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*free Tarot reading by email request

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Send an email, requesting your *free tarot reading and I will respond within 24 hours.

I do not tell futures, and my expertise is not in predictive astrology, so please do not ask me if your ex will come back or if you will meet your soul mate.

If you are interested in Evolutionary Astrology, I can provide natal chart readings tailored to your level of cosmic consciousness.

*Free 3 Card Tarot Reading by email request

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Greetings to All Beings!

Free 3 card Tarot reading for anyone that sends me an email asking for one.

I am not a psychic and cannot tell you if your ex will return.  That being said, the cards can be drawn for you so you can decide your own future in the Now Moment.

How does that sound?  Send me your email request for your 

*free 3 Card Tarot reading.

In Peace & Health,

Free 3 Card Tarot Reading By Email

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Astro Glam Gal the Tarotuser now Offering *free 3 Card Tarot Reading By Email Request!

Please Visit

No one can tell your your future, or who you will marry or if you will meet your soul mate or if your Ex will come back. Be advised now.

Astrology Lovers see Astro Glam Gal's Astro Tarot Chart Reading Layout.

In Peace and Health


*free 3 Card Tarot Reading

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​For your *free 3 card  tarot reading, just send me an email.

​I do not tell futures. I am not into predictive astrology.

​visit this link   and send me an email requesting your *free 3 card reading.

​I typically reply within 24 hrs. 



*Free Tarot Reading 11 Cards by email request

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Hi, May I be of Service?

Love is Sharing Free Readings!

  • I will use 11 cards, I call this the modified celtic cross spread.
  • I do not tell "futures", but I am a futurist! (you create your own futures)

If you prefer something short and sweet, request the *free 3 card reading instead.

In Peace and Health,


please send me your request by email

Thank You!


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