~To the 11.11.11. A Luna Moth Emergent~

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by Jon Waldrup of Sense of Vision Astrology




~To the 11.11.11. A Luna Moth Emergent~



At 12:56 PM on October 26th, 2011, the Moon is New in the sign of Scorpio. This Moon Cycle initiates a series of releases from many of the evolutionary pressures we’ve been under for quite a long time now. It encompasses two of the major dates associated with the shifting energies of our times, 10.28.11 and 11.11.11.

I am going to explore this cycle through my Earth-centric lens. It is my opinion that our souls enter our bodies to experience Heaven-In-Earth, for the body is the Earth-interface, and is of the Earth. So I consider my astrology to be a study in how the Heavens guide us into ever-deeper relationship with the Earth. Their guidance is expressed in Karma. Karma anchors us into our bodies, and teaches us to love the experience of Life-in-Earth. Through Karma, our souls experience the transformational sensations which are the reason we come in to this plane. We come in to the fertile Earth to grow.

At the transpersonal level, astrology is the study of what opportunities for growth the Heavens are offering us in this School of Earth Interface known as life. As many have noted, the lessons are reaching the testing phase. We are being asked to enter a new level of existence within the Earth through an increased awareness of our Souls’ common mission. We are being asked to remember that we are all here for the same thing, which is to love the Earth and the experience of being in Her. We are being asked to let go of ego-centric and even Human-centric levels of experience and to enter into an Earth-centric souls-in-common-ground level of experience. We are being asked to think of ourselves as parts of a species which is itself a part of the living organism known as Heaven-In-Earth.

And during the coming Moon Cycle which starts on 10.26.11 we are being offered much to help us see how united in purpose we as souls who have come in to these Earth-interfaces known as bodies really are.

Karma teaches through how we respond to it emotionally/vibrationally. Maybe we can drop the word “emotion” and just use “vibration?” And so the signs are mystery schools helping us gain access to our vibrational signatures.

Scorpio is the sign of the emotions of un-knowing. We learn in Scorpio to honor the end of cycles as beginnings. To live fully we must learn to surrender to death – to even learn to love death. Orgasm is death, and in that image we find the fertility of chaos as the birthing of life. (Pleiadians, incidentally, come from the most Chaotic realm in our galaxy).

During this Moon Cycle that begins in Scorpio, we are going to experience a great deal of release. I believe that the purpose of the intense evolutionary pressures we’ve all been experiencing has been to teach us to surrender to chaos – to let go of all illusions of knowing and to embrace the chaos of learning in the moment.

These evolutionary pressures have been initiated through a series of intense retrogradations. Think of a planets journey through a sign as an opportunity to learn something about the aspect of yourself that the planet represents through the emotional tones of the sign it is in. All of the planets except the Sun and Moon go retrograde from time to time. I like to think of these retrograde periods as though the teacher (the planet) has handed my work back to me and given me an opportunity to improve my understanding of the lesson being taught.

To help you understand how retrogrades work, let’s explore how Mercury’s many retrogrades help us to live in and love each moment of our existence in the Earth-Interface (our bodies). Mercury teaches us to live in the moment – it is the aspect of ourselves which is present in the here and now, that wishes to interface with others. It is our access to the vibrational signatures of the people, plants, animals, elementals, past lives and guides all around us.

When Mercury goes retrograde, we find ourselves given an opportunity to deepen our sense of loving presence in the moment, through learning to process our reactions (i.e. changes in our vibrational signatures) to those Mercury retrograde experiences such as difficulty in communication or travel (which we undertake to fulfill the Mercury dynamic of interfacing with others’ vibrations). Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to work with the vibrations of being thwarted in our desire to feel what is around us as smooth and easy. It deepens our ability to find the smooth, easy feeling of being present within that we can take forward through its return to direct motion.

Through November 6th, Ceres, Jupiter, Alpha Omega, Uranus and Neptune are retrograde. During this Moon Cycle that starts on 10.26, first Ceres, then Neptune and Alpha Omega go direct. The energies each of these is teaching us and the timing of their return to direct motion helps us understand what we are being asked to initiate in this coming Moon Cycle.

FYI, we are going to be working with Pleiadian and other symbol sets to better grasp these opportunities. While I have much to say on this and nearly all astrological/transformational topics, in order to maintain the focus of this article I must invite you to contact me to better your understanding of such things. For now, I encourage you to read all of this knowing that even if your rational mind isn’t grasping it, your intuitive mind is. You will understand much more about this in a month. Please just read this and let it in, and use the listed timings and resultant feelings to help guide you through this Scorpio New Moon portal.

At just about 1 PM on 10.26.11, the Moon is New in the 4th degree of Scorpio. The Pleiadian symbol for this degree is “A nude woman holding a candle around which dances a moth.” Every New Moon is an invitation to find a new vibrational signature. There is an innocence, a purity, and a unity in this symbol. I am imagining the woman to have a very close relationship with this moth, who is a being dancing around the flame of wisdom found in such a beautiful expression of a soul interfacing with the Earth. So the vibration of this New Moon moment is a seed that we plant.

