September Full Harvest Pisces Moon


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Happy Friday the 13th with this Full Harvest Moon in Pisces at 11:33 PM….and in part of the world this Harvest Full Moon in Pisces will happen on Saturday the 14th at 0:33 am! Enjoy the harvest energies of this Full Piscean Moon….and for those experiencing this Full Pisces Harvest Moon on Friday the 13th…..this connection has not happened since October of 2000 and won’t happen again until August 2049. Enjoy the Magic!

Much has been stirred up and brought to the surface over these last Summer months. We have had 2 consecutive major Eclipse’s in a row….and a slew of retrograde planets, T-Squares/Grand Crosses among other powerful and major aspects! We have been surrounded by a lot of chaos, changes and major transformations happening throughout the world, and within our own personal lives! Things being put in our faces…right in our faces that we don’t like….so we can see them and then change them. We have been through a very intense and transformative period over the last several weeks/months. There is a lot happening in the world and the energies are hard to just dismiss.

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