Full Moon in Capricorn


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

We have been through a lot over these last several months…..both within our own lives and also throughout the World.  The energies have been strong and a bit chaotic….and at times a little frightening.   The World seems to be in a bit of a mess right now…..and it can be a challenge to see the light at the end of the tunnel…….but we know it is there.  With this extremely powerful Capricorn Full Moon…..it feels (Cancer Sun…part of the full Moon) like we are at a point where the Universe is asking….do you want to Evolve?  Or do you want to give up and re-do it next incarnation?  

At this Capricorn Full Moon we have Pluto (the planet of transformation, intensity, power) sitting right with the Full Moon it’s self, and Mars (warrior, action, Passion, Pioneer) sitting right with the Cancer Sun!  The Full Moon (Sun/Moon), because of Pluto sitting with it….has now been pulled into the Cardinal Grand Cross!   This is a lot of energies that could bring about power struggles, good and not so good, in all areas!  This includes relationships of all kinds including Political and World Wide!  There could be/is tensions or secrets between World Leaders!

This can be a dangerous time that we are in….and it can be a time of taking positive action on ideas you have, passions that you want to pursue and put this energy into making them happen.  Stay out of the anger and the drama (both your own and others)…..stay out of the fear and negativity.   Call in your guidance to help you navigate these energies to the higher ends.  Focus on Manifesting your Own reality, equal give and take in communicating between governments/countries and Peace throughout the World!

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