12:12:12 thru 12:21:12

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12:12:12 thru 12:21:12


As we approach the final days of December towards the Solstice on the 21st, our solar system is moving into alignment in the last degrees of Sagittarius of the Milky Way Galaxy. This is the annual event when the Sun conjuncts the center of our galaxy, which lies at 26-27 degrees Sagittarius.


When our solar system moves into range with the Galactic Equator this week, our planet receives a powerful stream of gamma photon light emanating from the spinning black hole. The surge of gamma energy is evident all around our planet in the increasing solar flares, the melting ice caps, coastal flooding, intensifying storms and climate change, the shifting magnetic poles, thinning of the ionosphere, and the acceleration of time towards zero.


The presence of gamma rays streaming from the Galactic Core clearly provides evidence that some cosmic 'source point' exists, where matter and anti-matter merge.

In quantum physics, if a particle and its antiparticle come in contact with each other, the two annihilate and produce a burst of energy, or electromagnetic radiation. Mixing matter and antimatter can lead to the annihilation of both in the same way that mixing antiparticles and particles does, thus giving rise to high-energy photons (gamma rays).


There is considerable speculation as to why the observable universe is apparently almost entirely matter, and whether there exists a parallel universe that is almost entirely antimatter instead. An entire antimatter Earth could exist, and it would be exactly the same as our Earth except all the charges would be flipped.


Obviously the spinning black hole vortex that exists in Zero Point in our Galactic Core is producing high-energy particle collisions resulting in gamma photon light. Photons are conveyors of information, traveling through space-time at the speed of light. As our planet merges into the galactic photonic band, we are receiving packets of Light Codes originating from the union of particle-antiparticle pairs...the very essence of unity consciousness!


Christ Light Codes


There is increasing scientific evidence that biological molecules emit and absorb photons. In experiments when light was shone on living cells, the cells would absorb light and radiate intensely - a process called 'delayed luminescence'.


Human DNA uses photon light as a feedback system of communication through waves which encode and transfer information. It appeared that the Zero Point Field of our universe creates a medium enabling molecules to speak to each other nonlocally and virtually instantaneously, in oscillating frequencies through entanglement.


On 12:12:12 our planet moved into alignment with our galaxy's counter-clockwise vortex spiral stream of photon Light Codes embedded with divine intelligence. These powerful Light Codes are communicating with our brain, into the micro-crystals in the pineal, in our blood, and in our hearts! The incoming stream of crystalline Adamantine particles replenishes our human aura, transfers Source consciousness into our DNA, rebuilds our crystalline cellular structure, activates the dormant Soul codes (in our junk DNA), and fuels the physical body. As we become living conduits of golden light we are ascending into higher and higher realms of expansion, expression and manifestation.


Dec. 21st marks the cosmic tipping point when Earth's polarity will shift into the galactic rhythm of counter-clockwise motion. At this moment of change, we will enter into an eternal space of NO TIME....marking our emergence into the 2000 years called the Golden Age and the Age of Aquarius. Earth is shifting into an eternal NOW, the unification of 4th dimensional time and space as we rise higher in frequencies to the New 5D Earth.


This New Age heralds our ascension into higher consciousness! It not only is a personal experience, but also universal, in that the Photon Belt is not only impacting our solar system, but also the DNA 'transceivers' in our intra-cellular human 'radio'. It is a step-by-step process of upliftment into the higher dimensional realm of enlightenment. All souls in our solar system have the opportunity at this time to actively get involved and evolve into unity consciousness.


The Ascension process involves balancing opposites, as we transform our energy from polarity to singularity...by shifting from living in separation to creating a unified field! In doing these steps of unification, we are bringing together all lost aspects of our timeless, authentic Self and the polar energies of the masculine/feminine, the heart/mind, and the soul/human.


The 12:12:12 portal to higher dimensions has opened the etheric doorway of the multiverse till 12:21:12, during which time our human DNA and electromagnetic fields are receiving an increasing stream of crystalline Light Codes from our Galactic Core.


