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The new Meditation Vibrations CD is out now!

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Listen to it here!

Latest unsolicited testimonials about Meditation Vibrations' Energy Alignment Music:

”OMG!  Is all I have got to say about your music right now!  I am listening to it right now and the vibrations that are moving in and through me are incredible!!  I am receiving a DEEP complete transformative healing right now as I type!   Thank you for sharing this amazing gift!   Beautiful music!  Beautiful energy!”

- Carol Longacre

"I've listened to the meditation cd several times and it is absolutely stunning. I am blown away - such depth, such beauty. Thank you for sharing this rich gift with me. Seriously, stunning."

-Tai of

Listen to it here!

Blessings to you all.


Musical Energy Meditations

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Higgins produces amazing energy through me. We have been able to record that energy and musician Bill Wolford set it to music. Each energetic meditation assists the listener in achieving the energetic vibration of the piece. At we have a recording that contains three musical meditations; Harmonizing Vibrations, Raising Vibrations and Earthbliss Relaxation.

If you will sit in a relaxed way with (the best you are able) feet upon the floor, hands relaxed at your sides and eyes closed these meditations will assist you first in harmonizing with your surroundings. In other words, relaxing into your life just the way it is with all its warts and strange happy things. Then Raising Vibrations will help raise your energetic vibration to the highest it can achieve right now. Meaning, it may be higher one day and lower another day but always the best you can do at any given time.

In the Earthbliss Relaxation meditation Higgins works with the Earth itself to offer the energetic frequency that the Earth is moving to in the 2012 shift, or the Shift of the Ages. Listening to this one simply brings you into alignment with the new Earth Energy.

Take Advantage of the Energies Circulating at this Time

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Question:     Yeah… Does Higgins have any advice as far as taking advantage of the energies during this time?  Do they see any significance from their persepective or is it all our own making mountains out of mole hills?  :-)     just curious if you’d asked them.

Higgins:     Absolutely take advantage of the energies circulating at ‘this time’. Let us clarify that ‘at this time’ refers to current planetary alignments, moon phases, etc… in addition to the general energetic shift occurring that is variously being called the Shift of the Ages, the End of the World, or generically 2012 and specifically December 21, 2012.

The whole point, in essence, of this Shift of the Ages is to stimulate you physicals towards a reconnection with your eternal spirit.

The ‘energies right now’ are likely appearing as mental and physical urges.

Links to highly beneficial Energy Alignment music for the New Earth

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A special gift.  This track is 'pay what you want' through December 2012!!


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It is powerful grounding energy to the vibration of the New Earth.


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