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New 19-year cycle beginning? (Scorpio solar eclipse, Uranus-Pluto square, blood moon tetrad, 12/16/13)

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are we at the end & beginning of a new 19-year cycle?

the eclipse early this morning hearkens back to the powerful scorpio solar eclipse of nov. 3, 1994. the changes in world events and technological advancement of the past 19 years may be wrapping up & advancing a stage. do you remember what was going on for you in 1994? does this resonate?

both eclipses and the hebrew calendar and other ancient calendars follow this 19-year lunar cycle: [link to en.wikipedia.org]

note: others have suggested that this 19-year cycle begins or ends at other various points, such as 1990-2009, etc.

[link to www.examiner.com]

the power of this eclipse, suggesting a new 19-year cycle beginning at the eve of 2014, includes the following factors:

1) it's in scorpio, a very potent sign;

2) both in 1994 & 2013 there are many other planets clustered around the sun and moon as well in scorpio, creating a *bang* effect;

3) it comes on the heels of the 4th pluto-uranus square and just before the heliocentric square (Nov 23) that defines our progress since the 1960's and the relationship between that shift and the current shift;

4) there are four upcoming eclipses on the full moon festivals of passover and tabernacles in 2014 & 2015;

5) the mayan calendar end date of 12/21/12 or 12/16/13 and this eclipse as a gateway

the kabbalistic month of kislev and the hidden light of creation!!

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tonight is rosh chodesh kislev.. the first of the month of the greatest darkness that elicits the greatest, hidden light of the messianic era that preceded creation that is reserved for these times.. the night is illuminated only by the crescent sliver moon, and by day, there is a solar eclipse, at 11 scorpio! the light we are used to is diminishing, solar flares are creating new bands of light, and ison is heading our way to illuminate the darkness itself ...




more on kislev:


Kislev: The Miracle of Chanukah

From where do the Chanukah candles derive their power not merely to dispel darkness, but to transmute it into light?

The opposites that form the graceful symmetry of Chanukah are those of darkness and light, or as referred to in the Aramaic idiom of the Zohar -- "transforming chashocha (darkness) into nahora (light)."

We can now begin to understand how the Chanukah candles succeed in transforming darkness into light. Reflective symmetry is the result of two inverse elements possessing a hidden reference to each other. By defining themselves in perfect contradistinction to one another, such elements enter into a symmetrical bond which attests to an underlying unity forming their common source. So it is with darkness and light. Just as light itself possesses the potential to blind one with its radiance (thus testifying to the source of "darkness" included within light), so too does darkness hold within it the potential for illumination (the power of the color black to "shine").

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