Libra Full Blue Moon - March 31 2018


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This Libra Full Moon is also referred to as a Blue Moon.  A Blue Moon is when we have 2 Full Moons in one month.  What makes this Blue Moon a little unusual is that it is the second Blue Moon of the year (one in January and again in March)…..a Blue Moon usually only occurs once every 2-3 years.  Other than having 2 Full Moons in one month; there is no Astrological significance to this.  However….this Full Libra Moon is a powerful one!   It is very energized…intense and revolutionary!

This Libra Full Moon is also often referred to as the “Pink” Full Moon. It is called that not because it is “Pink”, but because it is named after pink flowers that are called “Wild Ground Phlox”, which bloom rapidly in early Spring.  However the name…“Pink” Moon”… is actually perfect because the color “Pink” symbolizes Love and Peace, and this Libra Full Moon is ruled by Venus the planet of Love!    This emphasis on Love….. is actually perfect for these chaotic and revolutionary times that we are currently living in.  It is a wonderful time to release all things that are not of Love and Peace……then meditate and manifest on Love and Peace…. for yourself and also for all Humanity around the World!!

Because this Libra Full Moon is ruled by Venus… also means that it is about relationships of all kinds especially romantic love relationships!  This can also be a very disruptive time in many relationships. There is a lot of emphases on integrity and respect in all relationships.  Are you handling your relationships with integrity and respect?   The Universe seems to be saying that during these turbulent times we are currently in……the focus internationally and individually needs to be on…  Love and Peace! 

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