Null Zone


A Null Zone is created when energy expands, extends and flowers outwards, then is shattered from without, causing the previous world or reality system to collapse inwards upon itself. It breaks all the old entrenched patterns. The old shattered worlds cannot be restored to their original position. Null Zones can occur on a large scale, affecting many, or within our own being. They create the womb from which the New is born.


12:12:12 Gateway activated a planetary Null Zone, as the Light Codes and 12D Harmonic Tones ignited the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life within our human bioenergetics as well as the crystal core of Earth. During the days between 12:12 and 12:21 (the inverse) we will see a flowering expansion of gamma photon light (unity consciousness) spread outwards across the planet and into the universe...only to collapse inwards all old unsustainable systems, as the new world paradigm returns to merge back into the collective field.


During the span between 12:12 and 12:21 we will visibly see evidence of flip-flopping back and forth between realities...rocking back and forth between polarity and singularity. This contrast pushes up all hidden patterns of 3D time that can no longer survive in the null-magnetic zone. This process is loosening the hold of Duality inside, as the ego has to 'let go' of all old attachments of the past and the future. This rocking back and forth motion can be disorienting and exhausting, which is why it is so important to meditate and maintain our inner equilibrium in the fulcrum point of balance.


During the end of our Great Cycle on Winter Solstice, Dec 21st 2012, the world hologram in 3D Duality will flip into the quantum unified field. As we unite and integrate all matter and antimatter, our new reality will include both. By holding a balanced fulcrum point inside our Core (Zero Point null-magnetic) we will have access to the vastness of both realms at the same time.


Birth a New Earth


The incoming new world paradigm contains the Divine blueprint in the gamma photon Light Codes, which is changing the frequency of the entire planet. We are witnessing Earth gradually pull into two distinct world realities - the old 3rd dimensional Timeline and a new 5th dimensional Timeline of the Golden Age.  All awakened Souls are moving onto the new 5D Earth, which is reprogramming our DNA and our awareness from 3D to 12D.  As we ascend into the higher dimensional world reality, this bridges the gap between the left and right hemispheres of our brains, and activates the pineal neural network.


On 12:12:12, each of the 12 power stations on Earth's crystalline grid connected to the 12 dimensions of the universe, as well as the dormant junk DNA of our original 12 strands.  We are using our body/minds as anchor points of gamma photon Light Codes to assist in activating the Ascension of Earth. We are responding to the clarion call to 'Birth a New Earth' and move thru the 12th Stargate into a new Timeline grounded in unity consciousness.


The planetary scalar wave program of separation is a holographic insert into our brains and lower 3D Chakras...our job right now is to use the universal 12D Light Codes and Harmonic Tones to scramble the virtual program of the 3D Matrix and break free! The program swirls in clockwise (left to right) motion into the right side of our bodies to block/lockdown our right brains (visualization, intuition, receiving) and the masculine energy required to manifest and provide for our needs. If we continue to spin our energy in a counter-clockwise Vortex, we will be able to utilize the gamma photon Light Codes to unlock the 3D Matrix of separation from the right side of our body.


Why is that? The Earth rotates on its North-South axis, counter-clockwise from West to East, and that's why we see everything rise in the East and set in the West. And from a birds-eye view looking down at the Earth, not only would you see the Earth spin counterclockwise, it would also orbit the Sun counterclockwise! As the magnetic poles continue to shift we will experience Earth's alignment with the natural counterclockwise rhythm of our galaxy! 


Many Souls carry a divine blueprint to actively assist in birthing the new world paradigm...and may feel compelled to gather together with common purpose during the coming week. I am being guided to work with others in anchoring in the galactic counter-clockwise vortex rhythm into our planet's geomagnetic field at Mt Shasta, CA...the Root Chakra of Gaia. If you have a similar calling, I invite you to join our Global Meditation on Dec. 21st.


It is an exciting time to be alive, especially for the dedicated Souls working the Ascension since Atlantis. There is much speculation about how the New Earth paradigm will look, with many unreasonable expectations of instantaneous health, wealth and power. We need to keep a tight hold on the ego from demanding fantastical expectations in the future, for this pops us into 3D Time. Our Bridge into the New Earth resides in the balance point of the eternal NOW, where no ego exists, and all is accepted and embraced in compassion and Oneness! Namaste!




Meg Benedicte  


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