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What Does It Mean to Walk on the Beauty Path?

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Beauty PathIt is when we choose Wisdom, step by step, taking the highest possible path, a path without friction. On the Beauty Path™, we live a life of neutrality and walk in harmony and balance. This happens when we let go of fear and commit to our liberation from the Seven Disempowering Habits: blame, shame, question (“why me?”), guilt, judge, compare and compete.

Neutrality – To live on the Beauty Path one must be neutral to people, events, circumstances, etc. This requires one to be non-judgmental and see with the inner eye. One has to keep his or her mind on Truth, not worldly illusions, and this takes a spiritual practice. This does not mean one cannot take a “stand.” Taking a stand and judging are disparate vibrations with differing motives. To live in “neutrality” requires living without a “charge.” (Charge meaning emotional energy running through one’s body, as in “being hot about something”.) When we do not live in neutrality we then walk on the Path of Struggle.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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