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*free 3 Card Tarot Reading

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​For your *free 3 card  tarot reading, just send me an email.

​I do not tell futures. I am not into predictive astrology.

​visit this link   and send me an email requesting your *free 3 card reading.

​I typically reply within 24 hrs. 



*Free Tarot Reading 11 Cards by email request

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Hi, May I be of Service?

Love is Sharing Free Readings!

  • I will use 11 cards, I call this the modified celtic cross spread.
  • I do not tell "futures", but I am a futurist! (you create your own futures)

If you prefer something short and sweet, request the *free 3 card reading instead.

In Peace and Health,


please send me your request by email

Thank You!

*Free 3 Card Tarot Reading By Email

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Greetings to All Kinds, There is no need to add to the cart, since I am going to be sending you a FREE reading in your Email.

If you prefer you can click here

I am not a soothsayer and I do not predict futures.

My intention is to channel information to you, via the reading, in the

present now moment.

In Peace and Health




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