Superman and Wonder Woman Without Disguises

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for LifeTapestry

Summary of Brenda’s May 6, 2021, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Perhaps friends or relatives are going through their ‘dark night of the soul.’ It’s not your job to commiserate or pretend you’re at a similar place. You’re no longer of 3D, so you can’t play the same role you once did. You’ve been promoted to shining your light.

Ground Breaking!!! Earthing and the health benefits that are involved

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This is so earth shattering that I thought I would share this with all my loved ones!!! Have you heard of earthing??? Well it's an amazing new way to heal yourselves from a lot of different symptoms such as chronic back pain, teeth grinding, snoring, and just simply putting you more at ease in general just by having direct contact to the earth. Here is a beautiful documentary that I think you should all watch and share with everyone!! 

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