“Awaken to the Present Moment: How it Changes our Perception of Reality”

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“Awaken to the Present Moment: How it Changes our Perception of Reality”

10-1-2013 By LynMarie8

As a foundational Person who has been huge part of  Humanity Awaken and bridging the change for 2 years now, and still Bringing Changes to our world as we know it.  I would like to say that Most of Humanity should be asking themselves - Is my perception still in the illusion? Or Am I able to perceive 100% Truth.   Since we all have come here to earth to learn and experience illusion and the shadow side of our self to the greatest extents of both of these.   We as soul has chosen to learn and experience this and to be part of the change on earth during the process of ascension at this time, and much more. Our body perceives the illusion in our body and perceptions of it are low frequencies and vibrations in the body.  In Order to move and change these perceptions, one must understand you chose and accepted these perceptions as truth.  In order for you perception to change you must remove the old first so you can open yourself to a higher frequencies and vibration of Truth and Transparence of a new perception and awareness.   Every new Moon, Fall and spring Equinox , planet alignments, rare changing events that have not happened with the stars for thousands of years, every New portal that are opened, are all new frequencies and vibrations that are being anchored into the earth monthly , and are helping raise the frequencies and vibrations for you and humanity and Gaia. These influx changes help change and open up your perception and awareness of what is not truth.  When these things happen it is time for you to start releasing of all your old patterns, habits, all that no longer serves you’re of the old 3 dimensional world.  These influx of new energy that are coming to the planet will help awaken you to truth, perception of truth, abilities to receive truth, abilities to receive love and unconditional, compassion, unity, forgiveness, peace.  These changes affect the collective consciousness from the cosmos, galaxy, universal, solar and planetary, humanity all at one time.  These Changes affect everyone because we are all connected together as one thought the crystalline grids and our thoughts.  Example:  When the majority of a collective group is angry as a collective we all feel this and the impact of it as we are accepting this projection of energy. We also a collective group is feeling happy and joyous.  As these new energies arrive for us to receive our awareness and our perception are opened up to more truth thus our perception changes of what we will accept as truth.  This is how it changes as we move through this ascension process. It is up to you as a being of light of your fee will to accept that truth or reject it on a conscious level.  The choice is yours and yours along.  It is also your choice to release your baggage or hang on to it.  

I am giving you a decree for yourself from the “ I am Presence” to help yourself.   

I Command my I AM Presences:  Where ever and whenever I created and choose to experience and learn that my perception and awareness to be at less than 100% of truth and transparency.  I AM done learning this, I AM done experiencing this, I AM done creating this, I AM done repeating this.  I AM Now released from this from all aspects of this, all contracts of this, all Karmic Debit of this, all Karmic Contracts of this, while retaining all lesions and experiences.  Thank you it is done X (3).

I AM Choosing that my perception and Awareness be in 100% of truth and transparency and I AM also choosing  to experience this in 100% truth and transparency.  Thank you it is done X (3).

This will change your Awareness and perception to 100% of truth and transparency.

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