2-19-13 Bill Ballard ~ If You Are Having A Problem With Grounding ~ Reverse

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There have been several persons asking me about grounding themselves lately and asking if there is another way to ground than connecting OUR PERSONAL GROUND to Mother Earth as that is not "currently" (hehe) working for them. Since our Sun and Earth is going through a Polarity Reversal, a Magnetic Reversal and we are going crystalline in nature with our DNA and RNA mutating then we as electric beings are also effected by this polarity reversal. With that, as we used to ground to Mother Earth and now we are becoming Cosmic Beings rather than Earthlings.... We may wish to consider grounding to the Cosmos and seeing ourselves as Cosmic Beings. Doing so will lessen the resistance or heat you feel generated or causing discomfort as these energies come in... Try it if you are having difficulties and see if this helps. Last night it worked for me.

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