine Mother. The gifts that we received from Goddess of Victory, Great Silent Watcher, the Female Elohim and many Aspects of the Divine Feminine are a wonderful way to complete the final month of this calendar year and prepare us for 2012.

For the Gateway Portal Day, 12/12/11, Divine Mother will reveal her plan for all of us as we embark upon the all important, much prophesied and documented, year of 2012.

Portal Days in December: 12/1/12, 12/2/12, 12/11/12, 12/12/12, 12/20/12, 12/21/12, 12/22/12, 12/29/12.

Full Moon is on 12/10 and New Moon is on 12/24.


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