At the moment of the New Moon, Juno, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Venus will all be teaching in the Scorpio School of Surrendering to Chaos So That We May Be Reborn. Reborn as the woman who is the moth dancing into the vibration of a candle’s flame.

Ah, the flame! At the ½ Waxing Moon each month we are asked to embrace the experience of the Earth-interface in all of its overwhelming intensity. The ½ Waxing Moon of 11.2.11 is in the 10th degree of the Sign of Aquarius. The symbol for this degree is, “A flower wilts, shrinks, and disappears.” A moth dies in the flame. Having flown, I burn. Having been a flower, I become a seed. Having lived, I die. Yet within the embracing of death-as-renewer is the love that sparks life.

In one sense, the fear of death is the Patriarchy’s primary destructive construct. Their use of it as a motivator to “be good” is the basis for all of the fear-based, separative, outer-identity based illusions which are being vanquished now. To live is to fly into the flame. To die is to turn away from it.

From the ½ Waxing phase to the Full Moon on 11.10.11, we as beings who love the flame and do not turn away from it will arise anew, in a fullness of life-expression unknown to most humans on this planet for many thousands of years. The already awakened shall step into their roles as living Christs, and those who awaken in this period will be blessed to find themselves within an Earth crying with gratitude for their presence.

On 11.6.11 Ceres goes direct in the 17th degree of Pisces. The asteroids are the sternest of teachers. For it has been their purpose to ready us for this re-awakening by causing us to forget who we are completely, so that our remembering is stunning to us; so that we may experience gratitude and love and harmony in their pure forms, as expressions of our Lady the Earth.

That we have forgotten this is the second most destructive construct of the Patriarchy, who has taught that these are creations of our individual minds. The truth is that when we experience these vibrations we are connected to Her – as we remember this we will become closer to Her, letting go of the separative identity-constructs we’ve clung to for so long.

Ceres is the asteroid of soul-remembrance, and Pisces is the sign of unconditional love. I will use the Chandra symbol for the 17th degree of Pisces to illuminate the energy of this degree. It is “White Lilies blooming in the shade.” This flowering is the first of several signs of our emergence. This is when we start to remember what it is like, to love. Ah, they are lovely to see.

On 11.9.11, the planet of Unitive consciousness Neptune goes direct in the 29th degree of Aquarius. Since 1998, Neptune has been preaching its We-Are-One message in the Aquarian School of How to Know What You Want. The surface level Aquarian expression is one of technological facility. Under it all, it is about learning how to follow your guidance. When a friend calls just as you were picking up the phone, you’ve been learning what Neptune has to teach in Aquarius. One friend of mine suggested that cell phones and e-mail are just training wheels for our true extra-sensory connections to be realized.

Neptune has been helping us realize our potential for that and as well for how we connect to guidance. Ultimately, that’s what Aquarius is about – knowing what the guides have to say. How did you know your friend wanted you to call? Understand that vibration, and you’ve come far.
Neptune enters Pisces to stay on 2.3.12, and won’t be back in Aquarius until 2161. Its last direct station in Aquarius is in the29th degree. The Pleidian symbol: “A luna moth struggling out of a cocoon.” This is the symbol of symbols for this time of transformation. We have become the chrysalis, and we want out of the cocoon. But it is so crucial that we develop the strengths we need before we attempt to fly.

On 11.10.11, Alpha Omega goes direct in the first degree of Pisces. Alpha Omega is sometimes called Chiron. The image of Chiron is beautiful but like so many 20th century ideas using that name for the energy of this body is centered around the notion of limiting potential rather than releasing it.

The full expression of the potential of Alpha Omega is that it is a point where we can find access to the energy of our future selves. After we have worked the karmas of many lifetimes, what do we become? What really matters after so much has passed? Alpha Omega tells us. Again, I will use the Chandra symbol to illuminate the energy of this degree. It is, “A field of dandelions.” Oh warmth of Sun, fecundity of Earth, love of life! A field of a million faces, united in the Mother Vibrations of gratitude and love and harmony.

The combination of the energies of these three major direct stations in one week leading to a Full Moon is incredible to me. I am an astrologer, and I stick to the planets and listen for what I can hear. But it is no small coincidence that Alpha Omega and Neptune are going direct in the days leading up to the 11.11.11.

We have been doing our work, or getting worked. We have opened up to guidance. We have found ourselves in the Earth. We have heard the call. The intensity and the darkness flow around us and we embrace it as the source of life. We are reborn in chaos again and again.
And now we, the Earth-lovers, are being asked to rise up into the light, to embrace each & all we meet. As the strength of our love for She-of-the-Earth is our foundation, so is it the mirror for each of us to see ourselves in. Let it grow, all around you, who are a luna moth emergent, dancing to the light of the Moon in a landscape of dandelions and lilies.

May you become New, with the Moon!


Source: Mahala's Astrology