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Phillip J. Watt, Contributor
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Residents of earth are becoming more conscious in two primary areas.

The first relates to the way in which our planetary social system has been hijacked into a scam to predominately benefit a select few at the expense of the rest of us, as well as our natural systems. The second concerns our intimate connection to all of reality, regardless if viewed through an ecological, scientific or metaphysical lens.

These shifts in consciousness are not based on new insights. In our so-called ‘civilised’ history there have always been royal families, aristocrats and the upper echelons of social and corporate structures who have aimed to control local, regional and international populations through whatever means possible, leading to many revolutions. Moreover, the dominant philosophy throughout humanity’s evolution is arguably animistic in nature, and consciousness played an integral role for not just ancient people’s, but more modern minds as well.

However, these understandings are becoming increasingly widespread, amplified by not just certain characteristics of our current era (such as the instantaneous sharing of information via the world-wide web), but by the current era itself. Simply, we’re participating in an evolution of energy, fueled by natural cycles.

The enchanted absurdity of our present moment is symbolised by an extraordinary dance of dichotomies. That’s why expanding your mind is but one half of the process. Even though there’s all this newfound awareness being cultivated across our planet, it is yet to be translated into serious action for most people.

Ultimately, the process of ‘waking up’ is not just about striving to become aware of new information, it’s counterpart is translating it into conscious action. With this in spell, this article will focus on the ‘actions’ which indicate you’re actually waking up.

1. You Source Food from Local and Ethical Sources

Now of course it’s extremely challenging to always eat locally grown foods, because the system isn’t designed that way. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make a conscious effort to do so.

We can eat seasonally, grow our own and support regional growers and farmers. There are markets in most communities to facilitate this. Inevitably there will be foods that are difficult to grow in certain areas (especially without applying permaculture or other advanced techniques), however it’s not insurmountable to source your specific tastes from as close as you can, and do so as ethically as you can.

Moreover, society in general is sick and fat. This is directly related to the monopolistic control of society’s diet and its related low-nutrition and high-chemical culture, as well as poor individual habits and choices. Therefore, eat in a way that makes you healthy, both mentally and physically. Put simply, it’s a direct rebellion against the corporatised tainting of our food.

Note: The following interview is with Elaine Ingham, who is in expert in soil health and therefore food health.

2. You Take Great Care of Your Health

Health is much, much more than just physical and mental. As I explained in the article ‘Make 2017 Your First Year of Real Abundance’:

“to truly live an abundant existence we’ll need a rich tapestry of physical, emotional, psychological, philosophical, behavioral, social, relationship, creative and spiritual health.”

Few people appear to take heed of their own condition because there’s just so much self-abuse that permeates humanity. For example, stress, sadness and sickness is prolific, as is addiction. The foolish component is that at the least these dysfunctional and disharmonious states are reinforced by consistent poor choices, and at the worst created by them.

In addition, another aspect I didn’t mention in that previous quote is sexual health. There’s so much sexual suppression, chronic masturbation and widespread sexual blackmail and abuse, as well as a huge lack of tantric approaches to sex, regardless if it’s solo or mutually shared.

Simply, the sexual health of humanity is seriously sick.

Moreover, if you’ve got health issues to overcome, you should be taking the most natural route as possible. Meditation, alternative therapies and natural medicines; they’re all on the list of potentialities, especially in the face of the corruption and collusion of the pharma drug dealers.

So let’s face it; there are very few people on this planet who have got anywhere near bringing some sort of harmony to these layers of their health. Of course it doesn’t need to be perfect, and in fact nobody ever perfects anything (including their own healing and development), however making a conscious effort to make this a foundational aspect to your journey of empowerment and enlightenment shows that you are indeed in the process of waking up.

For assistance in overcoming dysfunctional states of existence, see ‘3 Methods to Maximise Your Health’, ‘How to Beat Your Stress and Sadness’ and/or ‘How to Get Out of the Rut of Self-Harming Thoughts and Feelings’.

3. You are Involved in Your Local Community

There are many people who are highly active in their communities, which might come as a shock to some of you. Much of this activity is focused on more of the superficial or trivial issues, however there are also individuals and groups who also aim to bring greater awareness and therefore action regarding the larger concerns.

A balance of both is probably best. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with helping out with local sporting teams or issues specific to your area, for example, but there also needs to be a concerted effort to rally ‘common unity’ within your ‘community’.

