Virgo New Moon

September 20 2017 - Virgo New Moon

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  September 20, 2017 –VIRGO NEW MOON

AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

Wow….what a ride we are on!!   The energies have been very strong and a bit chaotic.  This time period since the Eclipse’s in August has been very active….both within our own lives, and that of the Earth.   The energies seemed to settle down a bit for a day or two….and then they started to build again.  Try to keep away from or detach from any of the “fear” energies.  They can become overwhelming if you engage in them.  Take this Virgo earth energy and ground your self….do practical things…go outside and sit with the Earth. Step away from the drama, from the fear, and from the chaos.  We are going through a period of deep transformations (ourselves, the Earth, humanity, countries etc.). Remember that when you (or the World) are going through transformations, deep Soul transformations…. it isn’t going to be easy.  If it is easy…then you are not doing the work!

The Earth itself is having a hard time incorporating all the energies from the last few months…and  basically she is not happy.  Remember that the Earth is alive….and it also is receiving all these energies that we are having a hard time dealing with.  She is rebounding some…major storms, Earthquakes (3 major ones in the last 24 hours…Mexico, Japan and New Zealand), hurricanes (4 major ones in that last 6 weeks or so), volcanoes, fires (over 75+), floods and also 2 major Solar Flares…..  We have to start taking care of the Earth…nurturing her…and loving her….so she can get healthy again.  So we can get healthy again!   Meditate on this…and Listen!!!  Manifest a healthy Earth…a healthy World…a healthy You.  Manifest PEACE!!


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This is a very powerful Solar Eclipse that is happening on a Virgo New Moon!   We are officially entering the Eclipse Season….bringing us opportunities for profound energetic shifts.  Eclipses bring about extra powerful New Moons and can trigger major endings and/or powerful beginnings in your life and throughout the world. This Solar Eclipse/Virgo New Moon is also highlighting Mercury, the Cardinal T-Square, Chiron, Venus -Mars, and the Ancient Star of Arcturus., with Mercury (communication)  being the main player in this Virgo New Moon/Solar Eclipse.  This Eclipse is the first of  2 that is happening in September, and it is acting like a bookend with  the Fall Equinox (on September 23rd) in the middle of it and the 2nd Eclipse which happens on September  27th in Aries…..all 3 events bringing about massive changes in all areas of life along with our relationship equations.    


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology

Cathy Lindsey

New Moons bring new beginnings.  New Moons are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle. Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies to give us the knowledge to create a beautiful future. These electromagnetic wavelengths activate our Pineal Gland or 3rd eye, which is sensitive to frequencies beyond our five senses. The Pineal Gland/3rd eye, is kind of like a spiritual antenna. Remember that the New Moon energy last a day and half plus on each side of the peak. It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create!  

With the Virgo energy of this New Moon it is time to purify and cleans our environment…..including our homes, our body’s, our minds, our behaviors, our work places, and emotions (the moon) etc.  De-cluttering in all these areas will help the energy flow through you and around you.  It will give you the ability to receive more knowledge, and to be able to function at optimal levels. Being of service with this knowledge is part of these energies also.   How can you “serve” (Virgo)  your community/humanity with all the information you have gathered and are still gathering?   How can you “serve” and mentor in the healing arts?  What is your part of “service” in this powerful time in history?  Mediate on how to grow in this “service”.  How to open up…. to new, or advanced areas…. where your “service” may now take you.

It is a perfect time to check in with yourself to see how far you’ve come in your journey of self-knowledge and self-actualization.  What is worn out, or become old in your lives?   What routines & thought processes are no longer working?   It is time to eliminate all that is “old.”  It is time to distance from people, places, and things, that are no longer vibrating where you are now vibrating……. open your Heart…. so you can  do it in the most compassionate way possible.

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