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Lessons For Full Spectrum Humans Webinar

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I am Aurora, a galactic walk-in and visionary artist who came into this dimension in 2001 through an Interdimensional portal I created and named The Flying Rainbow Lasagne.

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is like open source code for your DNA: it is a new idea which, instead of being guarded for secrecy and personal gain, is being shared openly with the world so that everyone may benefit.

The benefits incurred by configuring your genes and energy field into a Flying Rainbow Lasagne include: cellular regeneration and vitality, perceiving multidimensionally, achieving an additional degree of freedom in navigating the sea of possible waveforms, accessing one's higher faculties, and redefining the transformative experience of death.

If any of that sounds interesting to you then I invite you to enroll in my class, Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans.

All of the information I present is not merely a rehashing or amalgamation of the teachings of others, the information comes from my own direct perception through my Third Eye and from communicating in telepathic rapport with my higher dimensional family of consciousness.

This year, for the first time, class will be taught both in person and broadcast as a Webinar, as well as including the series of 20 recorded Lessons. That means that anyone with a the right computer equipment can participate from anywhere in the world, and I'm happy to report that so far the class has students from USA, Canada, and Columbia, and will soon be available in Spanish.

Please follow the link below to read the full course description, find out about tuition and registration, watch sample videos, and learn more.

Thank you very much,

Gaining an Additional Degree of Freedom

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Adding another dimension results in gaining an additional degree of freedom.

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is the shape which results from adding another dimension to a torus.

In this way, you could say that what cube is to tesseract (hypercube) torus is to Flying Rainbow Lasagne (hypertorus.)

What is the significance?

Anyplace you have a torus, say, for example, the toroidal energy field around your body, or Earth's magnetosphere, or the sun's heliosphere, or even the torii at a molecular level in your DNA, you may turn that torus into a Flying Rainbow Lasagne shape and gain an additional degree of freedom. This makes it possible to access DNA in new configurations, to cross barriers and bridge together aspects that were formerly separated, and to no longer be limited by the structures which have hampered the fullest expression of divinity in one's energy field.

To learn more about The Flying Rainbow Lasagne, please visit

many thanks,


A Conversation About Life on Earth Before The Fall (or Degradation of DNA)

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These are excerpts from the Q&A of Lesson 4 pt 2/2 For Full Spectrum Humans.

If this conversation sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, please visit to register for the Summer Session:


"Did the state of balance and perfection that humanity existed in before the fall extend to the entire biosphere? Also would you please elaborate on the relationship between hitting the membrane of death on a timeline and cycling back to the beginning to start again and dying well or not well and becoming a being of pure love, or one who must subsist on lower vibrations. This was an award winning lesson!" Zach Diers


"Hello Zach, and many thanks for the complement!


In answer to your question "Did the state of balance and perfection that humanity existed in before the fall extend to the entire biosphere? " Yes, the entire planet Earth was in a more balanced and harmonious state before the degradation of humanity's DNA. You see, all DNA is affecting each other, whether or not it is within the same species. Because DNA is an antenna, that both receives and broadcasts energy, changes in the DNA of one organism are broadcast at large and have an effect on all DNA bearing creatures. When we consider Earth's planetary consciousness as the sum total perspective of all life on and within her, it becomes evident that changes to one species mental expression shifts the mental balance of the whole planet. 

Self-Defense Against Negative Thought Entities

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Self-Defense Against Negative Thought Entities

register for the course here:

I created an extended 4 part Lesson this semester at the request of both the universe and several students of the course, all about the negative thought entities that plague humanity and effective actions to take in order to protect oneself.

What do I mean by negative lower vibration thought entities?
I am referring to the non corporeal consciousnesses whose actions are not based in love, and who cannot ingest unconditional love, so they incept negative thoughts in humans in order to elicit lower vibrational emotional reactions (i.e. sadness, anger, grief, anxiety, hatred) upon which they feed.

This portion of the Lessons comes towards the end of the course, and that is because the earlier Lessons are all about the importance of unconditional love as a foundation for the use of ones higher psychic faculties. It is very important to create a firm stance of unconditional love before focusing on the subject of negative thought entities, because love is the key to vanquishing them.

This Lesson teaches not only the self-defense techniques, it also gives students a perspective for this personal battle within the context of Galactic History, answering many questions about humanity's origins and why humans are in the position of having to Ascend from a state do separation and duality to a state of oneness and unity.

The Summer Session of Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans Begins June 17, 2013!

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Hi! I am Aurora, an extradimensional entity who came into this reality as a walk-in in 2001.

I came with a message, in the form of a shape I created called The Flying Rainbow Lasagne, an interdimensional portal which allows one to overcome the artificial genetic blockages that have been degrading humanity for so long and to claim one's true heritage as a Full Spectrum Human.

I have been sharing this information through my artwork for the past 12 years, and most recently, through an online course I teach called Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans.

To view my artwork, videos, sample lessons, and to sign up for the course, please visit

Many thanks, Aurora


Flying Rainbow Lasagne online course re: multidimensionality

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Raise your vibration with The Flying Rainbow Lasagne


complete description for this online course here



You are invited on a mental journey towards multidimensionality that will end with the eventual reconfiguration of your DNA. 


On this journey of consciousness, you will be exposed to new ideas, new living entities of light that would like to reside within your physical neural and energetic network.


These living idea entities are your other half, your own higher self, your abstract other, the chakras on your body. Being reintroduced to these concepts is a joyful reunion of divine presences which have been temporarily separated (literally, separated by time!)


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