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The higher realms of Thought

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The higher realms of Thought

Forming gradual selection processes in the mind, what we mean by this process has as effects greater frequencies interplaying the fabrics of our thoughts/mind while independently growing at large the excessive counter parted ways of having thoughts enabled… The concept of thought is one of many things which were created for us to understand better (Set limits) to be able to explain something which we do not truly know or understand it clearly yet as the eventual means of having thoughts come up, does not necessarily mean that those are thoughts. Simply put it is what we know them as… But it is a form of energy which comes from? And which guides us or gives us ideas or concepts to help us understand… But where do they come from?

This is something which may be new to individuals with the greater fabrics at hands while keenly igniting the flow which allows us to explain what thoughts may be… To understand what they are for and what we may want to have them for or as, if pertaining in, when you smoke marijuana the effects brings about new thoughts or altered thoughts in effects to explain certain things.

That is if you are having visuals within, the visuals may be coming from the pineal gland, (The inner eye) which composes many different things if we enable it to grow. The concepts achieved here as exempts in the fabrications which has brought up new measures for us to understand what higher realms of thought may be… Simply put, having visuals and creating environments within for us to have messages conceptualized within and be explained in differing causes, has as effects higher realms within thoughts which composes the general understandings in what you want to have as abilities to explain or gather information for some questions or concepts which you may want to learn.

The Jewel

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This morning I watched a beautiful jewel slowly manifesting itself out of my Third Eye (6th  chakra).
It is diamond shaped and turning very slowly. 
It is dazzling and has all the hues of the rainbow but more deep and vibrant in color.    
As it is turning, it is shooting out brilliant flashes of white light.
Could it be that this is the Spark?
This is the Word
  This is the Thought
  This is the Energy that creates
  This is Manifestation
  This is the Answer  
  This is the Question
This is the Solution
   This is the Problem
   This is the Negative
   This is the Positive
   This is Awareness
   This is Perception
This is Consciousness
     This is Ying and Yang
This is our breath flowing gently in and out
     This is Beauty
     This is Hope
       but most of all Love
This is the All
     This is the Beginning
      This is the End   
         and then we’re back to Start again
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