Energies of October 2017

OCTOBER 19TH 2017 – NEW MOON IN LIBRA at 2:12pm CD

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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Libra Full Moon is a powerful one…..as it opposes Uranus.  Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and Uranus is the great Awakener, the revolutionary, and all about Change!   This New Moon cycle is focused on relationships!  Relationships of all kinds…your personnel one’s with lovers, friends, work relationships etc.  Expect some changes to happen in some of these areas!  The changes could be in many arenas and can happen as quickly as a lightning bolt….. or as an awakening when you realize that you are no longer vibrating where this “person/person’s”  are vibrating and you find that you must move on….gently….but you must move!  I have spoken mainly about personnel relationships here so far….but relationships with CEO’s, Presidents and Congress, other countries and other countries leaders etc. etc. also fall into these changes.   This also includes boss’s or owners of companies that exploit people (mostly sexually), for their own advantages.  As Jupiter and Mercury are also sitting with this New Libra Moon and they are in Scorpio and Scorpio rules Sex!   It is interesting as Jupiter (one meaning is expansion) entered Scorpio…… the Harvey Weinstein (American film producer) scandal broke out!   We are in a time of radical change assisting our Evolution…and as above (the planets energies), so below (the Earth)…..we can see it being played out almost daily!

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