~2014 The Real Love and The New Beginning~ Love Prevails

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Everyone is Getting into Position for the Next Facet Of The Divine Plan, A New Story Has Begun, this is an Unstoppable unfoldment and is already in motion for 2014! Within this Planet's Destiny a Brilliant Light, a BlueStarseed Nation Comes into Manifestation. True Divine Love from within every HUman Being on the Planet will burst forth and emerge.

This powerful energy is permeating from the very essence of the Atoms, Your Atoms, Spirit is AWAKENING, Here in the Manifest.... and everything Resonates with this Brilliance of Pure Heart Consciousness.

Guaranteed through these intense bursts of Light Energy, the darkness or lower energies will not be able to be here on Planet Earth=Heart. The Moment Has Come and Light and Love has prevailed.

We are now entering in Moments of a Light Up or Turn ON [Like Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer], this means  Heart Lights ON.

The Paradise of the Original Plan for Planet Earth=Heart is unfolding. The Shift for this manifestation is occurring within the Center of all that is, which is LOVE, and ONLY LOVE. This Shift into Oneness is Happening. This IS an Unstoppable Energy which is arriving and is  Bursting Forth into All Of Humanity's Dna and Body Holograms. As Per The Decree Given To Humanity By MotherEarth and The Company of Heaven.

 In this Magical Month of January, Where Love Comes Alive and Hearts Begin Connecting bringing in the New Divine Blueprint for The New Human Relationships. This will Be Manifested in this year of 2014! This will be the True Miracle and will Light Up the Planet In Alot of Overflowing Love! A New Beginning Has BEGUN!


 The Brilliant Light from within every HUman Being on the Planet is awaiting to fully be understood, as The Divine Love emerges and Manifests from inside everyones soul, a fire burning of Truth, which covers every space across everything as it recognizes the oneness of all that IS.

The energy of Pure Unconditional Love is entering into every Heart on the Planet as It is within the Divine Plan to Occur this Year, this is INdeed Love's Year for Manifestation and the New Story.

The Light is shining Bright
on the Planet as Heart to Hearts Begin connecting assisting Humanity into their Oneness, which reconnects all into ONE, which includes, all the Inhabitants on Planet Earth=Heart and Beyond. This is the
Birth of a New Day, a New Dawn, A New Beginning that has no end,Heaven on Earth.

The Earth's Destiny is indeed Being Fulfilled, the Emergence of Un-Conditional Love is being Manifested on the Planet, and as the Love arrives fully, the energy flows through everyone's Hearts, where the Truth of One's being is Alive. This is the Magic and Miracle of 2014! Welcome Home!

The Diamonds, and Rainbows provided by our Suns Brilliance is flowing down from the sky as the Land it touches floods in with an energetic magical Light of the Brilliance of Pure UnConditional Love making its presence Known to the Inner Heart of everyone. The Birth of Pure Joy is what it is and when you get there, the JOY will burst forth from the inside of your Being. Can we Get a Yah! Ra!

Love yourselves and Love each other for we are all Equal to each other, We are ONE...Be Love and Say Love! Its the Moment to Return to the Garden of Eden which is what 2014 is all about!



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