10 Qualities of Your Inner Spirit

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You are not your body. You have a body, which houses your soul.

You are not your thoughts, worries or fears. You can control your thoughts or observe them as they come and go, which shows that you are something separate to and greater than them.

You are not your titles or roles, like mother, son, employee, writer or friend. They are simply your social masks which you need to wear from time to time.

So then, what are you? You are the deeper essence beneath all of these transient parts of you. You are your soul — your inner spirit.

Here are 10 qualities of your inner spirit which you may not be aware of:

1. You are energy.

At a very fundamental level, everything we see as solid is made up of energy particles, including you.

2. You are divine.

There is something pretty magical about the Universe, right? The stars, planets, ocean, rainbows and trees. Well, you are made of the same basic energy particles. So in effect, you are stardust!