Solar Eclipse January 5 2019


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This Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse is a powerful and transformative one!!  With 5 planets, including the Sun/Moon (the New Moon), the South Node and Saturn (which rules Capricorn), and Mercury all sitting in Capricorn, and then add in the Eclipse energy…..we can see and feel that the Universe is getting serious…. and the time to start moving forward is now!   This New Moon/Solar Eclipse also includes 2 of 2019’s very important full-year events!  A Saturn-Neptune sextile and a powerful Saturn-Pluto-South Node triple conjunction (all sitting together) in Capricorn!  All these energies will stay with us and continue to ramp up as we move towards the Leo Lunar Eclipse/Supermoon on January 20/21st.   

This is a lot of Capricorn energy.  One thing that Capricorn is asking us to do is to stay out of the Fear and turn our hearts and our feelings (New Moon) toward transforming (Pluto) our future goals….regardless of how radical they may seem.  It is very important…with this Powerful Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse to Manifest/Intentions as Capricorn is the one sign that can take the high Spiritual manifesting energies and bring them down to Earth and Ground them into reality……so that we can actually act on them and bring them into form!  Meditate and Manifest…a better and peaceful future for all!!

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