North Node Gemini


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What a Magical day it is today… it is a New Moon in Taurus and Taurus loves the beauty or the Earth and the energies she gives to us. This New Taurus Moon is trying to bring into our consciousness…that now is the time period to bring the Earth, her beauty and energies into your life on a daily basis for next several days and months!!  But take time today, this evening and the following days to sit and "be" with the Earth in quiet. Feel Her vibration, Her energy.....listen to what you hear and what you might "see" and "feel.”  She has wisdom beyond belief. Honor her today and the days that follow while enjoying her beauty......She is Magical!

This is a very active Taurus New Moon!  Taurus New Moons are usually very soft and relaxing with loving earthy energies….and all though this Taurus New Moon has those energies…things are very active (and I will explain more below) and a little unstable and chaotic.  We have several aspects going on at this New Moon that are trying to over ride the peaceful, soft, relaxing energies of this Taurus New Moon ruled by Venus the planet of Love.  However we have ways to try and handle this more active energy. It is time to relax and recharge as this Taurus New Moon is also kicking off the Eclipse season…starting with a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on May 26th and a New Moon/Solar Eclipse on June 10th

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