Pluto opposition to the Cancer New Moon July 9th 2021


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Wow!  We have really been through some intense and powerful aspects over the last several weeks.  We have had 2 Eclipses and several aspects that have brought in some very transformative and at times volatile energies.  Depending on your chart….the energies can activate many changes and challenges with in your life at this time.  Even though as Astrologers….we understand the aspects and the energies happening during a certain period of time (and try to explain them to you)……we also have to go through the same activations ourselves… they activate our own charts. Over the last Eclipse (June 10th) and the last Full Moon (June 24) I missed getting my reports out… to the death of my Nephew.   Thank you for your understanding.

After a tense first week of the month….we have a chance to go inward and comfort ourselves with the nurturing and loving energies of this Cancer New Moon.  However this New Moon is a powerful one that is making several intense aspects including an opposition to Pluto….a square to Eris but also a nice harmonious trine to Neptune.  

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