A Message from The Earth Allies~ The Opening of the Heart=Stargate=Starship

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~Love is the First Stargate, Doorway, and the Only Stargate. This stargate is located Within all of Humanity and is the Being Called the Soul, connected to ALL Love IS. The Soul is actually the Real Dream Machine and is Like an Energy Translator. The Soul is actually the Screen of the Sub~Consciousness, Source. But, if it goes through a filter or unconsciousness, it gets distorted, which is what happened that brought humanity into illusion.


So, for 13,000 years for Humanity it has been like a sleepy dream, fantasy land, or as we refer to as as never never land, because it cannot go anywhere. Since Humanity is Source, the process everyone is in is in burning through the unconsciousness, Unifying your Soul to your Being, Reconnection to Source=Creation= ALL Love is=ONE=INEVITABLITY.




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