For example, each and every community is more or less faced with the same issues on a grander scale. As I explained in ‘Listen Up Truth-Seekers: We’re on the Same Team’, there are four primary scams in our system that need our undivided attention. I call them the 4M’s: MoneyMedicine (including food), Media and Management.

If we all focused on exposing how these areas are undermining individual and community sovereignty, as well as identifying potential solutions and alternatives, then we might start getting somewhere fast. This is why it’s important for each community to have people who are willing to respectfully engage local government officials, businesses, public personalities, philanthropists and community members as a whole to ensure they’re made aware of cutting-edge social activism.

Ultimately, we need to increase our local presence and come to some important agreements. As I explained here, a very basic but ingenious agreement is simply respecting what freedom actually means and then basing all ongoing agreements and community rules on that foundation:

“we agree that pursuing individual and community sovereignty is paramount for creating an ethical future for humanity”.

Hopefully there’s very few (sane) people who would disagree with that.

Note: the following interview is with Helena Norberg-Hodge, founder and director of ‘Local Futures’ and producer and co-director of the award winning documentary ‘The Economics of Happiness’.

4. You Bank with Local and Ethical Institutions

Either you’re helping the transnational banking cartel, or you’re not. There are many people who think they’re supporting banks or credit unions that are community-oriented, but unfortunately they haven’t done their research properly because the octopus tentacles reach into the most deceptive of places.

For example, in Australia there are the ‘Big 4’ banks. Most Australians believe they primarily profit Australian society, but as you can see by this chart a huge portion of the shareholders are foreign-based corporations:

So transfer your accounts, your credit cards and your mortgages to local or regional institutions who actually benefit your community, as soon as you can. Better yet; get out of debt-based usury as much as you can.

5. You Shop from Local and Ethical Suppliers

Now this is undoubtedly a challenging process. With so much financial hardship, marketing deception and many other factors it really is difficult to buy what we need ethically, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

Start with local, organic food. Use local businesses as much as possible. Support vendors at your community market or mall for pressies for birthdays and other celebratory days. And when it comes to technology and other equipment that is hard to source locally and ethically, go with quality, second-hand goods.

After all, in Australia for example, the second-hand industry is a $40+ billion dollar annual economy.

6. You Support Innovative Solutions

There are many great projects which aim to bring justice and integrity to the operations of our society, as well as the way we design our social system as a whole. If you can’t support them financially, you can do so in other ways, especially by helping them to spread their message.

Energy solutions. Environmental ones. Medical, monetary and managerial too. The list goes on and on, which is nothing short of inspiring.

For a specific example (which I’m personally fond of), the ‘One Small Town’ Project envisioned by Michael Tellinger has been adopted by Ron Higgins, the Mayor of North Frontenac, Canada. The project aims to provide free food, electricity and other materials to those who volunteer three hours a week to the program, whilst community sovereignty, sustainability and self-reliance is increased as a whole.

Note: the following interview is with Michael Tellinger, who explains how the project works and its progress.

7. You Research Information Critically and Comprehensively

Everyone loves to have an opinion, however the sad state of affairs is that most people’s opinions are either nowhere near complete or entirely inaccurate. This is not just due to the devotion to dogmas, cognitive dissonance and wilful ignorance, but psyops, propaganda and social engineering as well.

Think about when you speak to someone from an older generation who is still locked into a bias of some type; it’s clear they’re well behind the times with certain beliefs. Well, always remember there are people who would feel the same about your opinions too.

Essentially, it’s so important to research mainstream and alternative information critically and comprehensively. It’s equally important to embody it so you can articulate it effectively too. Not one individual is spared from this process. After all, no one has or will ever have all the answers. So as much as it’s exciting to think that you’re at the cutting edge of philosophical introspection or external investigation, you can guarantee yourself that you’re spectacularly wrong on many levels.

So keep that in mind when you feel you’ve come to some truth, as well as when you’re communicating your beliefs. Gnosis is a wonderful journey, but it’s never a destination.

8. You Are Actively Evolving Your Behaviours

This is a more general one, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Whether it’s your career, relationships, habits, or experience as a whole, you’re always analysing to uncover your hypocrisies, as well as identify ways in which your time could be better spent for yourself, and the world at large.

9. You Are Compassionate, But You Take No Shit

Anybody in the new age movement who still believes that they shouldn’t pass judgement is fooling themselves. We all make judgements; on ourselves, on society and on our experience as a whole. Hopefully they’re wise ones.

