The “Super-Portal” will be effective to you now ~ Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma

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AARaphael-II[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans this is Archangel Raphael speaking to you. Another wonderful week of your timeline and dimension has passed by again and I am delighted to submit to you some new message here. As always we herewith recommend again to open up your inner space of heart consciously when receiving another message from us. Thus you will be able to obtain the full energy entailed in this message accordingly into your inner heart.


Enjoy here the presence of me and of our heavenly Father, our all Creator, as he will again accompany me here when submitting this message. If having the right kind of sensitivity you will become aware of this light-energy and all the rest of you not possessing such highly graded sensitiveness may feel this kind of energy too since it has reached a new level, some new quality and intensity. All those still feeling it difficult to sense these vibrations are being advised to take more time when preparing themselves for and while reading actually some message.

Still now humans tend to treat our messages like consuming fast food. Really, it is not a question of quantity but of quality and time applied to reading our messages – it always is how much time you will devote to reading our messages. It does not make sense at all to read as many messages as possible. Neither does it make sense to measure oneself according to the number of spiritual books one has read in the past. No, it really makes sense first if you start to comprehend this kind of literature. And perhaps this old proverb may be of help here saying:

” Less is more!”

Once this understood – you will be on the right track. And if you do not want to understand this proverb I am begging you to take enough time to think it over. Because if you are not able to comprehend its real inner meaning you certainly will fail in achieving of what will be asked from you shortly.

After this short introduction let us deal with the core of today’s message. As mentioned last week already you will be permitted to experience the coming “Super Portal”. I already have attuned my channel and prepared him to what is to come and now it is your turn since it is utmost important.

Now this “Super-Portal” is about to be opened up i.e. and when reading this message which then is published you will be bathing already in the energy of it which is mainly love of such high quality never experienced by you before! Massive and powerful energies being sent here from our All-Creator – they will envelop Gaia and her inhabitants with some special energy of incredible powerful sort! Nothing will be left out – no rocky stone nor tiny pebble neither any atom – nothing that is of creative and heavenly origin and creation. Everything will be bathed in that very energy – everything will be enveloped and everything will sense its influence.

If looking back after this coming weekend you all will surely notice that something will have changed. You will not remain the same ones than before – having experienced this last week passing by. You will feel differently – somewhat changed too and you will wake up! Waking up to some new insight – waking up to something very clear and compressible too. And you will notice too that everything having been mentioned by us again and again has arrived at you finally.

Popping over to our next topic and now it is the turn of our Father, Creator of “All-There-Is”:

My beloved Children, my beloved humans on earth. I, your heavenly Father, shall accompany always Raphael whenever he will submit a message to you. Both of us shall convey to you everything deemed necessary. And you will be given the possibility to receive my very energy and my very love for you together with each message. This is to prepare you for everything to come now. It are your bodies too which will undergo such preparation in due course as well.

Many of you have concluded already their process of developing lightbodies. It isn’t the way that only some handful of over-motivated lightworking humans may be far advanced as it is publicly widely spread. No, all of you uphold the alike speed – in some alike process – when being prepared for everything to be manifested and evolved on earth in appropriate timeline.

Go into your inner heart – sense the presence of mine there and feel that I am at your side. I know there are still many people finding it quite difficult to follow my words here. Do not despair even if you may not feel me – I am always with you – and this regards all of you since you all have the very same entitlement! No-one is more nor less important. You all are my children and are those particularly enabling me to gather that very experience for which you have especially incarnated here on earth.

All your experiences – all this wonderful moments – are being shared and stored away in the “Data-Storage” of your Akashic records and the latter – again – is being connected with “All-There-Is”. Such are the links which enables me – being the Creator of “All-There-Is” – to grow, to experience, to become more cognizant. All of you – are one inseparable part of me and this is the reason why all collective experience and memories belong to all of us. We are the Collective Consciousness of “All-There-Is”! We all are the Creators of “All-There-Is”! This has been so and will be so – for all the time! You are the Creating Gods and very soon you will become the “New Ascended Masters of Earth”!

Very soon you are the ones teaching other civilizations – other worlds in the universe everything you have experienced yourselves and lived through here on planet earth. This will become your wonderful and great issue waiting for you in due timelines.

And hereby I  am turning again to my son Raphael so that he may continue with his message here. I shall return to you, my beloved humans – I do love you dearly and I am always with you too.

Your Father

As my father have returned the scepter to me again and want to conclude my today’s message as follows, my beloved humans here on earth:

You are the change – you are the particular ones changing “All-What-Is” and “All-What-Will-Become”! You are the ones of all in the universe having passed this extremely hard and important trials here on Earth. No-one else – of all the entities in the universe had to go through this extreme schooling which you had to submit yourselves. You are the most experienced Ascended Masters having arisen from this very Great Game of Ascension of some special planet with all its inhabitants. Become most conscious of such fact and you finally will comprehend which significance you have gained for your race and being some inhabitant of this universe.

I shall return within a week’s time and being accompanied by our all Father as already announced. And he again will be accompanied additionally too – since our Father soon will enjoy his Goddess at his side again as she – in her very incarnation on earth – will have fulfilled her task very shortly. She will leave earth soon although this should have been done still much earlier. We all shall welcome her with open arms and shall introduce her to you in due time.

She will speak to you through this channel too also in due time. Not even she is cognizant of what is to become in such ways. Regarding her experience on earth there is no preference given to her – being the female part of our Creator incarnated on earth now. She as well has to go the very same way as everybody human here too. We shall return and this quite soon, my beloved humans.

Yours Archangel Raphael accompanied by our heavenly Father


Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.



Proof is in the pudding!

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My wife's hometown in the Philippines was devastated last week. This weekend we decided to have a yard sale. The amount of Love that came pouring in today follows EXACTLY with this message. Its real! I have seen such generosity from my brothers and sisters in  our community; people came not only to purchase but so many items were brought and donated to sell on behalf of our family back in PI.

We still have another day and have already been able to make such a huge offering to those who lost so much. It is nothing short of faith restoring, humbling and a learning experience in Love. May this spread outward to all. Love & Light and Optimism! Our world is changing for the better! Thank you all personages!