And it’s important we do. We need to judge the right food to eat, the right way to treat people, and the right way to act in general. This also includes not just how other people behave, but the way the social system behaves too.

But just because, for example, you’ve judged that you don’t like the way a person is treating you, that doesn’t mean you should condemn them entirely. There might be traumas, mental disorders or even social engineering factors that come into play, making their behaviours highly compromised. Of course they’re still responsible for their choices, but hey, one day they might choose to become more conscious and therefore choose better actions, just like you hopefully have too.

So the entire situation deserves compassion. It’s sad that so many people are in such dire states of suffering and that their pain-based behaviours are causing suffering to others. However, just because you have a higher frame of perspective around it, there’s no need to take shit either.

Be matter-of-fact. Be blunt, if you need to. Respond appropriately to the world around you, including by standing up for yourself and others in intelligent and healthy ways. But always remember that your role isn’t to cause further pain and division, it is to facilitate healing and growth.

10. You Give Freely

Make no mistake; you need to give yourself what you need. Love yourself to love others, help yourself to help others, respect yourself to respect others etc. etc.

But on the flip side, you’re not here to use or abuse other people. You want to love. You want to help. You’ll do it for the sole purpose of giving back to the world, albeit being good for your karma.

Simply, your time, your energy, should be given freely. Only to an extent though, because if it’s disrupting your own health and wellbeing, then you’re not doing it right.

There are two ways to give. First is in the outside world, through social action. The other is internally, by facing your experience (including your shadow self) and transmuting your energy for benefit of the whole. As I explained in ‘Say Hello to the Collective Shaman’,

“So for all of you who are a raging fire in a world of mostly embers, process your experience – your connection to spirits, symbols, patterns, information and energy – as it relates to you, as well as how it relates to your human family. Ensure you don’t neglect one or the other either, as both are equally important in our dualistically-connected construct.”

Ultimately, if you’re attempting to be as authentic as you can, you’re engaged with both your separate and connected layers. This means you understand that giving to others is literally giving to yourself, resulting with a win/win.

11. You Embody Your New Awareness by Living It and Breathing It

There are many famous quotes which have been shared across social media that speak to this action, but there seems to be very few who are actually reinforcing it in their own lives.

Are you ‘being the change’? Are you ‘wise so you’re changing yourself’? Are you ‘living what you imagined’?

Most likely not. Well, maybe a little. Granted, it’s a crazy challenge to implement new awareness with both internal and external changes, but it can and should be continually attempted as more of you becomes more of your most precious insights.

After all, an insight is one thing, but to truly understand it you need to live and breathe it.

So there is a real truth when it comes to actualising your insights. You play that sound into the orchestra of reality and the entire tune changes accordingly. But in as much as it’s important to do the inner work, as the new age movement espouses, it’s just as important to undertake external actions like the ones suggested above.

In fact, one without the other is you without one.

Bonus Action: You Laugh in the Face of the Matrix

You’re human (at least on one level), so you’re within your right to experience the roller-coaster of the emotional spectrum. You can feel fear, anger, sadness, grief or an array of other so-called negative emotions, without feeling guilty or like you’re underdeveloped.

But just because you feel them from time to time, that doesn’t mean you cultivate and amplify them. Instead, you aim to process them in a healthy manner.

This is especially notable when you look at the insane asylum we call humanity in the 21stCentury. You could stay mind-trapped in the insanity of it all, but you shouldn’t, because laughing in the face of the matrix is a strong sign you’re waking up.

Final Thoughts

I wrote this on a whim. Therefore, I have no doubt overlooked many important actions.

Some that I can think of right now are more personal, such as ‘meditating in action’, ‘sharing and explaining leading information with family and friends, as well as through online networks’, ‘helping your kids to educate themselves and not become indoctrinated’, ‘cultivating consistent contentment’, ‘fostering your relationship with nature’, ‘undertaking consistent rebirths’ and ‘actually enjoying your life’.

Please feel free to add any others in the comments section.

Ultimately, you’ll notice that I’ve focused on both sides of the equation. Everything is a balancing act. Be serious, but relaxed too. Care for yourself, and others. Find your strengths, as well as your weaknesses. And transform your inner world, as well as the external world.

This concept is so integral to becoming an authentic human that without it you’ll become lopsided and consequentially unhealthy. And that’s not the energy you want to be gifting the greater grid, right?


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This article (11 Actions Which Indicate You’re Actually Waking Up) was originally created by Phillip J. Watt.